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Chapter 166: 166 A Slightly Overdone Celebration

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166 A Slightly Overdone Celebration

Looking at Su Bai’s back, they couldn’t help but feel sad.

“I hope this blow doesn’t hurt Su Bai too much.”

“Yeah, what a good young man. He has a bright future ahead of him.”

“Let’s bring him to the city tomorrow and comfort him, so he doesn’t get depressed.”

“That’s right. I know of a Reflexology Center — ouch.”

Feng Hai was halfway through his sentence when Zhu Di, who had returned halfway, immediately sent another punch over.

“You don’t even look at the situation when you’re talking!”

Zhu Di, who was infuriated by Feng Hai’s slackness, turned her gaze toward the others.

They were so frightened that they immediately raised their hands and surrendered.

At that moment, Huo Hua returned. He saw everyone and immediately laughed. “Slacking off again? Without Su Bai around this month, what progress did you all make?”

Everyone immediately surrounded Huo Hua.

Not for anything else, but to learn more about this year’s Spiral Realm Trial, particularly Su Bai’s early return.

“Captain, was the result not ideal for this year?”

“I think we’re done for. Our legion doesn’t have many resources, to begin with. If we don’t perform well, we’ll have even fewer resources.”

“Looking at Su Bai, I don’t think so.”

“Hurry up and tell me!”

“I have to find a way to comfort Su Bai. That Reflexology Center is really good!”

Everyone was making a ruckus, and Huo Hua was having a headache.

However, Huo Hua understood the meaning behind it.

Obviously, everyone had misunderstood the reason why they had come back so early, but Huo Hua knew the result, so he couldn’t help but smile.

Feng Hai glared at Huo Hua and said, “Captain, you’re really vicious. How can you laugh at this?”

“Laugh? I will laugh out loud.”

Huo Hua finally couldn’t hold it in anymore and announced the results of this year’s Spiral Realm trial with a smile.

Everyone’s eyes widened when they found out the truth.

“Y-You must be joking, right?!”

“Su Bai’s points alone are enough to crush all the major cities? Is that true?”

“I feel like a clown.”

“I knew Su Bai was a good kid. He’s just like me back then!”

“Bah, you should have some shame.”

Because it was too unexpected, after Huo Hua’s repeated assurance, everyone excitedly rushed into Su Bai’s dormitory.

Su Bai, who had just taken a shower, was wrapped in a bath towel. He was shocked, “What’s going on?”

Su Bai didn’t even have time to put on his clothes.

Feng Hai and the others carried her to the center of the campsite for a celebration.

Bearen was lying next to the socket, enjoying the electricity that it had been drooling over for a long time. It was not affected at all.

Su Bai, the main character of the celebration, felt a little chilly that night.

Unconsciously, he was also influenced by the enthusiasm of the crowd and drank together.

When Su Bai woke up the next day, he first checked where he was.

Su Bai was on the bed in the dormitory, everything was fine except for the fact that he didn’t know how he came back.

‘I’m still not wearing any clothes.’ Su Bai thought.

After getting dressed, he went to the cafeteria to have breakfast first, then came to the center of the camp.

Su Bai couldn’t bear to look at the chaos everywhere. It was hard to imagine how crazy this place had been last night.

However, Su Bai recalled that Huo Hua did not drink. So, with him around, the situation would not go out of control.

“Yo, you’re up so early.”

At that moment, Feng Hai had just woken up. He raised his eyebrows and said, “Well done, kid. You can even make the shrew in our team obedient.”

“Feng Hai, what do you mean?”

“Tsk, tsk, you’re still asking me what I mean.”

“I don’t remember anything.”

“Oh? You really don’t remember anything?” Feng Hai asked with a smirk.


Seeing Feng Hai’s smile, Su Bai felt like he was in trouble, “I don’t think I did anything bad?”

The shrew Feng Hai was talking about was undoubtedly Zhu Di.

However, taming a shrew to become submissive sparked people’s imaginations.

“By the way, Feng Hai, what happened to your face?” Su Bai asked.

Feng Hai’s face was purple and blue. It seemed to have been a while, so it was a little shallow.

“Ahem, it’s nothing serious,” Feng Hai coughed dryly and said. “I just had some wine, I fell and knocked myself over.”

“Is that so?”

“Why would I lie to you?”

Feng Hai glared at Su Bai and was about to leave when he bumped into Huo Hua.

In an instant, like a mouse seeing a cat, Feng Hai turned and ran.

No matter how Huo Hua shouted, Feng Hai ignored him.

“That kid.” Huo Hua smiled helplessly. He turned to Su Bai and said, “How is it? It doesn’t have much of an impact, does it?”

“Captain, about last night …”

“Last night? Don’t mind it, you’re just drunk.” Huo Hua immediately replied.

‘I knew it!’ Su Bai thought and his face darkened.

Huo Hua smiled like a blooming flower and told Su Bai everything that had happened last night.

To put it simply, Feng Hai’s wine was not ordinary. For Su Bai, who had never drunk much, it was already great that he didn’t fall over after a glass.

Su Bai was a good drinker. He sat alone in his seat after getting drunk, feeling muddled.

But at this moment, Zhu Di, who was also drunk, came over to tease him.

It didn’t matter if Zhu Di didn’t tease him, but once she did, Su Bai was like a different person. He would fight back against the person who was teased, and Zhu Di was immediately mesmerized.

Fortunately, someone came to the rescue in time.

Otherwise… things would really be out of control.

“Thank you, Captain!” Su Bai thanked Huo Hua sincerely.

Su Bai thought to himself, ‘It’s true that I almost made a mistake after drinking and a big one no doubt.’

“You don’t have to thank me. You should thank Feng Hai, he was the one who pulled you two away first,” Huo Hua said with a smile.

“Then the bruises on his face…” Su Bai immediately understood the whole thing.

Instantly, he felt a sense of gratitude toward Feng Hai.

Since it was a sunny day, Su Bai immediately went to Mt. Six-peaks to hunt for the Beasts after he said goodbye to Huo Hua.

Su Bai had already grasped the situation at Mt. Six-peaks after a few months of familiarization with the area.

At noon, Su Bai returned to the camp with loads of loot.

Coincidentally, Su Bai bumped into Zhu Di who had just finished lunch.

In an instant, their eyes met, and they both felt a little awkward.

Su Bai recalled his embarrassment after drinking last night.

As the upperclassman of the team, Zhu Di’s figure and temper made her extremely hot.

She had many suitors and they would come to fawn over her every week.

But Su Bai didn’t have any special fetishes. Although he didn’t mind having a relationship with an older woman, he couldn’t accept having that kind of relationship with someone close to him.

Zhu Di was even more so. She had regarded Su Bai like her own brother.

Just then, as the two of them were feeling awkward, Feng Hai walked over while rubbing his round belly, “Phew, I’ve had a good time.”

Then Feng Hai saw Su Bai and Zhu Di and immediately laughed, “The two of you are here. We are all family, so there’s no need to be so restrained,”

After saying that, Feng Hai even raised his eyebrows. He was really despicable to the extreme.

“Restrain your head!”

Sure enough, Zhu Di directly punched Feng Hai’s head and said to Su Bai, “Su Bai, let’s go! Don’t mind this idiot!”

Looking at Feng Hai who was leaning against the wall in pain, Su Bai could only silently thank him.

‘As expected of a good friend!’ Su Bai thought.

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