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Chapter 63

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After lying on the sofa for a while, Li Xi finally recovered.

Just now, Duan Zhen had been pressing him down and kissing him. As they kissed, both of them had some reactions that men should have. However, Duan Zhen obviously didn’t intend to do anything below the neck on the first day, so he politely asked Li Xi if he wanted to take a shower.

Li Xi demonstrated to him how he used magic to suppress impulses.

Duan Zhen’s expression was somewhat subtle.

“This spell was actually invented to protect female mages,” Li Xi blinked, “If faced with someone with ill intentions, they can use it like this.”

With a snap of his fingers, he cast a spell to extinguish the fire on Duan Zhen.

Duan Zhen remained silent for a moment, then reached out and ruffled his hair.

“What’s that for?” Li Xi shook his head, suddenly understanding something, and went to pat Duan Zhen’s shoulder with a smile. “Don’t worry, I used a weakened version. It’s just temporary, and it’ll return to normal in about ten minutes.”

That spell obviously targeted not only the body but also the mind. The desire that had surged in Duan Zhen’s heart before was extinguished along with it, and now he felt only resignation.

“Don’t use this kind of spell too often,” he sighed.

“It’s more convenient than taking a cold shower,” Li Xi shrugged, unconcerned.

Duan Zhen was slightly worried that one day Li Xi might not control the strength properly and turn the spell from “extinguishing the fire” to “castration”.

“Aren’t you planning to restore your memory?” Duan Zhen sat down beside him and saw Li Xi leaning back on the sofa with a pillow, not intending to leave, but just staring at him without speaking, so he casually brought up a topic.

“No,” Li Xi squinted and smiled. “I don’t have that plan for now.”

He thought for a moment, then suddenly had an idea. “After the game ends and the worlds separate, I’ll lift the seal, and that memory will be like a little Easter egg1So basically he means that it’ll be like a fun little bonus/discovery for the future him  in this experience.”

Duan Zhen had already accepted the idea that they would separate when the game ended, but hearing him talk about it so casually made him feel uncomfortable, as if he didn’t want to be just a brief and unimportant part of Li Xi’s life.

Seeing him sitting there without saying anything, Li Xi suddenly leaned in closer. “Why are you frowning? Do you want me to lift the seal now?”

He cupped Duan Zhen’s face in his hands, lips curved slightly upward, voice soft and gentle. “No, if I recover my memory now, maybe I won’t be able to bear only being able to love you for such a short time. In that case, I might do something that nobody wants to see.”

Duan Zhen’s pupils contracted slightly.

“Don’t think too much,” Li Xi winked at him, then lightly kissed the mole on his nose. “Do you have any other questions about the game and the main system?”

“No, talking about that now would spoil the mood too much.” As soon as he finished speaking, he shook his head self-consciously. “After all, we’ve just gotten together. Why not continue doing things only lovers can do?”

Just extinguished by his spell, Duan Zhen: … powerless.

However, what Li Xi had in mind about what lovers could do was obviously different from what he thought. The young man straddled his lap, not blushing like before when he looked at Duan Zhen, but boldly reached out his hand.

As if feeling ticklish from his touch, Duan Zhen shifted slightly and grabbed the hand that was touching him everywhere.

“Your muscles are really well-developed,” Li Xi exclaimed in amazement, not noticing the deepening darkness in Duan Zhen’s eyes. “Your body proportions are perfect, but your chest muscles are soft when you’re not using them. It’s the first time I’ve touched them.”

Duan Zhen’s hand slowly moved to his waist. The young man’s waist was very slim, and his abdomen was flat and firm, as if two hands could completely encircle it.

Li Xi hadn’t realized the danger yet and reached out to touch the muscles on Duan Zhen’s arm, exclaiming in admiration, “So hard.”

He still wanted to continue, but suddenly found that he couldn’t move. It was only then that he realized that Duan Zhen had circled his waist.

He looked up somewhat bewilderedly, and when he met Duan Zhen’s dark gaze, he finally realized that he was sitting on the lap of a man with a strong fire within him, and the place just extinguished by his spell was starting to revive.

Li Xi swallowed, sensing a hint of danger. But out of trust in Duan Zhen’s character, he still whispered softly, “I think… we should wait for the final stage for three months.”

Duan Zhen stared at him without speaking.

Taking his silence as consent, Li Xi leaned back and said, “I suddenly remembered that I have something to do. How about we meet again tomorrow?”

“No,” Duan Zhen said.

He took a deep breath, leaned forward, and gently kissed the corner of the young man’s lips. Those lips were already reddened by his sucking, like blooming roses, making people unable to resist the urge to pick them.

Li Xi opened his eyes and found that Duan Zhen had just given him a light kiss. Instantly relieved, he pushed the man away and sat on the sofa. Although he really wanted to cast another spell to extinguish the fire, as soon as his gaze fell on Duan Zhen, he felt his brain overheat, so he had to give up that idea.

“Do you want to take a shower and calm down?” Li Xi asked sincerely. “Standing like that must be tiring.”

Duan Zhen glanced at him, raising an eyebrow slightly, and then went to the bathroom. Before entering, he turned to look at Li Xi. “I have something to ask you later. Don’t leave.”

“Okay,” Li Xi obediently waved to him.

While the sound of rushing water filled the bathroom, Li Xi rubbed his chin and gave up the idea of using his powersto sneak a peek, instead considering whether he should take the opportunity to leave.

Although Duan Zhen said he had questions to ask, Li Xi couldn’t shake the feeling that there was a sense of settling scores in his tone.

…He wasn’t intentionally provoking, after all. Normally, his spells could last for more than ten minutes. It was Duan Zhen’s problem, he seemed perfectly fine.

Li Xi thought about running away, but he felt reluctant to leave such a big boyfriend he had just won over. In the end, he decided to sit obediently on the sofa – after all, when Duan Zhen came out, he couldn’t do anything to him, at most just a kiss.

Recalling the one hundred rules of love he had just studied intensively over the past two days, Li Xi suddenly heard a knock on the door from outside.

It was Dan Zuo. He used a bit of magic to sense it.

Li Xi waved, and the door opened automatically.

Dan Zuo’s pocket instrument began to vibrate, and he took it out and glanced at it before entering the room. The furnishings in the room hadn’t changed, it was just as it was when he had left, but the pillow on the sofa was flattened, Li Xi sitting on the sofa had red lips, and the sound of water could be heard from the bathroom, all indicating what had just happened here.

He was unusually stunned.

Although he had just talked to Duan Zhen, asking him to clarify things with Li Xi, this was too fast.

“Duan Zhen is in the shower,” Li Xi said. “If you have anything to say, you can say it later.”

“I came to find you,” Dan Zuo shook his head. “Your room has been empty all along, so I had to wait for you here with Brother Duan.”

“I don’t live there anymore,” Li Xi raised an eyebrow. “Do you have something to tell me?”

“It’s about the main system.” Dan Zuo took out a computer from the bag he carried. “I’ve confirmed dozens of possible locations for the main system’s carriers, but I can’t pinpoint them further due to lack of information.”

“Hmm?” Li Xi leaned over to look at the coordinates, wearing a pensive expression. “Some of them are my little worlds. I can go and investigate first. I can also check around Hewlett’s side. But the rest might be more difficult.”

“Can’t the twins help?” Dan Zuo asked. “They seem eager to end all of this too.”

“They’re pretending,” Li Xi shrugged. “There are so many humans here, demons love that. This game is probably more exciting for them than what we originally designed. By the way, Clemens probably feels the same way. He likes to drink fresh blood, and he’s not picky. Now this game is like a buffet for him, I bet he’s enjoying it.” He added.

Speaking of Clemens, Dan Zuo suddenly remembered something. “Brother Duan has a pure yang constitution, and his blood seems to have a restraining effect on Clemens.”

Li Xi was taken aback. “Pure yang constitution…”

His thoughts wandered. “No wonder he always feels warm when he holds me.”

Dan Zuo coughed and listened to the sound of water in the bathroom, suddenly feeling like he might have come at the wrong time and disturbed something.

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