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Chapter 288: 288 Remove Your Stinky Foot; Why Did You Throw It Away?!

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288 Remove Your Stinky Foot; Why Did You Throw It Away?!

In fact, Hu Nanshan was not the only one who was excited.

The entire scene was in an uproar.

Most of the people present had red bloodlines.

It was because of this that everyone understood the weight of Qin Weiming’s and Zhang Jian’s names.

It could be said that Qin Weiming and Zhang Jian were the two pillars of Hua Nation.

Now, they actually personally sent someone to congratulate Old Master Hu. What kind of honor was this?

Some people were speculating in their hearts. Could it be that the Hu family had gotten in touch with these two old men?

If it was really like this, the Hu family was probably going to soar into the sky.

However, no one knew that Qin Weiming and Zhang Jian had asked Yue Zixiao to come to congratulate Old Master Hu on his birthday because of a phone call with Lin Fan not long ago.

Originally, Qin Weiming wanted Lin Fan to play chess with him in the courtyard.

However, Lin Fan said that he had to go to Sha City because his girlfriend’s grandfather was celebrating his 80th birthday.

Whether it was the Medical Water that Lin Fan brought out or the Spirit Tea that he gave them… He was worth getting closer to.

Additionally, Lin Fan saved the life of Qin Weiming’s grandson and helped Zhang Jian stand up. They had to be friends.

Therefore, Zhang Jian and Qin Weiming decided to congratulate Lin Fan’s girlfriend’s grandfather.

However, with their status, it was absolutely impossible for them to suddenly go to Sha City.

Their safety was not guaranteed.

The last time when Qin Weiming went to Qing City to celebrate Lin Fan’s grandfather’s birthday, he had prepared it for a long time.

Then, with the company of the leaders of Jiang Province, Jiangbei City, and Qing City, he finally had a chance.

It was not that they were afraid of death.

What a joke that would be…

Back then, when they were bombarded with bullets and cannons, they never frowned even once.

It was because of the rules.

What they represented was not just their own lives.

Hu Nanshan naturally did not know about this. After he heard Yue Zixiao’s words, he was so excited that he could not help but tremble. “Please thank the old leaders for me!”

Then, he quickly asked, “Are the two old leaders well?”

Yue Zixiao nodded, “Everything is fine.”

“That’s good, that’s good!” Hu Nanshan said happily.

Following that, Yue Zixiao took out two scrolls of calligraphy and said, “These are the congratulatory gifts from Old Leader Qin Weiming and Old Leader Zhang Jian.”

The calligraphy from Old Master Qin Weiming and Old Master Zhang Jian!

What kind of honor was this?

Even if the painting that Huang Tian had given him was authentic, it was far from comparable to these two scrolls.

Hu Nanshan’s cloudy eyes blurred with excitement. “Please… Please thank the old leaders!”

Then, he carefully accepted the scrolls.

At this moment, Yue Zixiao saw Lin Fan and Liu Qiming standing not far away and walked over.

As soon as he got close, a special fragrance floated into Yue Zixiao’s nose and mouth.

Yue Zixiao often asked about this fragrance these days, the fragrance of Spirit Tea!

Soon, his gaze landed on the huge box of Spirit Tea in front of Lin Fan, as well as the foot that was about to kick the box over.

Yue Zixiao was very clear about how precious Spirit Tea was to Qin Weiming and Zhang Jian. They even wanted to hug the Spirit Tea when they slept.

Now… It was actually going to be kicked over like trash?

Yue Zixiao shouted, “Remove your stinky foot!”

If Liu Qiming was like a roaring lion, Yue Zixiao was like a soaring dragon.

The short and thin man was so frightened that he fell to the ground. The box of Spirit Tea was finally safe.

Seeing this…

Yue Zixiao grunted. Then, he turned his attention back to Lin Fan and nodded his head gently.

Although the two of them did not speak, this slight nod showed that they knew each other.

Hu Nanshan was slightly shocked. Lin Fan… Was he not just a student?

How did he know Yue Zixiao?

It seemed like… he was not as simple as he thought.

At this moment, Hu Shaodong brought the purple clay teapot and Da Hong Pao over.

“General Yue, General Liu, please sit down and have some tea.” Hu Nanshan cleared his throat.”

Liu Qiming and Yue Zixiao… Both of them had taken such a fancy to the tea leaves that Lin Fan had given him.

Out of curiosity, Hu Nanshan did not use Da Hong Pao to make tea. Instead, he used the loose tea leaves in the box.

First, he quietly looked at the loose tea leaves, but he did not find anything special.

With a trace of doubt, he casually grabbed a handful of tea leaves and placed them into the purple clay teapot before pouring in an appropriate amount of boiling water.

Then, he habitually poured the boiling water that was mixed with tea leaves into the trash can beside him.


“Why did you throw it away?!”
Almost at the same time, Liu Qiming and Yue Zixiao shouted in unison.

Liu Qiming knew how delicious Spirit Tea was.

Yue Zixiao knew that even Qin Weiming and Zhang Jian cherished every drop of tea, especially the first cup.

Qin Weiming and Zhang Jian named the first cup ‘First Tea’.

In fact, they often fought over the first cup of tea!

Hu Nanshan naturally did not know about this. He was at a loss and said, “I… I… I’m just washing the tea.”

He recalled his actions and steps again. There did not seem to be any problems.

Was it not normal to wash the tea before drinking it?

Liu Qiming and Yue Zixiao shook their heads slightly and did not say anything.

Now that the first cup of tea had been poured into the trash can, they could not take it out of the trash can, right?

Hu Nanshan poured the boiling water into the teapot again.

After a while, he poured the tea.

“General Liu, General Yue, please.”

The two of them did not stand on ceremony, or rather, they could not wait any longer.

After drinking the Spirit Tea, Yue Zixiao’s and Liu Qiming’s faces revealed an expression of enjoyment that was difficult to hide.

Seeing this…

Hu Nanshan could not help but pour the tea into his mouth curiously.


Hu Nanshan was 80 years old. His body was like a rusty machine that could not function normally.

After drinking the tea, the rust on his body seemed to have disappeared completely. His entire body glowed with a brilliant light as if he had come back to life and was extremely relaxed.

He had never tasted such delicious tea leaves before!

However, before Hu Nanshan could praise it, Yue Zixiao, who was next to him, spoke first.

“This is my first time drinking the second cup of this tea. The taste is indeed amazing!”

Then, Yue Zixiao looked at the large box of spirit tea beside him and turned to Lin Fan. “When the two old leaders learned that your girlfriend’s grandfather was celebrating his birthday, they wanted to come over personally to congratulate him.

“However, there was no time to arrange it, so I came to congratulate him on their behalf.

“Luckily, they didn’t come. If they did, I wonder how jealous they’d be after seeing such a big box of Spirit Tea.”

The moment he said that, everyone fell silent!

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