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Chapter 1001: Chapter 1001 - Chapter 1001: Gu Chen Was Humiliated

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Chapter 1001: Gu Chen Was Humiliated

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Shen Xi received the message and fell into contemplation.

Rescue him? Shen Xi didn’t know what had happened to Gu Chen, and she even doubted if this was another one of Gu Chen’s tricks.

But if she could find out who attacked Guan Lei, it wouldn’t hurt to make a trip.

Currently, Guan Lei couldn’t appear alive in front of everyone because his assailant hadn’t been found yet.

Guan Lei had to be dead to keep the various rumors of treason away from the Guan family.

If Guan Lei were alive, then all the previous suspicions about the Guan family’s treason would arise again, and even the things Meng Yu had carefully orchestrated to implicate the Gu family would be questioned by everyone.

Gu Chen took a taxi to the Gu family. As soon as he got out of the car, he found himself immediately surrounded.

Looking at Gu Qing and Gu Lin leading the way, Gu Chen remained unruffled. Even though he had been detained for two days, he showed no signs of distress or despair.

Gu Lin smirked at Gu Chen. “Oh, isn’t this our Master Gu? You’re back? Come on, quickly enter the house. Your brothers are here to welcome you.”

Gu Chen cast an icy glance at the obviously malicious Gu Lin. His lips lifted at the corners, forming a faint smile as he walked into the Gu family estate with deliberate, unhurried steps.

Gu Lin, looking at Gu Chen’s graceful figure, sneered, “A man with a figure as delicate as a woman’s. Disgusting.”

Gu Lin intentionally didn’t lower his voice, and his words naturally reached Gu Chen’s ears.

If it were any other time, Gu Chen would have already had Qian Tong beat him up, but today Gu Chen showed no reaction at all.

This made Gu Lin even more pleased, as he believed Gu Chen had realized his situation and dared not offend him.

Gu Lin immediately beckoned others to follow him into the house.

Inside the house, Qian Tong saw Gu Chen return and immediately led his men to hide in the corner.

“Qian Tong?” Gu Chen just looked at Qian Tong and asked softly.

Qian Tong didn’t answer. Instead, Gu Qing coldly said, “Master Gu, it seems you won’t be able to command Qian Tong anymore. He belongs to us now. So, if Master Gu wants to give orders to Qian Tong, it’s best to talk to us brothers.”

Gu Chen chuckled softly, then turned to Gu Qing and Gu Lin, “What’s this? Planning a coup?”

Gu Qing approached Gu Chen, his gaze turning sinister. “Coup? Gu Chen, you used the wrong word. We are all descendants of the Gu family. The position of the head of the Gu family naturally goes to the most capable. How can it be considered a coup?”

Seeing that Gu Chen had reached a dead end but still appeared aloof and proud, Gu Lin felt a bit annoyed. He went forward and kicked Gu Chen to the ground without hesitation.

Gu Lin was surprised to see Gu Chen fall feebly and vulnerably to the ground.

In his opinion, Gu Chen was not so weak that he could be easily knocked down with just one kick.

However, upon further thought, the former Gu Chen was the one who wielded the power of the Gu family, but now he was nothing.

So, in Gu Lin’s view, Gu Chen had realized his situation and dared not resist.

Gu Lin became even more excited at this thought. With a malicious glint in his eyes, he approached Gu Chen, and the next moment, he stomped on his chest.

Qian Tong was startled. He instinctively took a step forward, but ultimately, under Gu Qing’s gaze, he slowly withdrew his foot.

Gu Lin continued to exert force with his foot on Gu Chen’s chest. He then smiled wickedly and withdrew his foot, only to kick Gu Chen’s abdomen heavily the next moment.

Gu Chen’s back slammed harshly against a nearby table leg, and a sweet taste filled his throat as blood spilled from his mouth.

Seeing the typically pristine and clean Gu Chen finally stained with blood and filth, Gu Lin’s eyes sparkled with delight. He walked over and ruthlessly pressed Gu Chen’s head under his foot.

“The day you trampled me under your foot, I told myself not to let the opportunity slip by. I’d make you taste this feeling too. Haha! How the tables have turned!” Gu Lin was unbelievably ecstatic. He never imagined he would one day have Gu Chen under his foot!

“Gu Chen, can’t you fight back? Come on! Get up and fight me!” Gu Lin arrogantly laughed.

Seeing his younger brother was almost done venting his frustration, Gu Qing squatted down and placed some documents in front of Gu Chen. He smiled and said, “Cousin, we’re family after all. As a younger brother, I want to give you a way out. Sign these share transfer and property transfer contracts, and I’ll let you go. What do you say?”

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