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Chapter 1004: Chapter 1004 - Chapter 1004: Not Dead

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Chapter 1004: Not Dead

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As for that illegitimate child, Meng Yu, they completely disregarded him. They even covertly searched for Meng Yu, attempting to discreetly let him perish outside.

Guan Yi gazed solemnly at his brothers seated below.

Third Master Guan looked at Guan Yi, who was not quite pleased. “Big Brother, it’s been a while since Ah Lei left. Even if you want to keep control of the Guan family, you can’t neglect Ah Lei’s funeral!”

Fourth Master Guan chimed in, “Yeah, Big Brother, once a person dies, they should rest in peace. Keeping them locked inside the house every day, what does that achieve? Let’s organize the funeral soon. The selection of the next heir needs to proceed timely. The Guan family can’t be left without an heir.”

“Big Brother, make a decision today. Otherwise, it’s difficult for us younger brothers. We can’t just watch the Guan family fall,” Third Master Guan continued.

There had to be a conclusion today. The main position in the Guan family had been held by the main branch for too long; it was time for a change.

Seeing Guan Yi just glancing at his phone without saying a word thoroughly infuriated Third Master Guan and Fourth Master Guan.

Both stood up simultaneously, and the people they brought along also became more assertive.

Second Master Guan, Guan Hai, upon witnessing this, immediately stood by Guan Yi’s side with their own group.

Guan Hai didn’t know what his Big Brother was thinking. All he could do was protect him. After all, back then, Guan Lei had spared Guan Bo.

“Second Brother, what’s going on? Are you going to fight your younger brothers, or has Big Brother already chosen your branch as the heir? Is that why you’re so stubbornly defending him?” Third Master Guan’s eyes gleamed menacingly as he stared at Guan Hai and Guan Yi. It seemed like any affirmative response from Guan Yi would lead to an immediate confrontation.

Fourth Master Guan coldly snorted, “Big Brother, if you really intend to pass the Guan family to Second Brother, we truly won’t accept it. Guan Bo ordered the killing of Guan Lei, if you pass the position to Second Brother, wouldn’t that mean Ah Lei can’t rest in peace even in the underworld?”

“Whether I rest in peace or not, why don’t Fourth Uncle come and ask me directly?”

Guan Lei’s voice erupted like a thunderclap out of the clear sky. Almost instantly, everyone was shocked, some even cried out, “Is he resurrected? This is too scary!”

“You! You… What are you!” Third Master Guan’s face was full of disbelief, his voice trembling slightly.

After being closed for several days, the door was opened again. Su Han rushed out, crying and hugging Guan Lei. Guan Yan followed closely behind, looking at Guan Lei with joy and relief.

Guan Bo also approached Guan Lei in shock, reaching out hesitantly to poke Guan Lei’s cheek. When he found it had elasticity and warmth, Guan Bo cried out in joy, “Brother! You’re alive! You didn’t die! Brother! This is wonderful!”

“Impossible! How could you not be dead?” Third Master Guan asked, unwilling to believe.

Guan Lei turned his gaze to Third Master Guan, sneering, “Why, Third Uncle, you don’t seem pleased to see me alive?”

Third Master Guan quickly forced a smile, saying awkwardly, “How could that be? Ah Lei, what you said is ridiculous. I was just too surprised!”

Fourth Master Guan and Third Master Guan exchanged a glance, both breaking out in a cold sweat.

“Now that Ah Lei is fine, we can rest assured. Well, we’ll go back first!” Fourth Master Guan said.

As soon as he finished speaking, Third Master Guan and Fourth Master Guan were about to leave!

Xue Li and his men immediately surrounded Third Master Guan and Fourth Master Guan, along with their men.

Third Master Guan looked at Guan Lei, questioning seriously, “Ah Lei, what are you doing? If you’re angry about us pressuring your grandfather to choose a successor today, then you’re really immature. We’re doing this for the good of the Guan family! After all, we didn’t know you were alive, and the Guan family needs to continue to live on, right?”

Fourth Master Guan also looked at Guan Lei cautiously. “Your Third Granduncle is right. We didn’t know you were alive. We’re purely doing this for the good of the Guan family.”

“For the good of the Guan family?” Guan Lei cast a contemptuous look at Third Master Guan and Fourth Master Guan. He scoffed and said, “Conspiring with the Liu family, assassinating the former general, poisoning my medicine, and secretly sending people to kill Meng Yu. Is this what you consider ‘for the good of the Guan family’?”

Fourth Master Guan glanced at Third Master Guan in a panic and retorted, “Ah Lei, you can’t just say such things recklessly! How could we do such things? Are you misunderstanding something?”

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