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Chapter 999: Chapter 999 - Chapter 999: Investigation

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Chapter 999: Investigation

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Guan Lei’s lips curled into a smile at the pandemonium unfolding before him. “Since the Guan family can’t benefit from this, then let the Gu and Liu family come down with us!” he said.

The next day, news of the Liu family receiving bribes spread like wildfire, and their initial lead in becoming the top general was lost.

With the once highly acclaimed Liu family ousted, a new candidate quickly emerged. However, in the struggle, both the Guan and Gu families suffered setbacks.

Guan Yi, armed with evidence provided by Meng Yu, successfully cleared his name from the investigation.

Yet, the mastermind behind the scheme, the Gu family, faced no repercussions, as those deserving punishment had long been handed over by the Guan family and met their demise.

Gu Chen, having just recovered from his injuries, barely had time to catch his breath before investigators arrived at his door to inquire about the assault on Guan Lei in his laboratory.

Despite his pallor, Gu Chen maintained a smile and denied, “I played no part in this incident. I certainly don’t possess the ability to infiltrate the Imperial Capital Military University.”

The visitors politely said, “Mr. Gu, we are just following procedures. Please cooperate with our investigation.”

Gu Chen calmly rose from his seat and replied with a smile, “Absolutely!”

With that, he instructed Qian Tong with a serious expression, “I’ll go with these officials. Take care of things at home.”

Qian Tong nodded in acknowledgment.

Soon, news of Gu Chen being taken in for questioning spread among many.

No one had expected that while the Guan family was grappling with a crisis, the Gu family would soon follow.

When Gu Chen saw his little leather ball in front of him, confusion crossed his face. He asked the people across from him, “What’s the meaning of this? Why is my stuff here?”

After exchanging glances, the person in the middle smiled and said, “Since Mr. Gu admits it’s yours, it makes things easier. We found this in the laboratory and wanted to ask why your belongings were at the scene of the attack on Guan Lei.”

Gu Chen leaned back in his chair, slightly furrowing his brows in amusement, saying, “How would I know? Maybe someone stole my stuff? Gentlemen, please investigate this thoroughly. It’s crucial to find the person who stole from me. Otherwise, with someone freely entering and leaving the Gu residence, my personal safety cannot be guaranteed. Thank you!”

With a few words, Gu Chen positioned himself as a victim.

The officials, observing Gu Chen’s nonchalant demeanor, continued their questioning. “Where were you on the day Guan Lei was attacked? What were you doing? Do you have any witnesses?”

Gu Chen spoke calmly and at a steady pace, appearing completely unruffled, “On that day, I think… I was at home, admiring pictures of my favorite girl, then I went out to handle business affairs for the Gu Group.”

Gu Chen lowered his head and coughed softly before continuing, “Officials, everyone knows, that even if I wanted someone to attack Guan Lei, I wouldn’t do it myself, let alone leave such a significant item at the scene. Officials, I’m not a fool.”

Though the officials knew Gu Chen had a point, nonetheless, they found his belongings at the scene. “Mr. Gu, we’ll verify your claims. But for the time being, we’ll need you to stay here.”

“This is your job, and I understand. However, I hope you gentlemen can clear my name as soon as possible. I still have a lot of work to do. If I spend my time here today, I’ll have to work overtime on company matters tonight,” Gu Chen said, maintaining his unwavering smile.

The officials couldn’t help but marvel at how Gu Chen, even on foreign turf, remained calm. Indeed, he was the smiling fox of the Gu family.

While things were tranquil for Gu Chen, the Gu family was in turmoil.

Gu Qing and Gu Lin, along with their men, confronted Qian Tong.

Glaring menacingly at Qian Tong, Gu Qing sneered, “Such a loyal dog. Your master is done for, yet you’re here guarding his home.”

“Young Master Gu Qing, I advise you to speak less, or when Master Gu returns, every word you say will be your death warrant!” Qian Tong retorted coldly.

Gu Lin approached Qian Tong with a pitying look and mocked, “Do you think he’ll come out? Let me tell you, he won’t. The Guan family will pin the blame for attacking Guan Lei on him, and he won’t escape.”

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