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Chapter 2052: 2052 Nephew from the maternal family

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2052 Nephew from the maternal family
She had already said what she needed to say, but this girl obviously didn’t intend to do as she was told, even though she had promised her to be careful.


Forget it, I’ll go find grandma Xiao and ask her to give me some supplements after I’m done with this case.
It was impossible to have a big case every day. Xiao Qiu would have time to take care of her body.

Very soon, he gang returned with the food box. Gu Xin and Zheng Qiu had lunch together before heading back to Wang village on the horse carriage.

“Xiao Qiu, look here!” After entering the courtyard, the two of them were about to head straight to the eldest son and daughter-in-law’s room when Gu Xin stopped at the stairs.

This flight of stairs came from the central room. There was a platform, and then a flight of stairs as wide as the door was built directly facing the door. There were a total of three steps.

In the soil below the steps, weeds started to grow. Among the weeds, Gu Xin found nails.

Zheng Qiu came over to take a look. From the shape of the nail and the color of the paint, he could tell that it was the other half of Wang Siyun’s broken body.

After she confirmed it, she nodded at Gu Xin.

“We have to enter Wang Siyun’s room from the central room, and the main room is this way. If Wang Zhangshi was in Wang Siyun’s room when Wang Siyun died, she would have to pass through here to return to her room.” Gu Xin touched her chin and said.

“There is another possibility. The murderer dragged Wang Zhangshi out of Wang Siyun’s room and hit a pillar here, then shook off the nails left on Wang Zhangshi’s skirt!” Zheng Qiu suggested another possibility.

He gang and he Qiang were a little confused. When they weren’t at the Memorial Hall, Xiao Qiu and the third young master seemed to have discovered more things!

“He gang, you said in the morning that Wang Liushi’s maiden family also had naturally curly hair like her. Her family is in Liangzhou. How did you know about her family?” Gu Xin suddenly looked at he gang and asked.

“Third young master, Wang Shunzi’s nephew told us a few days ago when we were asking the villagers about the Wang family. It was said that two years ago, Wang Liushi’s older brother brought his family to visit relatives. He stayed in the Wang family for a day because he quarreled with Wang Liushi and left. In the first month of this year, two nephews from Wang Liushi’s maternal family came again, but they stayed for two or three days before leaving.” He gang replied.

“Why did they quarrel two years ago? have you found out the reason? Also, where is Wang Liushi’s maternal nephew now? Do they have curly hair by nature?” Gu Xin’s eyes lit up as she asked.

“This Wanwan.” He gang scratched his head.

“Since the third young master has asked, you should tell him what you know. Mr. Qin didn’t ask you to tell him, but he definitely asked you to answer him truthfully.” Zheng Qiu knew what he gang was thinking with one look, so he said.

“Right, you can answer truthfully.” He gang heaved a sigh of relief, then said, ” third young master, our Lord also suspected Wang Liushi’s two nephews. After taking over the case, he immediately sent people to find those two people. Someone said that they had returned to their hometown, so His Excellency had sent people to chase after them. At the same time, he had people search for these two people in the Wang family Village and the vicinity of the capital. Wang Liushi’s two nephews were born with curly hair and had burly figures. Two years ago, they quarreled, apparently because Wang Liushi’s little nephew hasn’t proposed yet, and wants to marry Wang Siyun.”

“Does Lord Qin also suspect Wang Liushi’s two nephews?” In fact, when Gu Xin realized that the curly hair did not come from Wang Liushi, she already suspected that it was her family.

From what they knew, these two people were the most suspicious.

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