Red Packet Server - Chapter 1579

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Chapter 1579: Chapter 1579 - Provocation

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1579 - Provocation

The moment this burst of derisive filled the hall, everyone could sense this new arrival’s unbridled arrogance.

The great emperors glanced over and saw a man standing beside Ye Zichen in the doorway.

A green shirt, hair long at the temples, and eyes carrying a hint of disdain.

As the great emperors looked at him, he looked right back at them, making no attempt to hide.

This person was none other than the green-clad yao expert: Venerate Spirit Treasure.

With Xuan-Yuan Xiang to help, this imposing peak expert had become highly cooperative. Or perhaps it was just because he’d been imprisoned for so long that he wanted to see the outside world.

There was no need for Ye Zichen to explain. Before he even got the chance, this esteemed expert expressed his willingness to cooperate.

Furthermore, since leaving the dungeons, he’d yet to cause any trouble. He’d even left the Sea of Innocence and wandered the surrounding cities for a time.

But even then, he hadn’t considered escaping. In short, at least for now, Venerate Spirit Treasure was being highly cooperative.

Even so, the Ocean Emperor couldn’t relax.

He’d dispatched a team of elders to monitor the yao day and night. Given Venerate Spirit Treasure’s cultivation, he was undoubtedly aware of them, but he said nothing. He even seemed to be enjoying himself.

“Venerate Spirit Treasure!” When they saw that this new arrival was the very toad they’d been searching for, the great emperors’ expressions darkened.

He’d looked just like this ten thousand years ago. The passing of time hadn’t left even the slightest of marks on his face. Furthermore, he’d made no attempts to disguise himself, so it was only natural that they’d recognize him at a glance.

Countless explosive auras filled the air. Even Xue Yang’s avatar couldn’t help but gulp.

The great emperors were really furious. He was even afraid that they’d attack Venerate Spirit Treasure here and now. If they did, the Xue Family estate would suffer the consequences.

Of the great emperors, Bi’an’s emotions were the most intense. Without even realizing it, he clenched so hard on his chair that he shattered his armrests. “You dare come here and face us?”

“Heh, why shouldn’t I? What, it’s not like you’re going to eat me!” Even though Bi’an was on the verge of losing control, Venerate Spirit Treasure’s tone was provocative. He purchased his lips. “You’re the one I heard bragging earlier, aren’t you?”

He looked Bi’an up and down, then sneered. “To tell the truth, you’re really no good!”

“You…” Bi’an couldn’t hold back his fury. Great Emperor Chao Feng, the Fox Empress, and the Jade Pool Palace Master were frowning too. Only the Hermit Emperor seemed to be enjoying the show.

“Arrogant!” Great Emperor Bi’an’s eyes blazed with fury. “I thought I was proud, but you’re prouder than me by far. It seems that even with ten thousand years, Xue Yang has yet to teach you the agonies of captivity. Well, it seems I’ll have to teach you a lesson in his stead.”

“With just you?” Venerate Spirit Treasure sneered. “Big words. Aren’t you afraid you’ll choke on them?”

“I’ll know once I try it, won’t I?”


The skies above the waters of the Sea of Innocence exploded, and a longsword emanating faint golden light appeared. It let out a draconic roar as it landed directly in Great Emperor Bi’an’s hand.

The low roar reverberated throughout the hall, and a pressure as heavy as a mountain bore down upon them.

In the face of this oppressive aura, Venerate Spirit Treasure showed no signs of discomfort. After all, he’d been in the second floor of the dungeons for ten thousand years. He’d been resisting the former Demon Emperor’s explosive fury that whole time.

He could resist that without difficulty. Naturally, he could resist Great Emperor Bi’an’s aura too.

Rather than looking afraid, his eyes flashed with golden light. He fixed his gaze on Bi’an’s sword. “Is that a god-given artifact you’re holding?”

Prior to Venerate Spirit Treasure’s imprisonment, Bi’an had yet to acquire his personal god-given artifact.

As soon as the sword appeared, Venerate Spirit Treasure sensed that it was exceptional. He felt a rising urge to devour it.

Although he felt a hint of danger too, he couldn’t resist his restless, rising hunger.

Just like all those years ago, when he’d attempted to devour the Xuan-Yuan Sword and Yao-Sealing Pagoda…

Although he knew it would be more energy than he could digest, he still couldn’t resist the urge to snatch and devour the two peerless treasures.

Of course, in the end, he didn’t succeed, and the Xuan-Yuan Sword had actually exploded him from the inside, forcing him to spend a thousand years recovering. Even so, he didn’t regret it. Given another chance, he’d make the same choice without hesitation.

Venerate Spirit Treasure stared intently at the sword and licked his lips, and the greedy look in his eyes only intensified.

Bi’an noted his gaze and instinctively clenched the sword’s hilt. This guy had left a not-insignificant shadow in his heart. Who knew how many of his prized divine artifacts the toad had devoured and refined?

“What if it is? What if it isn’t?” Great Emperor Bi’an let out a furious snort.

“Heh, we’re old acquaintances, aren’t we? Don’t act like such an outsider!” Venerate Spirit Treasure rubbed his hands and laughed gleefully. “It doesn’t matter whether it is or not. How about we make a bet? We fight, and if I lose, you can do whatever you want with me! But if you lose, you give me that sword you’re holding!”

Before Bi’an could react, Venerate Spirit Treasure added, “If you’re worried, you can all come at me together. You’re all here to get revenge on me, aren’t you? If I lose, you can do with me as you please. Cook me in oil or boil me for soup, it’s all up to you! But if I win, all I want is the sword!”

Every great emperor present was keenly aware of just what kind of person Venerate Spirit Treasure was.

If he dared spout such arrogance, he naturally had the confidence to back it up. Even if they really attacked at once, there was no way he’d be at a disadvantage.

His battle against the Ocean Emperor was an excellent example!

They’d fought in the ocean, and the Ocean Emperor used the power of his godhead. He carried the Ocean God’s Scepter and wore the Ocean God’s crown, but even after three hundred years, he couldn’t break through the toad’s defenses.

With such powerful defenses, even if the great emperors joined forces, they’d struggle to break through.

But this wasn’t ten thousand years ago. All of the great emperors had made enormous progress over the past ten thousand years ago. Furthermore, Venerate Spirit Treasure planned to take them all on at once, and his words carried undisguised disdain.

The great emperors were already angry at him. This unbridled arrogance and blatant provocation only added fuel to the fire. How could they let him keep insulting him like this?

Of course, the choice was Bi’ans. At the end of the day, Venerate Spirit Treasure was after his Hidden Dragon Sword. If they lost, the one who’d really suffer was Bi’an.

The Hidden Dragon Sword was the god-given artifact Bi’an received after condensing his godhead. It had been his most prized possession ever since.

Using it as a gambling chip….

The other great emperors didn’t think this was feasible. But then, Bi’an gnashed his teeth and, eyes bloodshot, said, “As if I’m afraid of you!”

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