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Chapter 1010-: Chapter 1010-END - Chapter 1010: Finale

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Chapter 1010: Finale

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Guan Lei, are you a dog?” Shen Xi said with displeasure, although she wasn’t really angry.

Guan Lei’s eyes crinkled with a warm smile and barked at Shen Xi twice before embracing her, expressing his joy, “Xi, you remembered me, that’s great!”

“Who told you that? I haven’t remembered anything,” Shen Xi retorted with a proud and playful look, but the happiness in her eyes betrayed her true feelings.

“Xi, let’s find some time to meet our parents, okay?” Guan Lei suggested as he held Shen Xi tightly.

Shen Xi brushed off the false memories about Gu Chen in her mind and replied, “Sure, but first, I need to visit my cousin.”

“Alright!” Guan Lei said gently.

In the pursuit of recovering classified national documents, Gu Chen, the patriarch of the Gu family, resorted to extreme measures, even at the cost of sacrificing family ties. The heroic incident of him sustaining injuries in the line of duty became a sensational topic buzzing across the internet.

Guan Lei smirked at the news of Gu Chen, who was covered in false glory.

Whether it was the collusion between the Liu family and the third and fourth branches of the Guan family, or the incident where Gu Qing and Gu Lin had stolen classified documents and severely injured him, Guan Lei felt it was all related to Gu Chen. However, he had no concrete evidence.

In this world, many things were not simply black or white. Even the Guan family, though not averse to employing tactics, seldom achieved such cleanliness. Gu Chen could be considered a truly capable individual for accomplishing this feat.

The political struggle would never end.

It took a month of treatment for Shen Xi to recover. Following that, both Shen and Lu’s conglomerates seized every opportunity to oppress the Gu Group. Taking advantage of the chaos, the Guan family also engaged in opportunistic actions. In a mere two months, the Shen and Lu conglomerate managed to absorb a significant portion of the assets of the Gu Group.

Qian Tong, who had been lurking in the shadows, frowned as he reported to Gu Chen.

Gu Chen brushed it off with a smile. “Let her be! What goes around, comes around.”

Then, Gu Chen turned to Qian Tong and said, “Find a time to leave the country. If she finds out that even my beating was part of the plan, I’m afraid I’ll be bankrupted by her suppression in the future.”

Recalling the events he had heard before, Qian Tong asked hesitantly, “Will I be able to leave the country alive?”

When they were taken under their wing, they had mentally prepared themselves to die for the Gu family. After all, they belonged to the darkness, and without the Gu family, they wouldn’t survive.

Gu Chen paused for a moment and then laughed, “Yes!”

Gu Chen didn’t explain further. After Qian Tong left, he selected a new Qian Tong.

The wedding between the Shen family’s young miss and the Guan family’s young master was grandly held in the imperial capital. Guan Lei specially sent an invitation to Gu Chen.

Amused by Guan Lei, Shen Xi said, “Student Guan, you’re extremely arrogant!”

Guan Lei affectionately kissed Shen Xi, who was wearing a wedding dress. He said, “Isn’t this what Student Shen also desires? Gu Chen almost broke apart your love.”

Shen Xi lowered her head and smiled.

Before Guan Lei could finish speaking, Guan Yan hurriedly came in and drove him away. “This rascal has no manners. We agreed not to meet before the wedding, yet he climbed over the wall. No sense of propriety at all!”

After the solemn declaration of “I do” on the stage, the couple disappeared, and no one could find them.

Li Zhe chuckled, “These two slipped away for their honeymoon so stealthily, it’s not fair. They won’t even let us disturb their wedding night.”

Guan Bo mumbled, “I dare not disturb my brother’s wedding night. Otherwise, when Yuan and I get married, I’m afraid my brother will retaliate against me.”

Zhao Yuan pinched Guan Bo’s arm discreetly, “Who said I’m marrying you? Shameless!”

Su Han glanced at the playful Guan Bo and Zhao Yuan, then turned to Meng Yu, asking somewhat stiffly, “Dad sent me to ask you two about your wedding plans. When do you intend to have the ceremony?”

Li Zhe widened his eyes in disbelief for a moment and anxiously said, “Right away!”

Su Han glared at Li Zhe with irritation, “Right away? What’s the rush? Are you thinking of taking advantage of this wedding venue? Our Guan family is not that easy to deal with.”

“No, sister-in-law, that’s not what I meant!” Li Zhe immediately explained, changing his address along with Meng Yu, showing extraordinary wit.

The onlookers burst into laughter.

At this moment, Shen Xi and Guan Lei were embracing each other, enjoying the romantic sea breeze.

On a nearby cruise ship, a lonely figure sent a gift to Shen Xi and Guan Lei. Although it was labeled as a gift, it was addressed solely to Shen Xi.

Guan Lei received only a piece of paper, on which was written: “Don’t let your guard down! Don’t give me a chance!”

Guan Lei simply sneered. As Shen Xi leaned forward to see the note, it fluttered away with the wind.

In this lifetime, he and Shen Xi were destined to grow old together, and no one would have a chance to intervene in their relationship!

Guan Lei held Shen Xi close as the two of them quietly awaited the setting sun.

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