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Chapter 1002: Chapter 1002 - Chapter 1002: Shen Xi to the Rescue

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Chapter 1002: Shen Xi to the Rescue

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Gu Chen didn’t bother to spare a glance and simply closed his eyes.

Seeing this, Gu Lin increased the force on his foot.

Gu Qing, on the other hand, just smiled and said, “Cousin, a toast ignored demands a penalty sip. Don’t blame us for being ruthless. Since your hands aren’t meant for signing, let’s put them to other uses.”

With a wave of Gu Qing’s hand, a box of needles was brought in. Several people grabbed Gu Chen’s fingers, mercilessly thrusting the sharp needle tips into the nail beds.

Even the resolute Gu Chen couldn’t help but groan in pain. In an instant, sweat beads formed on his forehead, and his naturally rosy lips turned ashen, devoid of any color.

When Shen Xi entered with her group, she witnessed the scene.

She never imagined that Gu Chen, always appearing immaculate and exquisite in her eyes, would be in such a miserable state—trampled under someone’s foot, his head pressed into the ground, with blood dripping from his fingers as needles pierced them.

Upon Shen Xi’s arrival, Gu Qing immediately gathered his men to confront her. Even those conducting the torture instinctively paused.

“Miss Shen Xi, this is the Gu family. By bringing people here, I can report to the police that you’re trespassing on a private residence!” Gu Qing coldly questioned, blocking Shen Xi’s way.

Shen Xi chuckled in anger, “Sure! Go ahead and report to the police! I’d like to see if the police will arrest you first or me!”

While Gu Lin continued to step on Gu Chen’s face, his gaze shifted to Shen Xi. It was because of her that he had been dealt with by Gu Chen before.

Even though he wanted to settle the score with Shen Xi now, his attention turned to the crowd behind her and the various weapons clearly brought for this occasion. Gu Lin decided it was best not to provoke them.

“Miss Shen Xi, we are dealing with our internal affairs. Please make your way out!” Gu Qing politely requested.

“I don’t care about your family affairs, but if you beat this person to death, who will I collect my debt from?” Shen Xi crossed her arms, looking coldly at Gu Qing.

Gu Lin, somewhat impatient, asked, “How much does Gu Chen owe you? We’ll settle it for him!”

Shen Xi looked at Gu Lin, “Are you sure?”

Gu Lin confidently tilted his head, “Of course.”

“Well then, pay up now! Gu Chen owes me a life. Come on, I’ve never seen someone kill themselves. It must be interesting!” Shen Xi gazed at Gu Lin with curiosity, seemingly eager to witness how he would meet his end.

Gu Lin was instantly infuriated and embarrassed, “Shen Xi, this is the Gu family. Don’t think you can act so arrogantly just because you have the backing of the Shen and Lu families.”

Shen Xi scoffed and sneered, “Debts must be repaid, and life for a life is only fair. If you can’t pay, hand him over, or I’ll deal with both of you.”

Gu Qing couldn’t possibly hand over Gu Chen, especially when the share transfer contract hadn’t been signed yet.

As for Shen Xi’s claim that Gu Chen owed her a life, the Gu family brothers considered it baseless, thinking she was just here to save Gu Chen.

Seeing the Gu family brothers’ lack of response, Shen Xi said, “It seems I’ll have to resort to force.”

With that, Shen Xi took a step back, and Shen Luan and Lu Fei, along with their men, aggressively approached the area where Gu Chen was.

The Gu family brothers couldn’t hand over Gu Chen at this point. With one command, the two groups clashed instantly.

Gu Qing glared at Qian Tong and his group, who remained indifferent on the sidelines, and angrily shouted, “Qian Tong, what are you still waiting for? Join in!”

After some hesitation, Qian Tong reluctantly joined the team attacking Shen Xi.

But even with Qian Tong’s participation, Gu Qing’s side continued to lose ground. Shen Xi had come prepared with skilled fighters, outnumbering them.

Seeing his men continuously falling, Gu Lin grabbed Gu Chen’s collar and shouted, “Shen Xi, order your people to stop, or I’ll kill Gu Chen!”

Shen Xi calmly responded, “Go ahead, kill him! I bear a personal grievance against Gu Chen anyway!”

Gu Lin sized up Shen Xi with a skeptical gaze. He picked up a blade and ruthlessly slashed Gu Chen’s arm. Fresh blood oozed from the wound.

However, Shen Xi remained unfazed, showing no concern for Gu Chen’s life.

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