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Chapter 70

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There were many worlds to investigate, and even Li Xi would have to work tirelessly for months. Of course, he didn’t plan to investigate all the worlds; he just wanted to manually narrow down the scope. If he was lucky enough to find the main system directly, it would be quite satisfying to think about.

But luck wasn’t on his side. After searching continuously for half a month, Li Xi had only investigated two worlds. As he was preparing to move on to the next world, the light on the communicator suddenly flashed.

“Li Xi,” Duan Zhen’s voice came through the device. “Xia Qirong and the others found someone who passed the ninth level. We need to discuss tactics together. Come back.”

There was a pause, and only the faint sound of electrical currents crackling on the communicator could be heard.

“You’ve been working hard lately,” Duan Zhen said softly after a moment.

“You too,” Li Xi replied. “Shall we meet in your room?”

“Okay,” Duan Zhen agreed.

For the past half month, they had only contacted each other through the communicator, exchanging a few words. Now that they could finally meet in person, Li Xi promptly teleported back home, quickly took a shower, applied fragrant shower gel and lotion, blow-dried his curly hair, changed into a new outfit, and eagerly knocked on Duan Zhen’s door.

The sound of running water inside stopped, and the man who came out to open the door was only wearing a towel around his waist, looking somewhat surprised. “Why are you here so soon?”

“Not soon. I even took a shower. You’re just slow,” Li Xi retorted, refusing to admit that he was quick and turning the tables instead.

“Uh, my bad. I was slow,” Duan Zhen replied good-naturedly. “Sit inside for a while. Let me rinse off the foam.”

Li Xi looked at him expectantly.

Duan Zhen showered quickly and emerged from the bathroom within five minutes, his body only half-dried, droplets of water still clinging to his hair.

He sat next to Li Xi, but before he could speak, Li Xi immediately buried his head in Duan Zhen’s lap. With a swift movement, Li Xi plopped onto Duan Zhen’s thighs, his hand patting his head, drying his hair with magic, and then planted a kiss on him.

Thinking he was taking the initiative this time, Li Xi believed he wouldn’t be overpowered again. But unexpectedly, his proactive kiss seemed to ignite the last spark of a bomb. He found himself pinned to the sofa, blushing as he was kissed, feeling Duan Zhen’s hand slipping under his clothes.

“Mmm,” Li Xi tried to resist.

Duan Zhen’s hand didn’t wander much; it just lightly tickled his abdomen, not particularly lascivious but quite ticklish.

Li Xi tried to suck in his stomach to avoid being touched, but then Duan Zhen grabbed the soft flesh around his waist, making him giggle helplessly.

As they indulged in their intimacy on the sofa, Li Xi suddenly realized, “We were supposed to discuss battle plans, remember?”

“Right, but I asked them to come after dinner,” Duan Zhen replied calmly. “They’ve been busy outside for so long; they need to rest.”

Having just been kissed and touched for quite a while, Li Xi felt like he had been thoroughly explored… Though he hadn’t exactly been passive, he couldn’t help but feel that Duan Zhen’s image in his mind had changed somewhat, and he began to doubt the validity of the excuse he had previously found reasonable.

Was it really to let Xia Qirong and the others rest, or was it deliberately waiting for him to come and fall into a trap, becoming a pancake-like pile of affection?

Li Xi glanced suspiciously at Duan Zhen, but the man remained unfazed, even meeting his gaze calmly, leaving Li Xi to question his own impure thoughts.

“Let’s not talk about that,” Li Xi glanced around but couldn’t discern anything unusual. “How’s your progress in the past half month?”

“It’s been going well,” Duan Zhen replied. “Hewlett said I don’t need to go over anymore.”

“Only half a month, and he’s already slacking off!” Li Xi frowned.

“I’ve learned almost everything; now it’s just a matter of refining it,” Duan Zhen shook his head. “Besides, I haven’t been staying with him the whole time.”

From the beginning, Hewlett had told him that he would only teach him for a month, with daily intensive training. If it weren’t for Duan Zhen’s quick understanding, he might not have understood anything by now.

Li Xi leaned in to inspect him and found that he had indeed made good progress, laying a satisfied kiss on his chin. “You’re the best, Duan Duan.”

The nickname sounded familiar, and Duan Zhen’s pupils constricted slightly. He turned to look at Li Xi, but couldn’t discern whether he had regained his memory.

“These powers are quite miraculous,” Duan Zhen struggled to suppress his complex emotions, shifting the conversation to the topic of cultivation. “Mages require talent, but with perseverance, they can go even further on the path of a knight. It’s well-suited for implementation in the military.”

“You’re right. Many of our military forces are composed of knights, but because of the resources required, only powerful nations can afford them,” Li Xi lounged lazily on the sofa. “But now that you’ve learned it, you can teach anyone you like. I trust your judgment.”

Duan Zhen reached out and tousled his hair. “I wonder how the world outside is doing now. With so many people with powers returning to the real world, if there’s no one overseeing things, it’ll surely be chaotic.”

Most importantly, not everyone entered the game. Only those with a certain level of intelligence and physical health could enter, meaning that most of those left outside were vulnerable groups such as the elderly, the weak, and the disabled.

Thinking about this, Duan Zhen felt a wave of anxiety.

“Don’t worry,” Li Xi held his hand, the cool sensation calming his agitation. “This is a transition that every changing world must undergo. It may be a bit chaotic at first, but the end result will surely be beautiful.”

“I’m curious to see what the world will be like when technology and magic develop side by side,” he chuckled.

Duan Zhen’s gaze darkened slightly. After holding Li Xi’s hand for a moment, he whispered softly, “You can come and see for yourself.”

“I will,” Li Xi blinked at him. “Who knows, maybe you’ll have to be my guide by then.”

Duan Zhen suddenly bent down, staring into his eyes. “Not a guide, but someone who introduces you to my world as my lover.”

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