Ms. Tan Is The Real Boss - Chapter 812

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Chapter 812: Chapter 812: 812 Resistance

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Chapter 812: 812 Resistance

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Meng Xiao realized that she had spent her own money to enter the entertainment industry, but that wasnt the case for Nick. Nick was an artist of Star Way Entertainment, which was under the Tao familys name.

Thats true. If 1 were still in the entertainment industry, I might have already finished filming that movie. That was the first time 1 was the female lead in a movie, Meng Xiao said regretfully. What a pity!

Xiao Mo could tell that Meng Xiao had softened. Second Miss Meng, I hope you can think about it carefully. Dont follow in your sisters footsteps.

Meng Xiao nodded. Thank you for your reminder. Ill consider it.

Xiao Mo left after saying that. He hoped that his words today would convince Meng Xiao. Although Meng Xiao was stupid, she was a person without ambition. Xiao Mo was not a bad person. He would save her once if he could. He didnt want a second Meng Si to appear. Otherwise, the Third Young Master would have a headache. After all, those people were here for Zhuang Liu.

Meng Xiao walked to a remote place. An old man stood there with six bodyguards. The old mans face was livid and he looked like he wanted to kill someone.

Bastard! Old Master Meng raised his hand and slapped Meng Xiao. Although he was old, he still had the strength to hit people. A five-finger mark immediately appeared on Meng Xiaos face.

Meng Xiao stood there and said mockingly, Grandpa, do you think Meng Si is useless, so you replaced me? Im not like Meng Si. Shes willing to be cheap, but Im not! My body is my own. 1 dont need anyone else to make decisions for me!

Old Master Meng raised his hand and slapped Meng Xiaos other face. Meng Xiao did not dodge and stood there to be slapped.

Old Master Meng was furious. Why didnt you do as 1 said?

Grandpa, you should know better than me what the eldest daughter of the Tao family looks like, right? Meng Xiao spat out the blood in her mouth and replied.

Besides, what status do the Tao family and the Zhuang family have? What status does the Meng family have? Do you think Zhuang Liu will take a fancy to me?

Old Master Meng said, Ive said it before. Zhuang Liu doesnt need to fancy you. As long as you have sex with him, he will have to marry you after that!

Im not that cheap! Meng Xiao said angrily, You want me to drug Zhuang Liu and sleep with him? I dont want to! Im not Meng Si. 1 dont want to end up like her and be sent to the bed of those ugly men!

Meng Xiao had a premonition that if she drugged Zhuang Liu, she would be the one in trouble in the end.

Old Master Meng was so angry that his hair stood on end. Are you blaming me?

Meng Xiao touched her face. How would 1 dare?

Humph! Old Master Meng snorted. Think about it carefully. If you give up, your parents and you wont get a single cent in the future.

How funny. Meng Xiaos smile tugged at her wound, but she was still smiling. Didnt my parents give up on me a long time ago? Back then, when I offended someone, they immediately cut ties with me. Ive been overseas for so many years, but I havent seen them send me a message. As for me, even if I go begging, 1 wont use a single cent of the Meng familys money.

Old Master Meng clenched his fists. Arent you afraid that Ill get that kid banned?

I was stupid earlier. Meng Xiao said, Hes from Star Way Entertainment, and Star Way Entertainment is under the Tao familys name. Do you think the Tao family will allow you to ban their artists?

Old Master Meng could not refute. He did not understand why Meng Xiao had suddenly become smarter.

Alright, since you have such a backbone, then get out of the Meng family! Even if you starve to death in the future, I wont give you a single cent! Old Master Meng said angrily.

Meng Xiao turned around and left. I dont care about the Meng familys money!

Meng Xiao hadnt learned much after being abroad for so many years. Instead, she had been influenced by the romanticism of foreign countries. Otherwise, she wouldnt have fallen in love with Nick. She was going to find Nick. He loved her so much, he would definitely help her.

Seeing that Meng Xiao had really left, Old Master Meng became even angrier. The only good-looking girls in the Meng family were Meng Xiao and Meng Si. For some reason, the other girls looked like bats in the night. They could not be seen in the light at all. He did not have the face to bring them to others.

Bastard! Old Master Meng cursed and left with his men..

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