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Chapter 1007: Chapter 1007 - Chapter 1007: Meeting Gu Chen

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Chapter 1007: Meeting Gu Chen

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Faced with no other option, Shen Xi activated the silenced weapons and aimed at the approaching figures, ready to open fire.

Originally, Shen Xi had no intention of revealing their position, hence the choice of silenced weapons. However, to her surprise, the roar of several fighter jets echoed from above.

Shen Xi couldn’t understand why they were exposed so quickly. Even Yu Ming, beside her, seemed tense.

Yu Ming attempted to communicate with the other party, but all communication requests went unanswered. Shen Xi had no choice but to initiate take-off.

Yu Ming disseminated the situation to inform teammates and the special forces searching for people in the mountains that their location was compromised.

Shen Xi maneuvered the fighter jet, engaging with the opposing forces. Without provocation from the other side, Shen Xi dared not open fire recklessly, considering they were within another country’s borders.

Strangely, the opposing forces showed no intention of attacking Shen Xi. Instead, eight fighter jets encircled her aircraft.

Shen Xi couldn’t fathom their intentions, but she couldn’t waste time being surrounded. With a sudden tilt of the aircraft, she sped towards the left. The opposing forces thought Shen Xi was attempting to break through from the left and quickly swarmed in that direction.

However, when they reached Shen Xi’s left, she had already skillfully steered the fighter jet, slipping away to the right like an eel.

Shen Xi initially thought she had successfully evaded them, only to find more fighter jets approaching from another direction.

Frowning, Yu Ming said, “Senior, are they targeting us? They’re not attacking, as if they don’t want us to leave.”

Not only did Yu Ming feel this way, but Shen Xi did as well.

Entangled by the enemy’s fighter jets, Shen Xi, watching the dwindling fuel warning, had no choice but to reluctantly land. Once she confirmed the safety of other team members, Shen Xi and Yu Ming disembarked, taking their guns and seeking cover in the nearby woods to assess the situation.

Just when they thought they were temporarily safe, gunshots suddenly rang out in the woods. The next moment, Yu Ming grunted, clutching his arm that had been shot.

Alarmed, Shen Xi quickly hid Yu Ming in the nearby bushes and sent his location to their teammates.

With widened eyes, Yu Ming exclaimed in shock, “Senior!”

Shen Xi covered Yu Ming’s mouth and whispered, “Stay here quietly and wait for the main force to rescue you, understand?”

“Senior!” Yu Ming protested softly, his eyes turning red.

“This is an order!” Shen Xi’s voice was cold. She stared at Yu Ming until he complied, then tidied up the bushes, stealthily moved to another location, and created a diversion before running in the direction away from Yu Ming.

As night fell, Shen Xi relied on her compass, cautiously advancing in the darkness, refraining from making any light to avoid detection.

The deep forest was silent, filled with the sounds of insects chirping. Shen Xi listened intently, discerning danger with her ears. In a moment, a faint noise reached her ears.

Reacting swiftly, Shen Xi dodged a fierce punch aimed at her and retaliated with a punch to the attacker’s jaw but missed.

As Shen Xi attempted to flee, her hand was caught by the assailant. Panicked, she swung her fist, but the attacker subdued her. A familiar voice then spoke, “Xi?”

Only then did Shen Xi look up and, in the dim light, recognize a familiar face. “Gu Chen?”

Gu Chen was equally surprised to see Shen Xi. “Xi, what are you doing here?”

Immediately, he released his grip on Shen Xi’s hand and anxiously checked if she was injured. “Are you okay? Are you hurt?”

Shen Xi pushed Gu Chen away. “I’m fine.”

Glancing toward where Gu Chen stood, she hesitated before asking, “Where are Gu Qing and Gu Lin?”

Gu Chen sighed. “Are you suspecting that I saved Gu Qing and Gu Lin?”

Shen Xi didn’t respond, but her silence confirmed her suspicion. In her opinion, solely relying on Gu Qing and Gu Lin’s abilities might not ensure a smooth escape from the country, but with Gu Chen’s help, it was more plausible.

Gu Chen attempted to explain, but suddenly, they heard rustling in the bushes around them. They exchanged a glance and swiftly crouched down, concealing themselves.

Shen Xi and Gu Chen saw Gu Qing and Gu Lin cautiously approaching with dim flashlights. Shen Xi grabbed Gu Chen, who was about to stand up, and whispered, “Don’t make a sound. They have guns.”

Gu Chen immediately quieted down, allowing Shen Xi to hold on to him.

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