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Chapter 1009: Chapter 1009 - Chapter 1009: Setting Up Shen Xi

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Chapter 1009: Setting Up Shen Xi

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Shen Xi didn’t want to talk to Gu Chen. She was still resentful of what Gu Chen had done, so she simply closed her eyes and pretended to sleep.

Gu Chen didn’t mind. Leaning against the tree trunk, he murmured to himself, “Xi, if I’ve done something to hurt you, would you forgive me?”

Shen Xi spoke without much thought, “No! I’d even get back at you. Haven’t you known that?”

Gu Chen chuckled lightly, “Yes, I’ve known for a long time, but I still want to ask.”

The two fell silent for a long time. Eventually, Shen Xi screamed in pain and, as she opened her eyes, she flung the snake away from her hand.

“Xi, what’s wrong?” Gu Chen immediately asked in concern.

Shen Xi looked at the two puncture wounds on her arm and frowned, and before she could press out the venom, her head started to feel dizzy. In a daze, she felt someone’s head approaching her arm, forcefully sucking at the wound.

“Don’t suck… it’s poisonous…” Shen Xi tried to pull her hand back but found herself unable to do so.

Her body gradually succumbed to numbness, her consciousness growing hazier, and she even began to hallucinate, with two names repeating on her lips.

As Shen Xi alternated between calling out for Gu Chen and Guan Lei, Gu Chen, having sucked out the venom, wore a bitter smile tinged with a hint of joy.

It seemed that Hu Long was right; Shen Xi still retained the memories he implanted.

Gu Chen gently embraced Shen Xi, his eyes filled with hesitation and struggle.

According to the original plan, Gu Chen was supposed to lightly place his hand on Shen Xi’s collar. He thought it would be simple, but at this moment, Gu Chen’s hand unexpectedly trembled.

With hallucinations already taking hold of Shen Xi, she gazed at Gu Chen, her hands lightly resting on the nape of his neck, sorrow evident in her eyes. “Guan Lei, I’m in pain!”

The mention of Guan Lei made Gu Chen’s heart ache. He forcefully pulled down Shen Xi’s shirt, and as they slipped off her shoulders, Gu Chen fiercely bit her neck in resentment.

Hearing Shen Xi’s painful cries, Gu Chen’s mind echoed her previous words, “Won’t forgive! Won’t forgive!”

Even for the calculating Gu Chen, his heart felt heavy. He wanted to possess Shen Xi completely, to hide her away so she would only ever be with him.

But Shen Xi said she wouldn’t forgive, and that made Gu Chen somewhat afraid. He feared that for the rest of his life, he would face only Shen Xi’s hatred.

He couldn’t fathom why he was feeling so cowardly now; he wasn’t afraid of Shen Xi hating him before.

Frustrated, Gu Chen opened his mouth to bite again but couldn’t bring himself to do it. Eventually, all his resentment and anger turned into a long sigh.

He licked the wound he had inflicted on Shen Xi’s neck, tenderly removing the bloody traces.

Lifting his head from Shen Xi’s neck, Gu Chen gently touched the wound on her neck, his gaze darkening as it fell upon her fatally alluring collarbones. His eyes were filled with an overwhelming desire to possess her.

Yet, in the end, Gu Chen let out a soft sigh and averted his eyes.

As Gu Chen reached out to pull up Shen Xi’s collar, he felt his collar suddenly tightened, and before he knew it, he was yanked up. In the next moment, a fierce blow landed on his left cheek, filling his mouth with the taste of rusty sweetness, causing him to stagger to the side.

Guan Lei’s eyes were filled with furious crimson as he pressed Gu Chen down, raining down punches relentlessly until Gu Chen’s once clear and handsome face was covered in blood. Yet, it didn’t stop Guan Lei.

Those nearby feared Guan Lei might actually kill Gu Chen and had to step forward to restrain the enraged Guan Lei.

Finally, Guan Lei viciously kicked Gu Chen once more before tenderly lifting Shen Xi in his arms. Seeing the wound on Shen Xi’s neck and hearing her confused murmurs, Guan Lei wished he could beat Gu Chen to death right then and there.

Gu Chen watched as Guan Lei carried Shen Xi away, and he laughed despondently as he lay on the ground. Despite all his schemes, he couldn’t bring himself to do it in the end. Gu Chen felt he must have gone mad.

When Shen Xi woke up, she touched her slightly sore neck and asked in confusion, “What happened to my neck?”

The anger that Guan Lei had just managed to contain surged back up. Finally, he could only suppress his emotions and said, “You were bitten by a snake. It would make you go crazy, so I bit you to wake you up.”

Reluctantly, Guan Lei admitted to having done it, as he wished to spare Shen Xi from any more memories involving Gu Chen.

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