Ms. Tan Is The Real Boss - Chapter 878

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Chapter 878: Chapter 878: 878 He Wants to Kill Me

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Chapter 878: 878 He Wants to Kill Me


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Xing, thats not what 1 meant. Ying Xian was a little anxious. Its a good thing that someone upgraded your presidential suite, but you have to find out who did it and what their purpose is. Otherwise, how can you stay here in peace?

Since you think this presidential suite is not safe, why dont you pay me to upgrade it? Liu Xing said coldly.

Ying Xian stopped talking. The presidential suite in the hotel cost 70,000 to 80,000 RMB per night. He couldnt afford that much.

Xing, I think you need to keep a low profile. Tan Rou already has a lot of evidence against you, Ying Xian emphasized again. If youre too high-profile, shell definitely find something against you.

What does that matter? As long as the incident back then is not exposed, Tan Rou cant do anything to me no matter how much evidence she has, said Liu Xing indifferently.

Xing, we have to be careful. The current situation is very unfavorable for us. If you cant pass the certification this time, then were all finished. Ying Xian was extremely worried about their ending.

What are you worried about? Liu Xing said angrily, It has already happened for so many years. Its harder than ascending to the heavens for Tan Rou to find the person from there. What are you afraid of? If someone in your lab will help Tan Rou, then you dont have to worry anymore. Ive already contacted them. As long as Zhu Sheng is there, there wont be any problems.

When did you contact Zhu Sheng? Ying Xian was very unhappy about Liu Xing contacting Zhu Sheng privately. Xing, we should reduce our contact with Zhu Sheng now. Tan Rou must be investigating us. If she finds out that Zhu Sheng was involved in the incident back then, she will definitely go to Zhu Sheng. When Zhu Sheng points his fingers at us, we will definitely go to jail.

Dont worry, that old bastard Zhu Sheng wont rat us out. Liu Xing was very confident. Back then, he was the one who changed the data on Tan Rons machine with me. He was also the one who changed Tan Rons memory. If Tan Rou finds out that he changed her memory, do you think she will let Zhu Sheng off?

Before Ying Xian could reply, Liu Xing continued, Zhu Sheng, that old thing, cares about reputation and money the most. Otherwise, he wouldnt have put down his old face to harm a teenage girl. As long as Zhu Sheng doesnt say anything, well be fine.

Ying Xian was slightly relieved. Alright, be careful when youre overseas. Ill keep an eye on this side. Otherwise, the public opinion will ferment again.

Theres one more thing I need you to do, Liu Xing said.

Tell me, Ying Xian said.

Liu Xing instructed Tan Rou has also received an invitation, but I dont want her to enter the competition venue. So, go and inform Zhu Sheng. Tell him to delete Tan Rons name from the certification system. When that time comes, she wont be able to enter the system and definitely wont be able to participate in the competition.

Ying Xian felt that Liu Xings idea was very naive. Ah Xing, no matter how powerful Zhu Sheng is, he cant do this. If someone finds out, we will be punished by the International Court of Justice.

Liu Xing felt that Ying Xian was useless. She said angrily, Do you want to see me lose to Tan Rou?

Ying Xian naturally did not want to see such a situation. Alright, 111 help you inform Zhu Sheng.

After hanging up the phone, Liu Xing was in a bad mood. Ying Xian was really too stupid. If it wasnt because she had feelings for him, she would like left him behind a long time ago.

Back then, many rich young masters pursued Liu Xing, but Liu Xing did not agree. She only took a fancy to Ying Xian, who had grown up with him. Looking back after so many years, Liu Xing felt a trace of regret. If she had chosen someone else back then, would she not have to run around for money now?

Forget it, I dont want to think about it anymore. Liu Xing rubbed his eyes, then took out a change of clothes and went to the bathroom to take a shower.

The mini-surveillance cameras work ended here. Tan Rou had obtained all the evidence she wanted, so she naturally had no interest in monitoring Liu Xing anymore.

Is this Zhu Sheng also the person who harmed you back then? Zhuang Lius expression was not good.

Hes one of the people in charge of the lab, but 1 didnt know he was involved in that incident. However, Im not surprised that he conspired with Liu Xing because he wanted to me dead from the very beginning..

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