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Chapter 1008: Chapter 1008 - Chapter 1008: Fighting

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Chapter 1008: Fighting

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As Gu Qing and Gu Lin passed by the thicket in front of them, gradually moving away, Gu Chen couldn’t help but mutter quietly, “They still have confidential documents in their hands. We can’t let them leave.”

Shen Xi glanced back at the anxious Gu Chen, seemingly surprised. Then, she withdrew her gaze and said, “You take the left, and I’ll take the right, one each.”

Gu Chen originally disagreed, but after seeing Shen Xi’s determined gaze, he reluctantly agreed.

Inconspicuously, the two followed Gu Qing and Gu Lin from both sides. When the two brothers weren’t paying attention, they pounced on them, knocking Gu Qing and Gu Lin fiercely to the ground. Flashlights fell to the ground, casting light on the four entangled figures.

The muffled sounds of intense combat and struggling echoed continuously.

Shen Xi used the close combat skills she learned at school to fiercely engage Gu Lin, while the situation on Gu Chen’s side seemed a bit grim, causing Shen Xi some worry.

Gu Chen, previously shot with her poisoned needle and spitting blood from Gu Lin’s blows, was indeed struggling against Gu Qing.

As Shen Xi anticipated, Gu Chen soon fell into a disadvantage. Fortunately, he had already obtained the document bag from Gu Qing’s arms. Unfortunately, he was now curled up, protecting the bag, while Gu Qing swarmed him with an onslaught of attacks.

Gritting her teeth, Shen Xi used her strength to roll over, wrapping her legs around Gu Lin’s neck. With a strong twist of her thighs, Gu Lin instantly lost all strength, his face turning purple from suffocation.

Seizing the moment when Gu Lin seemed dazed, Shen Xi quickly released her legs, deftly grabbing Gu Lin’s hair and smashing his head onto the ground, knocking him unconscious.

But as Shen Xi raised her head, Gu Qing had already aimed a gun at her head. The moment Gu Qing pulled the trigger, Gu Chen, who was on the ground, suddenly jumped up, pushing Gu Qing aside. The shot missed, hitting a nearby tree. The document bag that was initially in Gu Chen’s arms was also knocked aside.

Seeing the documents, Gu Qing immediately aimed the gun in that direction. He parted his lips, yet no words emerged—only a series of indistinct sounds. Then, he cautiously approached the bag, keeping an eye on Shen Xi and Gu Chen.

Shen Xi looked puzzled. In the next moment, she saw Gu Chen recklessly rushing toward the documents. Gu Qing, without hesitation, fired at Gu Chen.

With a loud bang, birds scattered in all directions. Gu Chen, who had successfully retrieved the documents, fell to the ground with a leg injury.

“Gu Chen!” Shen Xi exclaimed. The next moment, she agilely rolled forward to pick up the fallen gun and aimed it at Gu Qing, firing a shot.

As Gu Qing fell, Shen Xi anxiously approached Gu Chen to check his injuries. Then, with a slightly reproachful tone, she said, “Are you a fool? Didn’t you see the direction of the gun? You just rushed straight ahead. Are you trying to get yourself killed?”

Gu Chen, lips pale with weakness, smiled, “I just didn’t want the confidential documents to fall into the hands of another country. I didn’t think too much at that moment. Don’t be angry!”

With a stern gaze, Shen Xi looked at Gu Chen and said irritably, “I didn’t expect you to be quite patriotic!”

A faint smile graced Gu Chen’s ashen face as he replied, “Although I’m not a good person, I know that without the country, there is no home. Naturally, I am patriotic.”

Shen Xi looked at Gu Chen’s miserable smile and snorted coldly, “You better rest for a while. I’ll go see if there are any herbs to help stop the bleeding.”

After Gu Chen obediently agreed, he handed the document bag to Shen Xi, saying, “This is safer with you.”

Shen Xi took the document bag and carefully hid it inside her clothes before getting up to leave.

Once Shen Xi left, Gu Chen’s weak appearance disappeared. Dragging his injured leg, he approached Gu Lin, took out a box from his pocket, and released a snake onto Gu Lin’s arm. Almost instantly, Gu Lin’s lips turned purple, and he lost his breath within seconds.

Shen Xi hastily returned with some herbs to find Gu Chen resting with his eyes closed.

Without proper equipment, Shen Xi didn’t dare to remove the bullet embedded in Gu Chen’s flesh. She could only make do with the herbs for now.

When Shen Xi found the time to check on Gu Lin, she was surprised to find him dead.

Perplexed, she furrowed her brow upon seeing the wound on Gu Lin’s arm. Had he been bitten by a snake?

Feeling a bit scared, Shen Xi was relieved that the snake hadn’t bitten Gu Chen.

With the night too dark and Gu Chen still injured, they could only wait in place for rescue.

Gu Chen smiled wryly, “Didn’t expect us to be alone in this way.”

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