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Chapter 289: 289 Different Thoughts; Lin Fan's Identities!

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289 Different Thoughts; Lin Fan’s Identities!

The two old leaders were Qin Weiming and Zhang Jian.

Who were Qin Weiming and Zhang Jian?

They were the top pillars of existence!

What did everyone hear?

These two huge pillars actually sent their regards because of Lin Fan. This young man, who looked to be in his 20s, got the two powerhouses to congratulate his girlfriend’s grandfather on his birthday!

This young man… He actually had such a great reputation?

Who exactly was he?

Initially, Hu Nanshan wanted to praise the tea, but at this moment, the words seemed to be stuck in his throat. His brain completely shut down.

For a moment, he even forgot what the taste of the tea leaves he had just drunk was.

Hu Nanshan had just thought that his granddaughter’s boyfriend was not simple.

Looking at it now, he was very not simple!

When Hu Nanshan found out that his granddaughter had a boyfriend and that he was just an ordinary university student, he was shocked.

Hu Nanshan’s first reaction was that he was not suitable for her. He should think of a way to make his granddaughter give up on Lin Fan.

At this moment, Hu Nanshan had thrown this thought far to the back of his mind.

In its place…

He was wondering when his granddaughter could marry Lin Fan and when they could have children.

Hu Shaodong, who was standing beside him, was also stunned.

What did he hear?

Qin Weiming and Zhang Jian, the great pillars of the country, wanted to personally come to congratulate his grandfather on his birthday because of Lin Fan!

He had actually wanted to give him a show of strength just now…



Hu Tian’s face revealed a look of surprise.

However, she did not expect Lin Fan to have such a deep relationship with Qin Weiming and Zhang Jian.

Perhaps Liu Qiming was the only one who looked more natural.

After all, he had long known that Lin Fan saved Qin Weiming’s grandson’s life and even helped Zhang Jian stand up.

Now, Qin Weiming and Zhang Jian wanted to congratulate Lin Fan’s girlfriend’s grandfather on his birthday. It was reasonable, right?

After Lin Fan heard Yue Zixiao’s words, he could not help but rub his nose and smile. “Old Master Qin and Old Master Zhang don’t have to be jealous. In the future, they’ll have enough Spirit Tea.”

Lin Fan had always been a person who repaid kindness with kindness.

Since Qin Weiming and Zhang Jian gave him face, and Lin Fan had a good impression of the two old men…

Naturally, Lin Fan would not be stingy.

Yue Zixiao said seriously, “If the two old leaders heard your words, they would definitely be very happy!”

Then, Lin Fan raised his head and looked around.

When the short and skinny man who had just gotten up noticed Lin Fan looking at him, he collapsed onto the ground again.

What kind of stupid thing did he just do?!

Even Qin Weiming and Zhang Jian had to respect this young man, yet he was mocking him just now.

The short and skinny man understood that he was… done for!

As for Huang Tian, who was the center of attention earlier… When he noticed Lin Fan’s gaze on him, his forehead and back could not help but break out in a layer of sweat.

His heart was filled with regret.

Why did he want to compete with Lin Fan for Hu Tian? Why did he show hostility toward Lin Fan and even berate him?


At this moment, someone walked over and said to Hu Nanshan, “Old Master, the birthday banquet is ready.”

Hu Nanshan nodded slightly. Then, his gaze fell on the Spirit Tea in the big box.

At this moment, he no longer had the disgust he had when he saw the large box of loose tea leaves.

Now, he looked like a treasure hunter who had finally found treasure. His turbid eyes faintly lit up.

Hu Nanshan seriously said, “Shaodong, you put this box of good tea in my room. No one is allowed to casually touch it.”

Even Qin Weiming and Zhang Jian would be jealous when they saw this box of tea leaves.

One could imagine how precious it was!

When Hu Nanshan noticed Liu Qiming and Yue Zixiao staring at the tea leaves in the box, he could not help but continue, “In addition, get two bags later and give some to General Liu and General Yue.”

When Liu Qiming and Yue Zixiao heard this, their faces revealed a smile that was difficult to hide.

Today’s birthday banquet was not held in a hotel. Instead, it was held in an empty square in the courtyard.

At this moment, the square was already filled with tables.

According to seniority, Lin Fan and Hu Tian should be sitting three tables behind.

However, they were asked to sit at the first table. They were even asked to sit next to the birthday boy, Hu Nanshan.

The birthday boy was the main character today, so he should be the focus.

However, today, more people had their attention on Lin Fan.

Hu Nanshan also felt this, but he was not angry. On the contrary, he was even happier.

The banquet lasted for a full three hours before it slowly came to an end.

The sky gradually darkened.

Hu Tian and Lin Fan strolled leisurely in the green courtyard.

At this moment, Hu Tian suddenly stopped in her tracks and looked at Lin Fan with a smile.

Lin Fan asked, “Is there something dirty on my face?”

“No.” Hu Tian shook her head.

“Then what are you looking at?” Lin Fan asked.

“I’m trying to see how many other shocking identities you have,” Hu Tian said.

“There are many possibilities. A professional racer, a professional pianist, a calligraphy expert, the richest man in the world…” Lin Fan said.

Hu Tian nodded in understanding.

“You believe me?” Lin Fan asked.

“Since you said it, it must be true!” Hu Tian said.”

Lin Fan said, “But these identities aren’t the most important.”

Hu Tian blinked her eyelashes and looked at Lin Fan curiously.

Lin Fan smiled, “My most important identity is your boyfriend.”

When Hu Tian heard this, her pretty face blushed slightly.

She was a mathematics professor at Jiangbei University and Lin Fan’s teacher.

However, at this moment, she felt like a little girl who had just eaten candy. Her mouth and heart were filled with sweetness.

Moonlight shone on Hu Tianlong’s body, making her glow.


The two of them looked at each other affectionately and slowly approached each other.
Finally, they could not help but embrace each other.

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