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Chapter 1006: Chapter 1006 - Chapter 1006: Executing the Mission

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Chapter 1006: Executing the Mission

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Gu Lin widened his eyes, staring at Gu Chen in disbelief. He hadn’t expected that Gu Chen was scheming against them all along.

“You designed this plan for us to plot against you? How can you be certain that we would follow your plan?” Gu Qing found it utterly absurd.

Gu Chen chuckled softly, a hint of coldness in his gaze. “I’m not sure you’ll act according to my plan, but I’m sure you’ve always wanted to deal with me, to seize my position.”

“So, you deliberately left the small leather ball at the old house, didn’t you? You used us to go after Guan Lei. If it succeeded, everything would be fine. If it failed, you could blame it on us, right?” Gu Lin’s neck veins bulged as he growled.

Gu Qing, with eyes red from anger, continued, “That day, you deliberately didn’t resist, and you let Shen Xi come to save you. It was all to have a reason to distance yourself from us in advance, so you could rightfully eliminate our second branch from the Gu family! Throughout the entire plan, either the Guan family or our second branch would be cleaned up, and you would emerge unscathed, with your hands clean from start to finish! Gu Chen, you are despicable!”

At this point, Gu Qing finally understood what their father had once said. Gu Chen was exceptionally skilled at manipulating people’s minds. It was because Gu Chen understood their weaknesses, that a few words were enough to lead them along his plan.

Gu Chen could achieve the desired results by using others, without lifting a finger himself.

Gu Chen chuckled softly, admitting, “Yes, it was me. If you have to blame someone, blame yourselves for wanting to scheme against me. Otherwise, none of this would have happened. Ever since I learned about the Liu family joining forces with the Guan family’s third and fourth branches to assassinate the general, I’ve been thinking about this. It’s great, you’ve all been obedient. Every step was within my expectations.”

Gu Qing and Gu Lin were now so enraged that they couldn’t even speak. They had thought they had outsmarted Gu Chen, only to realize they were caught in his trap.

Ignoring the hostile atmosphere, Gu Chen simply said, “By the way, the alliance between the Liu family and the third and fourth branches of the Guan family was also orchestrated by me. I’m telling you all this because I still have a role for you to play, so consider this information a reward. You’ll have all the answers before your time is up.”

Gu Qing and Gu Lin didn’t know what Gu Chen was planning, as they soon passed out from the pain of having their tongues ripped out.

The news of Gu Qing and Gu Lin fleeing the country with classified documents spread, and as the head of the Gu family, Gu Chen personally went abroad to apprehend them.

When Shen Xi received the notice of an overseas mission, she was still at home waiting for Guan Lei, thinking he would come to her soon.

With no other choice, Shen Xi informed her parents that she would be away for a while, then gathered her partner, Yu Ming, and joined the rest of the team.

Upon learning that they were assisting in the capture of Gu Qing and Gu Lin, Shen Xi felt as if there was a constant clash of cosmic forces between her and the Gu family.

These two fools, Gu Qing and Gu Lin couldn’t have picked a worse place to flee to, choosing a country embroiled in conflicts. Despite having official military escort, G Nation wasn’t under the control of puppet officials, but rather the highly autonomous four great families.

When Guan Lei finally finished his busy schedule and came to find Shen Xi, she had already been gone for a day.

Upon learning that Shen Xi went to G Nation, Guan Lei’s heart instantly clenched with worry.

After deploying the special forces for the mission, Shen Xi and Yu Ming remained vigilant, observing their surroundings from the fighter jet.

G Nation was full of hills and dense forests, and the special forces had just gone into the mountains for a search.

Shen Xi and Yu Ming’s task was to protect their fighter jet at all times and be prepared for follow-up support and safe evacuation.

After guarding for most of the day, a rustling sound suddenly reached Shen Xi and Yu Ming’s ears. They exchanged glances, instantly becoming alert.

“It seems to be coming from our rear,” Yu Ming said gravely.

Shen Xi operated the monitor to look behind them and indeed saw several people in camouflage quietly approaching their fighter jet.

With a signal from Shen Xi, Yu Ming immediately informed the other fighter jets in different locations to be cautious.

Despite Shen Xi’s attempts to communicate with the approaching individuals using different languages through the loudspeaker, they showed no response and continued to encroach upon Shen Xi’s fighter jet.

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