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Chapter 62

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My level has risen again.

So far, new products are being added to my shop, arcade games, refrigerators, and other stuff have appeared, but the changes this time are quite amazing.

The store now appears as a stand-alone house.

It was a wooden house, a rarity in Japan these days.

On a tin sign board were written in black on a white background the words “Dagashi Yahagi”.

[The heck is this…….]

Even Michelle, who is known as a great magician, was surprised.

As expected, the change this time really is amazing huh?

[It’s a level-up.]

[Even if your magic is a Special-type, Yuusuke’s magic is too special!]

She looked half-astounded, but I had no control over how my dagashi shop improved.

With this, even if I acquire the most undesirable land, I wouldn’t have to go into debt to acquire my own home.

Not like I know if mortgages exist in this world.

[Let’s get inside right away.]

Sliding the sliding door to the side, making a rattling sound as it moved, I entered the store.

[The store has this mysterious atmosphere to it.]

Michelle looked around curiously.

The ground floor near the entrance was the store, with shelves full of familiar merchandise.

The walls are lined with lottery games and Super Orbs, with toys firmly piled up with one another.

This place really got the elegance of a Dagashi Shop.

[What’s that area over there?]

At the back of the store was an agari-kamachi, and from that elevated area, it became a tatami-floored Japanese-style room.

There were some furnishings provided, such as a tea table and a small cupboard.

[This is a living space. Wait, you need to take off your shoes when you come in.]


[That’s right. Where I come from, we have a custom to take off our shoes before entering living spaces.]

[Hmmm, why do you do that?]

[Because it keeps the house clean.]

I had already told Michelle that I am from another world.

As she lived in a world with magic, she accepted that fact very easily.

There were apparently records of people who have been summoned to this world by magic.

[Oh, there’s a kitchen over here too.]

When I opened the sliding door attached to the tatami room, I found a passageway and a small kitchen on the opposite side of the room.

It was quite small, but it had a stove with two burners, a small sink with running water, and a small cooking table.

The kitchen is fully equipped with cooking utensils, so it looks as if it could be used for simple cooking.

On the back of the passageway, there’s also a bathroom and toilet, and stairs leading to the second floor.

By the way, the ceiling of the dungeon isn’t high.

Even though what was summoned was a run-down shabby house, the height of this house’s roof is still higher than the interior space of the dungeon.

When I went up to check how it turned out, I found that the second floor existed as if it had wedged into the dungeon’s ceiling.

[It seems like it’s possible to summon the store even underground.]

[In that case, would the summoned store be also able to wedge into the walls of a dungeon?]

[I think so.]

Basically, even if there are obstacles, it seems to be possible to summon the store, ignoring the laws of physics.

Incidentally, when the store was unsummoned in the evening, the ceiling, which should have been caved in, was restored as if nothing had happened.

On the second floor, there were two rooms, a 6 tatami-sized room and an 8 tatami-sized room.

The 8 tatami-sized room had a closet and there was even a futon inside.

[With this, we will have a place to live no matter what happens.]

[This house also has a kitchen and a bath huh. It seems like it would be tough for two people to get into that bath though……]

Your first thought was if two people can enter the bath!?

That seems to be rough…… In all sorts of ways.

[Excuse meeeee, anyone there?]

I heard a customer’s voice from the front.

They seem to be confused because of my new store.

Understandable, I guess. I would also be surprised if a house like this was suddenly built in the dungeon.


Quickly walking down to the storefront, I saw about four customers inside from outside the house.

[Welcome, come in, come in.]

[Good morning. What’s with the house?]

[From today onwards, this would be Dagashi Yahagi. I look forward to your continued patronage.]

[Ah, we have more new products.]

Saying so, one of the adventurers picked up a snack.

Product name: Lettuce Taro

Description: Bite-sized, crunchy snack. Salad Flavor. Eating it temporarily increases one’s speed.

Price: 30 rims

This has always been my favorite snack.

It has a nice texture and is the perfect size for a light snack.

It also goes well with beer.

[Is this snack made with lettuce in it?]

The adventurer asked, tilting his head.

[No, there’s actually no lettuce in it……]

[What’s salad flavor?]

[That is…… hard to explain. Well, it has something like a light salty taste……]

[In that case, couldn’t they just put salty in it then?]

[I know how you feel, but that’s an arrangement I have no hand on.]


Even with all that light banter, the adventurer still bought a Lettuce Taro.

[Ehhh, what is this!?]

Noisily coming into the store were Merle and Mira.

[Good morning. Welcome to my new store.]

I welcomed them both with open arms.

[Fuahhh, Yuusuke-san’s magic is as incomprehensible as ever.]

[It really is out of the ordinary. How is it that you can summon a house with it?]

If you ask me that, my thought would just be that magic itself is far outside the realm of common sense.

[Arehh, there’s also something on the back too. Can I check it out?]

Merle was about to peek into the tatami room when Michelle stopped her.

[The second floor is our matrimonial bedroom, so don’t go in there!]

When did that happen!?

Oddly enough, that 8 tatami-sized room does only have one set of futon, but for some reason, there are two pillows……

Seriously, magic sure is a mystery.

The dark brown part is the agari-kamachi.

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