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Chapter 24

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As the Gnomes left, Merle, who was nearby, shouted excitedly.

[Onsen, isn’t that amazing!? Let’s go check it out immediately!]

[Right. Ah, please sell me this squirt gun. We’ll play with them in the onsen.]

Also looking eager, Mira picked up one of the store’s products, a light blue squirt gun.

[Oi, oi, you can’t play with toys in a public bathhouse.]

[Isn’t it fine, we’re the only ones there anyway. Besides, my shoulders have been stiff lately……]

Seemingly looking pained, Mira tapped her shoulders with her hands.

Mira’s are quite big after all……

Product name: Squirt Gun

Description: A toy one fills with water and squirts it away. Aiming at a point on the body and firing it has a massage effect. It also relieves painful stiff shoulders and back pain.

Price: 100 rims

At first glance, it looks like a traditional pistol-type squirt gun.

However, the quality of the squirt gun in this world is very high.

Even being able to massage people, what a great thing it was.

Just as Mira said, since it’s still a private onsen, it should be okay if they have a little fun.

I’ve also never used the squirt gun before, so I’ll take this opportunity to try it out.

However, while we were in such high spirits, Minerva suddenly yelled at us.

[You can’t! You can’t! You can’t!]

What is this guy mad about?

[Why can’t we?]

[There’s no way I’ll allow you three to have a mixed bath! You shameless sluts! You plan to sandwich Yuusuke and eat him up!? I won’t allow you to do that!]

The words Minerva said made Merle and I become taken aback.

[No, of course we’ll go in in turn. Where did you even get the idea that we’ll be mixed bathing?]

[I don’t dislike Yuusuke-san, but we’re not exactly lovers, so I obviously won’t go in with him.]

[Uwehh? ……Seriously?]

[I don’t really mind though?]

And there, the airheaded Mira just had to say that.


[I mean, we’re just going to take a bath together, right? If we just cover those with a towel, they won’t show.]

I don’t really think a towel could cover how big Mira is……

[I- I won’t allow this!!!]

It was hard trying to calm down Minerva’s outburst.


What in the world is happening? At this rate, Yuusuke will become prey for these slutty brats.

The two of them were going to take Yuusuke to the onsen.

Him not realizing how dangerous that would be.

Moreover, not even bringing me.

No, of course, the kind Yuusuke also invited me.

However, I can’t go with him.

If I go to the 2nd Underground Floor, those pesky Flower Sonobugs will start crying, and my true identity will be revealed.

I do think I would eventually have to confide in Yuusuke that I am the witch Michelle, but that’s only after the two of us have become a little closer.

I thought it would be a good opportunity to deal with them today, but for those two hindrances to make their moves now……

That Mage Mira is especially disturbing.

Acting like an airhead, trying to make Yuusuke drool over her by using women’s weapons.

Besides, if it’s breasts, I have bigger ones than those. If it weren’t for the Recognition Inhibition Magic, Yuusuke wouldn’t be able to turn his gaze at any woman other than me……

Ahh, this world is just so absurd.

However, what can I do?

I trust Yuusuke, but I just couldn’t help thinking about that “one in a thousand” time chance that such a thing happens.

If those two kept on pestering him, Yuusuke’s rationale could easily collapse.

Onsens are filled with mana that makes people open up.

As expected, I had to go with Yuusuke and protect him.

However, what should I do with the Flower Sonobugs?

It would be great if all those just burned to hell……

Wait, why didn’t I notice something so simple?

In the first place, they’re hated bugs because they suck blood from people’s bodies.

They will probably increase in numbers again, but if I keep burning them with Flame Magic all night tonight, I can handle at least the Flower Sonobugs on the 2nd Underground Floor.

Alright, let’s work all night and go to the onsen with Yuusuke tomorrow♡

Minerva, who had closed his eyes, suddenly stood up.

It seemed like he had grown up in a strict family.

He was angry, insisting that it was completely unacceptable for men and women to go to the onsen together.

I calmed him down, telling him that we weren’t going in together, but did some sort of complaint come into his mind again?

[Yuusuke, about tomorrow’s onsen, as expected, I’ll also go.]

[O- Ou. I’m fine with that, but I thought you had something to do?]

[There’s no problem about that. I’ll take care of it tonight. In line with this, I’ll have a box of 10-rim gum.]

[A box of 10-rim gum? You’re going to use a lot of magic?]

[Umu, I will be using a bit of Maximum Incendiary Magic……]

I don’t know what kind of magic that was, but its name sounds kinda awesome.

I handed him the remaining box of 10-rim gum.

[Don’t push yourself, okay?]

[Don’t worry. I’m just doing a little pest control.]


Minerva looked like she was in a much better mood than she had been a few minutes ago.


When all the people left for the night, the dungeon became quiet.

I gathered wind and used it to detect any presence within the surroundings, but it seemed that only monsters were there and no adventurers were on the 2nd Underground Floor.

The only sound that could be heard was that of the annoying cries of the Flower Sonobugs.

They’re also called screech bush mosquitoes, as it has the appearance of a large mosquito.

[Riii, riii, riii.]

[Hmph, screech as much as you want while you still can. You lot have always been a hindrance to me. It’s because of you lot that adventurers are always trying to kill me.]

[Riii, riii, riii.]

[Begging for your life? Oh, I feel so sorry for you, but this is for the sake of my and Yuusuke’s happiness. Take this, Maximum Incendiary Magic!]

Huge flames flooded the dungeon’s corridors, rushing past with a great surge.

The flash of light that illuminated the darkness lasted for a while, before the dungeon was once again enveloped in darkness.

[Did that deal with all of them……]

[Riii, riii, riii.]

[You’re still freaking here!?]

I popped a 10-rim gum into my mouth and let my mana circulate again.

A few hours later.

[Riii, riii, riii.]

No matter how many times I burned them, the Flower Sonobugs kept popping out like hell’s ghosts.

I can’t take them anymore.

[Riii, riii, riii.]

I’m the one who wants to cry here.

[Riii, riii, riii.]

[Shut up!]

My flame burned the bugs, but after a while, I heard their cries again from somewhere.

[Ufufu, I’m gonna wash Yuusuke-san’s back.]

No, no, noooooo!

I won’t let Mira and Merle do what they want to Yuusuke.

With things like this, should I just make it so Yuusuke can’t hear……

[That’s it!]

What a fool I was.

It would be much easier to make Yuusuke and the other girls deaf to the sound of the Flower Sonobugs than it would be to annihilate these bugs on the 2nd Underground Floor!

Let’s use Sound Magic to replace the bugs’ voices with bird sounds.

As an ingenious idea came to mind, I flopped my butt down on the floor.

It’s almost dawn.

It’s almost time for my appointment with Yuusuke.

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