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Chapter 68

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“It depends on whether we can find someone who has passed the ninth level,” Duan Zhen didn’t immediately agree.

Li Xi tilted his head and said, “Okay.”

After confirming the plan, Duan Zhen called Xia Qirong and Sun Le, giving each of them instructions on what to do.

They still didn’t know that Li Xi was Senafel, and the fact that the main system inexplicably referred to him as that surprised them both.

“I feel like I missed a few episodes of the drama,” Xia Qirong grumbled. “Weren’t you still collecting information before? How did you suddenly succeed in the infiltration, and why was Brother Duan’s room ransacked?”

“It’s because the system wanted to erase Dan Zuo,” Duan Zhen explained.

“But you wouldn’t understand the specifics even if I explained them to you,” Dan Zuo retorted bluntly. “Instead of wasting time listening to me explain, why don’t you use that time to find a suitable person?”

Xia Qirong was used to being retorted like this and made an okay gesture before walking away casually.

Sun Le followed Dan Zuo out, leaving Li Xi and Duan Zhen alone in the messy room.

“Hmm…” Li Xi hesitated for a moment between cleaning up the room and asking Duan Zhen to sleep in his room, but eventually said, “Stand aside.”

He’s indeed a thoughtful lover, Li Xi sighed in his heart.

Duan Zhen watched as everything in the room returned to its original place, with all the broken items disappearing on the spot. Soon, the room became tidy again, but noticeably emptier.

“This room can’t be lived in for the time being,” Li Xi said helplessly. “Although it’s cleaned up, there are still many things missing. You might as well stay in my room for now.”

“Okay,” Duan Zhen nodded.

They held hands and walked out. Li Xi felt that everything was going too smoothly, but didn’t think much about it.

Duan Zhen silently swallowed the fact that he could instantly replenish the missing items in the room with a single key through the system, keeping it to himself.

Because he was worried that the main system would cause trouble, they didn’t return to Li Xi’s world, but went to Li Xi’s residence at his rest place instead. This was Duan Zhen’s second time visiting Li Xi’s room, and all the furnishings were the same as before, even the pajamas in the wardrobe hadn’t changed.

Li Xi didn’t think there was anything wrong with that and took out a pair of matching pajamas. “Wear these tonight.”

Duan Zhen had thought that these pajamas suited Li Xi very well before, but at that time, he still thought of Li Xi as a child and didn’t have any romantic thoughts. Now, things had changed, and his gaze lingered on the light-colored pajamas, his eyes darkening noticeably.

“But it’s not bedtime yet,” Li Xi sensed a hint of unknown danger and put the pajamas back in the wardrobe, coughing lightly. “Come on, let me see your talent.”

He reached out his hand to Duan Zhen.

Duan Zhen looked at the pale palm in confusion and tentatively placed his own hand on it.

Li Xi paused for a moment, realizing something, and then smiled, “I forgot you don’t know the process.”

“You’re supposed to touch foreheads, like this,” Li Xi bent down to press his forehead against Duan Zhen’s palm, then lifted it up again, smiling at him. “By touching foreheads, we can determine the size of one’s mental power. For mages, talent almost determines a person’s upper limit, and what we call talent is the size of one’s mental power at birth.”

He finished and reached out his hand again. “For knights, mental power may not be as important, but for those with strong mental power, they can achieve twice the result with half the effort in whatever they do.”

Duan Zhen listened to his voice and half-bent his body to press his forehead against Li Xi’s palm.

The youth’s palm was cooler than usual, tender and delicate, like soft jade. Duan Zhen felt a gentle force coming from the contact point, and Li Xi’s voice came into his ears, “Don’t resist me, relax.”

Li Xi rarely tested talents for others, as such trivial matters were beneath him, but even though he had tested few, he could still sense that Duan Zhen’s mental power was extremely vast, not like an ordinary person who hadn’t undergone training.

“Your talent is very good,” Li Xi said, withdrawing his hand and pressing his chin with a troubled expression. “I’m a little reluctant to let you become a knight now. With this talent, your accomplishments in magic will eventually allow you to stand at the top of the world.”

Duan Zhen couldn’t help but smile, “Can I be like you?”

“Anything is possible,” Li Xi didn’t directly answer, but winked at him, “As long as you have enough time.”

Duan Zhen felt like this was a tactful way of denying his statement.

“My body has Senafel inside, so I have a continuous supply of magic power, which is different from ordinary people,” Li Xi waved his hand. “Your mental power is very large for ordinary people, which is a rare talent in our world.”

With that said, he pondered for a moment. “Your physical qualities also surpass ordinary people. If there is enough time, it would be good to learn both magic and knight-related things.”

He was no longer just looking at Duan Zhen as a lover now; it was more like watching a young sapling grow, with eyes full of the kind benevolence of an old father.

Duan Zhen slapped his head.

“What’s wrong?” Li Xi looked perplexed.

“I feel like it’s time to smack you,” Duan Zhen said.

“Why not kiss me instead?” Li Xi murmured softly, “The effect would be about the same anyway.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he felt himself being hugged, and a faint scent of mint came from the lips—Duan Zhen actually took action!

Li Xi’s eyes widened, and when he was pressed onto the bed and kissed, he struggled to escape.

Duan Zhen grabbed the back of his neck and pulled him back, his palm slowly stroking along the thin spine, as if petting a cat with its fur standing on end.

When he had his fill, the young man’s eyes were slightly red, and he could only make soft whimpering sounds.

After lightly kissing the corner of his eye, Duan Zhen smiled, “Now that I’ve kissed you, how do you feel?”

Li Xi felt like his soul had left his body and stuttered after a long while, “It’s, it’s just okay… I need to continue working on it.”

He sniffed, “I didn’t react in time, and suddenly you kissed me. This beginning wasn’t perfect enough.”

Although the kiss was quite comfortable, he had been suppressed all along, and every time he tried to take the upper hand, he was held down and teased by Duan Zhen’s tongue, never succeeding even once.

Li Xi felt indignant.

Everyone had the same number of kisses, but why was Duan Zhen progressing faster than him? This shouldn’t be.

“Next time I’ll ask for your opinion first,” Duan Zhen humbly accepted the suggestion.

Li Xi was satisfied only then and pushed him away. “Stop pinning me down, get up.”

Duan Zhen hugged him and kissed his soft cheek. “Okay.”

Li Xi felt a bit embarrassed and quickly got up. “It’s time for dinner. After eating, take a shower and go to bed. We’ll continue discussing other matters tomorrow.”

Duan Zhen couldn’t help but want to laugh, but fearing Li Xi would get angry, he held it in and nodded along with his words.

After hesitating for a while, Li Xi finally said loudly, “Remember, next time you want to kiss me, you have to ask first, not just for kisses on the mouth, but also for kissing other places!”

If there’s a next time, he definitely won’t let Duan Zhen catch him off guard and keep kissing him.

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