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Chapter 1005: Chapter 1005 - Chapter 1005: Mutual Damage

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Chapter 1005: Mutual Damage

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Guan Lei watched the two individuals across from him who stubbornly refused to admit their guilt. With a wave of his hand, Xue Li immediately brought out a pile of documents and handed them to everyone present.

As Guan Hai examined the documents in his hand, he angrily looked up at the two opposite him. “Old Third and Old Fourth, how dare you conspire to assassinate those supported by the Guan family and collude with our enemies, plotting to put Ah Lei in mortal danger! How could you be so foolish! Are you planning to deliver the Guan family into the hands of the enemy?”

The hands of both Third Master Guan and Fourth Master Guan trembled as they held the documents, which detailed various pieces of evidence linking them to the Liu family.

“Old Second, don’t pretend to be righteous here. Haven’t you done such things before? How come it’s acceptable for you to seize power, but we can’t?” Third Master Guan furiously questioned.

Guan Hai, now utterly infuriated, exclaimed, “Yes! Guan Bo made mistakes in the past, but at least he didn’t conspire with outsiders against the Guan family. What about you? You let the wolf into the house! You even assisted them in killing the person we ourselves supported. How can you be so foolish!”

Third Master Guan wanted to defend himself, but Guan Lei interrupted with his cold and menacing voice, “This matter is crystal clear. Granduncles, apologies, but I’ve handed all this evidence to the investigation team. Justice must be served!”

Third Master Guan and Fourth Master Guan were shocked. If the Guan family didn’t protect them, they would likely face dire consequences.

Quickly realizing the situation, Fourth Master Guan’s expression softened, and he ingratiatingly said to Guan Lei, “Ah Lei, we’re all part of the Guan family. Can you give Third Granduncle and Fourth Granduncle a way out?”

Guan Lei stared coldly at Third Master Guan and chillingly said, “Your attitude wasn’t like this when you thought I was dead. When you were hunting Meng Yu, your attitude wasn’t like this either.”

Guan Lei’s gaze turned steely, “Xue Li, take everyone down. Wait for the investigation team to arrive!”

Xue Li complied and executed the order, leading away Third Granduncle, Fourth Granduncle, and their entourage.

Watching his two brothers being taken away, Guan Yi narrowed his eyes and said to Guan Lei, “Thank goodness you’re safe!”

Guan Lei nodded, then comforted Su Han before continuing to deal with the aftermath.

Once everything was resolved, he planned to visit the girl he had been thinking about day and night.

The official explanation for Guan Lei’s resurrection was that he had been on the brink of death, without breath, so the Guan family had urgently summoned a top medical team and managed to revive him after several days of intensive care.

As for the shooting incident and the theft of classified documents, both the Guan and Gu families were implicated. The Gu family took on the responsibility of apprehending the perpetrators, while the Guan family upheld justice, putting morality above family ties.

Nevertheless, both families’ reputations suffered, allowing an unknown small family to seize the position of the top general.

Turning a conflict to one’s advantage!

The Gu family villa was brightly lit. In the well-lit underground basement, Gu Lin and Gu Qing were tied to torture devices.

Gu Lin glared at Qian Tong, now back by Gu Chen’s side, and said through gritted teeth, “Gu Chen, you set us up!”

Gu Chen shot Gu Lin a mocking look, “Seems like you’re not entirely dumb. Now, you’re suspected of stealing state secrets and fleeing. There’s no place for you in this country.”

Clenching his teeth, Gu Qing’s eyes were filled with resentment as he asked, “Qian Tong didn’t betray you. Did you let us beat you, then had Shen Xi come to rescue you? Was it just a ploy to gain favor with the Shen family’s young miss?”

“You’re still not smart enough. But as a reward for participating in our little performance, I’ll enlighten you both fools.” Gu Chen smiled with a hint of pity.

Gu Chen turned around and sat on the chair, a smile playing on his lips as he explained, “I deliberately had someone mention the information about national classified documents in Guan Lei’s research lab in your presence. The student with access to confidential files—I ensured that it was casually brought up to you. Colluding with foreign personnel, stealing national confidential documents, and treason—all these serious allegations were intentionally discussed in front of you. Regardless of someone’s powerful background, framing them for treason and securing their demise is a method I subtly introduced to you as well.

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