Saving You, Villain - Chapter 16

Published at 31st of July 2023 06:38:49 AM

Chapter 16

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As Kamian sucked harder, the intensity of her desire grew. Their legs writhed on the bed,

and he pulled her closer with his strong waist. She yearned for something explicit to penetrate the dampened depth within. She longed for a relentless surge of pleasure to sweep her away, heedless of everything else.

Tears of arousal streamed down her face as she scratched his arms and back. At that moment, a low vibration resonated from his throat. Kamian detached his face from her neck and gazed down at her, his red irises radiating a hunger for gratification even in the darkness.

Both of them… both desired each other’s bodies. Not just her, but Kamian as well. She reached out and embraced his neck, a thin cloth separating their lips as she kissed him fervently. Her head angled and shifted, feeling the heat of his flesh. Meanwhile, Kamian remained rigid like a stone.

“Um, um….”

She wriggled her lower body against Kamian’s erectness, unable to keep her hands still as they ventured into his hair.

The thin cloth grew warm with every breath she exhaled. Tears streamed down her cheeks along her throat. Embracing the rock-hard Kamian, she was a spectacle of her own arousal and frenzy. Her position was so shameful it made her wish for her demise, yet it failed to halt her thoughts.

At this moment… if only she could find solace in this overflowing ecstasy, she was capable of committing any act.

“Um, uh!”

Insufficient. She needed his body, Kamian. Even if it meant breaking herself apart in the throes of pleasure, she implored Kamian to do something to her. Rationality, completely engulfed by desire, discarded any notion of her surroundings, her identity, or the nature of the relationship between her and Kamian.

She withdrew her hand from his tousled hair, gripping his cheeks instead. Their foreheads collided as she stared into his crimson eyes.

“I want you. Yield to desire,” she pleaded, suppressing the urge to writhe against Kamian. His deeply submerged red eyes flickered momentarily. And then, his lips, which had been so taut, touched hers. Slowly, gently. His small response alone immersed her in immense ecstasy and joy.


Without averting his gaze from her, Kamian moved his lips as if devouring, tormenting the thin, hot, and moist flesh. The contact grew increasingly intimate. He pressed his lips onto the cloth, exhaling hot breath. His teeth grazed the fabric, then his tongue emerged, sweeping across his entire lips.


Without warning, Kamian thrust his hips forward with great force. As the thick and rigid member pierced below, a long-awaited ecstasy spread. More. Harder. Clutching his protruding shoulder blades, I pressed my lower body closer.

Thud, thump! Kamian’s violent movements echoed through the room. The blunt end of his phallus pressed firmly at the entrance, teasing the nucleus before withdrawing.

“Uhmm, ugh! Ugh!”


Kamian moved his hips frantically, as if he had lost his senses. Even the rough upward thrusts brought a tingling sensation. The enraged phallus was eager to penetrate me, piercing through my clothes and claiming me.

“Huh… Hm!”

With heightened arousal, Kamian couldn’t keep his hands still, skillfully caressing my pelvis and waistline. The kiss grew more intense, as if devouring my lips entirely. Overwhelmed by the trembling waves of pleasure, I could not contain my body’s restless shivers.

The relentless movements of his hips intensified to the point where I couldn’t keep up. Kamian, with short and menacing breaths, gripped my waist and slid his hand downward, firmly grasping my innermost region.

My hips widened as the sound of grinding bones filled the air. Kamian pressed his long and thick phallus against me, twisting his waist to ensure I fully experienced its shape.


But it wasn’t enough. I longed for the sensation of flesh against flesh, not just through the fabric. Frustrated, I grabbed Kamian’s clothes, attempting to tear them apart, but to no avail. Annoyed, I let out exasperated breaths of various shades. It’s this damn fabric. If I ask Kamian to take it off, he would, but he’s being stubborn for no reason.

Seizing the moment when Kamian momentarily released his lips, I reached into the fabric with my hand and pulled downward.


Kamian, who was lowering his head again, paused for a moment. Only the tip of his lips barely grazed mine.

In a sultry voice, I questioned.

“Why aren’t you doing it?”


“Kamian, hm?”

In his desire-fueled crimson eyes, I glimpsed confusion, conflict, self-blame, and various emotions passing fleetingly. He flicked his long eyelashes, closing and opening his eyes. The cloudy gleam that had dimmed a little seemed to regain its clarity.

If things continued like this, Kamian would once again leave me in a state of burning desire. Feeling anxious, I wrapped my arm around his neck. But Kamian was quicker to rise.

He gently spread my folded leg, tucking me under the blanket. As I tried to sit up, his large hand pressed against my shoulder to stop me. Then, he lay down next to me, pulling the blanket over us both.

“Don’t feel embarrassed later when you come to your senses. This time, it was my inability to resist.”

“Uh… No, I’m not embarrassed at all. Let’s continue. Hm?”

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