MMORPG : Ancient WORLD - Chapter 484

Published at 15th of May 2024 02:55:27 PM

Chapter 484: Kidnapping the Champion

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Chapter 484 Kidnapping the Champion

A grand arena that stretched for close to kilometers in the area from one end to the other, encircled by a towering wall several meters in height at its edge, featured layers upon layers of seating arranged in concentric circles, extending outward from the arena floor toward the outer walls, offering a clear view to all spectators of the events below.

At the top of the arena, there was a single layer of grand chambers encircling the arena, each veiled behind colorful energy curtains bearing distinct symbols representing the guests occupying them, while some curtains were also left blank, maintaining the privacy of guests.

The Arena boasted an open ceiling that allowed the various shades of crimson light, a perpetual phenomenon from the Dragon mainland, to illuminate the entire arena.

At this moment, the entire arena was resounding with the cheering roars of the thousands of spectators as they all watched the blood-boiling battle between the two behemoths.

One of the fighters was a pure-blooded crimson Dragon, standing proud in his humanoid form, a three-meter tall figure adorned in scarlet scales, a singular sharp hore at his forehead, while a set of large wings adored his back.

Sharp features adorned his menacing face, slit crimson pupils that shined like two gems, and razor-sharp claws that burned with the essence of flames.

The other fighter was a pure-blood Giant, standing tall at close to four meters, his hulking muscles that put the hardest of metals to shame being at full display, barely hidden by the pauldron protecting his left arm and shoulder.

His face was mostly hidden under the dark-horned Viking Helmut, with horns curved and positioned close to his jaw, and as his weapon, he was wielding a broad-headed war axe.

The Dragon was cloaked in crimson flames that burned with such intensity that it made his surrounding space wavy, making his already phantom of a figure a twisted blur to the untrained eyes.

The Giant was bathing in a blinding golden aura acting as a barrier against the incinerating heat, showing his mastery over the element of sand, his hulking figure matching the speed of the agile dragon and his war axe moving in a smooth, flawless motion, tearing through any attacks thrown at him.

Alex watched the two peak Elementalists duke it out in the arena, with each of their direct and indirect clash sending elemental shockwaves through the surroundings that hit the arena barrier and produced sounds equal to small bombs going off while the magically enhanced ground was being torn asunder under the sheer force of their attacks.

Any time a direct hit landed, the entire arena erupted into cheers, and when one felt the gathered fans could not cheer louder, this thinking was shattered once the first blood was drawn, as what followed was absolute madness.

The one to draw first blood was the Giant, and to celebrate it, his fans all began stomping their feet, matching the rhythm in seconds, and under their mad celebration, the arena was hit with a small earthquake.

"Great, Great, Great, Great,"

"That giant lump of flesh allowed me to have a good warm-up, so against you, I would not be holding back, and I hope you do the same," Voragor said as he bent down to the height of Alex.

There were collective gasps among the spectators, not because there was a new challenger, something no one expected, but because Voragor was speaking, which only meant he saw the challenger as worth his time.

A worthy challenge, this recognition alone sent an adrenaline surge through the spectators, drawing many of them closer to the edge of their seats, eager to witness the upcoming wild combat unfold.


"What does it feel like to be the demon's lapdog?" Alex said as he swiftly took hold of one of Voragor's limbs with both hands while violet runes swiftly assembled into a magic circle below their feet.

The spectators were left stunned, wondering if the challenger was pulling a cheap trip to kill their champion, while the Vermillion clan elders, watching the show from a private chamber, rushed out and zoomed toward the arena only to be stopped by the barrier.

The strong questioned why the victor was allowing the challenger to hold his limbs when clearly he was under threat, only to realize that Voragor's eyes seemed lost, meaning the challenger had come prepared for this.

The Dragon Elders, who rushed out quickly, tore through the great amphitheater barrier that kept anyone above an Elementalist out, but they were a tad bit too late, as in three seconds, the magic circle with thousands upon thousands of violet runes took form.

In a flash, all runes pulsed to life, and instantly, the space where the duo stood became hazy, like a fading blur, and while the dragon elder covered the distance in an instant, he found empty ground and the fading runes of the teleportation circle.

The spectators all observed with wide-open eyes, with even the slowest of them realizing that their grand victor had just been kidnapped, something none of them expected to see when they left their daily lives to come and watch the Champion Challenge.

"Huh?" "What is this place?"

"WHERE HAVE YOU BROUGHT ME?" Voragor roared once he completely came to his senses and found himself standing in a garden and not the gladiator Arena.

"To your hell," Alex said, and in an instant, Voragor crashed face-first into the ground as Varon made his entrance.

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