Ms. Tan Is The Real Boss - Chapter 921

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Chapter 921: Chapter 921: 921 Congratulations

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Chapter 921: 921 Congratulations


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After dinner, Tan Ron and Zhuang Liu went their separate ways. Although they were engaged, they were not married yet. It was not appropriate for them to live together. Tan Rons parents liked Zhuang Liu very much, but they would not agree to Tan Ron living with Zhuang Liu before they got married.

Tan Rou first went back to her apartment in the university town. As soon as she entered, she heard Aunt Zhou say to her, Miss, congratulations on your engagement! Aunt Zhou was old and did not like to attend such lively banquets, so she waited for Tan Rou to come back.

Thank you, Aunt Zhou. Have you eaten? Tan Rou asked with a smile.

Ive eaten. Aunt Zhou glanced inside. Miss Shang, who came to our house last time, is here. She has been waiting for you here for two hours. I asked her if she wanted to call you, but she said that she didnt need to, so I didnt call.

Miss Shang? Too many things had happened today. Tan Rou couldnt remember who this Miss Shang was until she saw the person who wrapped herself up tightly even in the middle of summer. Only then did she realize who Aunt Zhou was talking about.

Senior Shang! Tan Rou was pleasantly surprised. Long time no see!

Shang Jin was wearing a mask, but her eyes were full of smiles. Long time no see, Xiao Rou.

Why didnt you tell me you were coming? Tan Rou wanted to invite Shang Jin to the engagement ceremony, but she had discussed it with Shang Jins mother beforehand. Shang Jins mother said that Shang Jin was still unwilling to go out, so Tan Rou did not call her over.

I heard from them that today is your engagement ceremony, so 1 wanted to give you an engagement gift. Congratulations on your engagement! Shang Jin picked up the box beside her. Ah Min said that she would help me bring it to you, but 1 think its better to give it to you personally.

Tan Rou accepted the box happily. Thank you for your gift but your appearance itself would already be a great gift.

After delivering the things, Shang Jin lowered her head again. She said in a low voice, I should be the one thanking you. If you hadnt helped me, I wouldnt even have the courage to walk out of my house now.

Auntie said that the injury on your face is much better. How are you now? Tan Rou asked carefully, afraid to hurt Shang Jins heart.

Its fine now. Shang Jin suddenly looked up and smiled. She took off the mask on her face. My face has recovered, but Im used to wearing a mask now. If I take off my mask, I dont know how to talk to people.

Tan Rou observed Shang Jins face carefully. Her face had completely recovered. Not only that, but Shang Jins face was now smoother than before, like an egg that had just been peeled.

I also want to congratulate you on your recovery. Tan Rou was also happy for Shang Jin.

It was Tan Rons first time researching an ointment for facial recovery, and it seemed to be quite effective.

Yes. Shang Jins face was full of smiles. At first, 1 also thought that there was no hope. Every doctor told me that it was impossible for my face to recover completely, and it would cost a lot of money. Im from an ordinary family and cant afford that much money. Even if we use the money we got earlier, it wont be enough.

Xiao Rou, where did you buy this ointment from? I want to buy some more, Shang Jin asked.

Tan Rou said, You cant buy this medicine. A friend of mine made it. If you still want it, Ill get her to make some for you.

Shang Jin shook his head. Actually, this is the ointment you made yourself, right?

Tan Rou was stunned. How did you know? Did the class monitor tell you?

Shang Jin nodded and then shook his head. Its not him who told me. Its just that he let it slip when he came to see me once. He said that your medical skills are excellent and that you can cure many complicated diseases. You can cure my face.

When you were injured, the class monitor asked me to help you once. Then, I thought of making an ointment for you. Tan Rou smiled.

He should be the one you should thank the most.

Shang Jins face showed an unnatural expression. I havent seen him for a long time. When we were in the hospital, he came to see me a few times. Hes not good at telling jokes, but he still tried his best to tell me something fun to start with. It was strange in the beginning..

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