Ms. Tan Is The Real Boss - Chapter 814

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Chapter 814: Chapter 814: 814 Psycho

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Chapter 814: 814 Psycho

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What are you doing? The girls mother was furious. Cant we talk things out? Why did you push my daughter and hit my dog?

The golden retriever on the ground whimpered as if it was in pain. It was very obedient. Even though He Xi had kicked it so many times, it did not open its mouth to bite He Xi.

The little girl cried and wanted to go to the golden retriever. Keke, Keke is injured. Keke was the name of the golden retriever.

The girls father held the golden retriever in his arms and was very angry. What did my daughter do to offend you? Why did you push her?

He Xi didnt realize her mistake at all. She smiled and said, Serves her right. Who asked her to pull my skirt? You cant afford to pay for this dress even if I sell you guys.

She was plucking the leaves from the flowers, the little girl explained. She didnt hear me when 1 called her, so 1 pulled her skirt.

Everyone looked at the fallen flower shelf. Indeed, the flowers and leaves had all been plucked bald. Hence, the surrounding people discussed animatedly.

This woman is too ruthless. The little girl only pulled her skirt a little, and she pushed her down. The table legs here are so hard. What if she hurts herself?

Besides, she was the one in the wrong first. The flower shelf was placed here perfectly. Why did she pull the leaves from the flower?

Thats right, thats right. Shes already an adult, but her attitude is worse than that little girl. Its really embarrassing.

In the face of everyones criticism, He Xi said crazily, What does it have to do with you? You annoying fellows, stop chattering in my ear!

If anything happens to my daughter, I wont let you off, said the girls father.

The girls mother said, Hubby, you cant let her off now. Look at how she kicked Keke.

The girls father changed his mind and said, You must take my daughter and my dog to the hospital for a check-up now!

He Xi didnt want to waste time on these poor people, why would 1 have time to do those boring things with you? Isnt it just a little girl and a dog? How much do you want? 111 compensate you.

The girls parents were very dissatisfied with her attitude. What do you mean? Do you think we only want your money?

He Xi took out her wallet. Heh, arent you people thinking about money? 1 think your daughter is fine! Besides, its just a dog. At most, 111 compensate you with a new one. This one is mine now. Im not in a good mood right now, and I want to find something to vent my anger on.

As she spoke, she was about to snatch the golden retriever and continue hitting him. The more the golden retriever cried out, the happier He Xi was.

The girls father didnt let her snatch the dog. Why are you so cold-blooded? Although Keke is a dog, he is an animal that is alive. How can you say such cruel words?

Someone commented, This woman first grabbed someone elses flower leaves, then pushed the little girl down. Then, she hit the dog. Now, she even wants to kill the dog. Is she a psychopath?

Shes either a psychopath or mentally ill. Lets get away from her, lest she goes crazy and disturb us, someone said.

He Xi couldnt stand people saying that she was sick. She stared at the two talking people and kept asking, Who are you calling crazy?! Ill tear your mouths apart if you dare to repeat it!

The two men quickly retreated. As they retreated, they said, Shes indeed a psychopath!.

Im not crazy! Whoever dares to say another word, Ill kill them! He Xi shouted in the hall.

The girls mother was a little scared. Did they really meet a lunatic today? It was said that it was not illegal for a lunatic to kill someone. What if a woman had a knife hidden in her bag?

She nudged her husband and whispered, Why dont we forget about it? She seems to be really sick.

When He Xi heard this, she picked up the vase next to her and was about to smash it at the woman. The girls father reacted quickly and blocked the vase for his wife and daughter.

The sound of the vase falling to the ground alerted the waiters in the shop. They realized they could not watch the show anymore, so they came over to mediate between the two parties.

Who knew that the father was very angry? He did not accept mediation at all and insisted on calling the police to arrest He Xi..

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