Ms. Tan Is The Real Boss - Chapter 958

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Chapter 958: Chapter 958: 958 Substitution

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Chapter 958: 958 Substitution

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Zhu Yuns face turned pale. Who was this girl? Why did she know so much about her?

Not only that. Tan Rou continued, Youve been at Xinghe Entertainment for six years. The total amount of bribes you took in private was as high as 20 million?

I didnt! Ive been working at Xinghe Entertainment for so many years. Ive always been loyal to the company. Ive never done anything like what you said! Zhu Yun denied.

It doesnt matter if you dont admit it. I have evidence anyway, Tan Rou said.

After finding out that the interviewer today was Zhu Yun, Tan Rou began to investigate Zhu Yuns background. She would not have known if she did not investigate, but she was shocked when she did. Zhu Yun had only been in Xingtu Entertainment for six years. She did not expect her to have taken so much money.

At this moment, the security guard appeared.

Zhu Yun heaved a sigh of relief when she saw the security guard. She ordered, Hurry up and throw her out!

The two security guards looked at the girl in a white T-shirt and black pants in front of them and did not move for a long time.

Zhu Yun was anxious. What are you guys staring at? Do you want to be fired?

The two security guards were still looking at the girl, unwilling to listen to Zhu Yun.

Zhu Yun was exasperated. She ran straight to the security guard and shouted, How dare you disobey me? Ill fire you now!

You have no right to fire them. Call your President Shao over. I have something to say to him.

Who are you? Zhu Yun mocked. You want to see our President Shao? I think youre daydreaming!

Tan Rou ignored her and she threw away the applications. Ill be doing the audition today.

Zhu Yun ran to Tan Rou and looked up at her. What right do you have to do so?!

Youll know whether Im qualified or not in a while, Tan Rou said.

Zhu Yun was furious. Seeing that the security guards were not doing anything, she tried to pull Tan Rou away. Tan Rou dodged.

Zhu Yun grabbed the official seal and documents on the table and threw them at Tan Rou. You brat, how dare you ignore me? Ill show you how powerful 1 am today!

Tan Rou grabbed her hand and pushed her to the ground with a little force.

Zhu Yun shouted, Im going to call the police to arrest you.

Just as they were in a mess, the general manager of Xinghe Entertainment, President Shao, arrived. He was 45 years old this year and had been working in Xingtu Entertainment for 20 years. What are you doing here? he asked when he saw the papers on the ground.

Arent you supposed to hold the audition?

President Shao! Zhu Yun shouted, Youre finally here!

An Hui immediately complained to President Shao, President Shao, she was the one who caused trouble. Not only did she tear up my application form, but she also threw away other peoples application forms. She even said that she would be the one to choose. Shes too arrogant.

President Shao only took a glance at the person in the black mask and panicked. Miss, why didnt you tell me that you were here?

He had just learned that Tan Rou was coming over. It was all his subordinates fault for not telling him that Tan Rou was coming over. He had almost made a huge mistake.

Hello, Uncle Shao, Tan Rou said politely as she took off her mask and hat.

President Shao smiled and said, Miss, are you here to visit us? Its the annual audition today. You have picked a good day to come visit us. Although there was a small accident just now, Young Miss, dont worry. Ill immediately get someone to decorate the venue. Bring me some more application forms. President Shao was already a long-time employee of Xinghe Entertainment. He would not panic over a small matter like Zhu Yun.

Theres no need to go through so much trouble. Arent there still so many people who havent submitted their application forms? Just pick from there. Those who had not been selected immediately became happy and took out the application forms from their bags.

Big Young Miss! Zhu Yun also recognized Tan Rou. No wonder she felt that this girls eyes were beautiful and familiar. It turned out that the girl who came to cause trouble was Tan Rou!

Manager Zhu, do you think Im qualified to make sure decisions? Tan Rou asked Zhu Yun.

Yes Youre qualified Zhu Yun broke out in a cold sweat. I have no objections to whoever you choose, Eldest Miss.

President Shao also glared at Zhu Yun. How dare this stupid guy offend Miss?

Young miss, lets go to the side. Its quite tiring to stand here. President Shao smiled apologetically..

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