MMORPG : Ancient WORLD - Chapter 483

Published at 15th of May 2024 02:55:27 PM

Chapter 483: Brotherly talk

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Chapter 483 Brotherly talk

"Brother, it looks like you are close to your next Rank promotion," Andrei said between heavy breaths, clearly exhausted from the grueling training session.

"A few more weeks, maybe five at most," Alex replied as he clenched his fist and felt the mana flow through his refined veins at a much smother and faster pace, a clear indication that he was reaching closer to the limits.

Alex needed to refine his veins to better facilitate mana throughout his body and build his strength to an acceptable level, which, in the case of a normal individual, was having at least three physical attributes reach twice compared to a newly ascended First Rank.

But for Alex, the second requirement was never present because right after the promotion, all his physical attributes had grown past the mark of 500 points, at least three times that of an average peak First Rank individual, and now all his stats were close to the mark of a thousand.

If Alex wanted to, he could have advanced to the second rank weeks ago, but he wanted to build a solid foundation and only advance when he had reached the very limits. VIsit n0(v)eLb(i) for the best novel reading experience

"I will also advance to the First Rank in a few weeks and maybe to the Second Rank before the new event," Andrei said, sharing his own progress.

"As I told you before, don't rush your progress because there is no reset in real life," Alex said before standing up and making his way to the shower area.

Andrei followed behind Alex, and the boys entered the shower rooms next to each other, while they kept having random exchanges, ranging from things about life to the matters of the Ancient world.

"Brother, Did you ever fall in love? I mean, have you ever had a girlfriend," Andrei said, his broken and stretched-out words showing her apparent nervousness.

"Crush, yes, I had quite a few, but I never really fell in love,"

"As for a girlfriend, I never had one because I saw them as distractions after seeing my classmates spend hours chatting, and I did not have time for that because of my desire to become a professional athlete, which was my focus for many years,"

At least one member wanted to stay behind, and it was between Saahira and Venedikt because they were the only two smart and trustworthy enough to manage things. No matter the price, Venedikt needed to come because the decade of time inside the realm would create such an unbridgeable gap that any amount of effort could not once bridge it.

As for why Alex felt Ravyn needed to stay, it was to deal with matters that needed a firm hand, and while his stay was not set in stone, at this point, he was the only option.

So, for the past two months, while Alex utilized time advancing to the Fifth Rank, dealing with matters of the human Continent, and even helping with player selection, Venedikt spent all his time finding promising players, going through the intricate process of finding all their details, and, after multiple stages of checking, selecting a single target.

The selected players were informed about Awakening and its process and either given funds to build a guild house with the training chamber or sent to an already prepared guild house.

Each selected player was informed of the organization's relationship with the famous merchant Shiekh, how everything would be under his name, and what their new disguise would be.

Alex was well aware that if a selected player berayed them, it would reveal their relation with Shiekh, but that was exactly what he wanted because once the big powers did their research, they would realize they had nothing.

Because Shiekh owned hundreds of guild houses, yet nothing was directly tied to him, it was either in the name of a guild, a player belonging to a mercenary group, or a lone player directly working for the merchant.

So, finding guild houses belonging to organization members was like looking for a needle in a haystack, and even if they found one, they would have no way of proving that the individual belonged to the organization or worked for Shiekh in some form unless they confessed it themselves.

Everything was developing smoothly, while in the real world, Alex was spending his days roaming the Dragon mainland, waiting for Voragor, the Champion of Wrath, to show himself.

Alex did not plan to battle the raging brute, but instead, he simply planned to kidnap him using his continental teleportation, and the guardian would handle the rest.

While they had taken precautions to ensure Evangeline was not setting them up with the information, it was decided that after locating each target, thorough checking would be done to ensure they were not walking into a trap, and once everything was in order, all three targets would be captured around the same time and brought to the domain.

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