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Chapter 185: 185 The Turmoil in Mt. Arashi

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185 The Turmoil in Mt. Arashi

The weather was gray. Su Bai rented a car and took Bing Qingqing away from the Great Wilderness City to Mt. Arashi, the mission location.

Mt. Arashi was a relatively safe area. There weren’t many Beasts, and the terrain was relatively open. Many Beasts often appeared during the day, making many Beastmasters love this place.

Su Bai had thought that the first task at the border would be odd jobs, which would disappoint Bing Qingqing. However, he was surprised to see that Bing Qingqing didn’t show any disdain.

On the contrary, Bing Qingqing began to seriously consider how to efficiently transport the Beasts’ corpses.

“This vehicle is still too small. If we can rent a truck to transport them, our efficiency will be even higher,” said Bing Qingqing seriously.

“I don’t plan to use the vehicle,” said Su Bai.

“It’s even less efficient to throw it into the Beast Space,” said Bing Qingqing.

“Don’t worry, mine is quite big,” said Su Bai.

“How big can it be? Let’s go and see how much we need to transport. If there’s more, we’ll rent a truck next time,” Bing Qingqing said.

Su Bai smiled and did not say anything else.

After driving for nearly an hour, they arrived at their destination, Mt. Arashi.

Mt. Arashi had a nice scenic view. When Su Bai and Bing Qingqing arrived at the logistics center, they found the administrator and filled in the information.

“I wonder what happened today. Usually, people would have brought back something.” the administrator said with a worried expression. “You guys go ahead and rest. Others haven’t returned yet.”

Su Bai was surprised, “They’re not back yet?”

It was already 3:20 pm, and it would be night in a few hours. Normally speaking, those who entered Mt. Arashi in the morning should be out in the afternoon.

“Yeah, they probably ran into some trouble.” the administrator said as he scratched his head.

“How many people entered the mountain?”

“Two teams, eleven people.”

“That’s strange. What about the other teams?”

The manager pointed to the warehouse at the side and said, “Most of them have already come out. That’s their harvest. The person in charge of transporting it will be here soon.”

“Then, should we continue waiting?” asked Bing Qingqing.

Su Bai shook his head and said, “Let’s go in and find them. Sir, can you give us their location?”

Beastmasters usually had a fixed location when carrying out missions. Therefore, it was not difficult to locate them.

“You can go find them. But the car won’t make it up the mountain,” said the administrator.

“We won’t be driving then. We’ll walk.”

Su Bai smiled and went up the mountain after getting the map of Mt. Arashi.

Walking side by side with Bing Qingqing on the mountain road, the wind blew against their faces. The two of them could feel the Beasts around them.

As expected, the overall Beasts’ strength on Mt. Arashi wasn’t high.

Within ten minutes, there were no more than five Beasts nearby.

Slowly, Su Bai and Bing Qingqing entered the deep mountains. Before they reached their destination, they saw a corpse lying on the ground.

“He died not long ago. Something sharp pierced his heart from his back. He must have been killed when he was running away,” Bing Qingqing said after checking.

Bing Qingqing didn’t know exactly how long the person died, but she could guess that there was a battle there.

“Be careful.”


The two of them continued to move forward. As for the corpse, they could just inform the administrator after they descended the mountain.

But soon, a chaotic scene appeared. Traces of battle could be seen everywhere, and a faint smell of blood filled the air.

Obviously, this was the scene of the battle.

“He’s a member of the Ancient Gale!” said Bing Qingqing as she found the person’s ID card. She added, “Let’s head down the mountain and report to the administrator now!”

The mission Su Bai and Bing Qingqing had accepted this time was issued by the Ancient Gale and the Homecoming Heroes. Now, the corpses of the members of the two parties were lying here dead.

Su Bai and Bing Qingqing couldn’t confirm it as a battle between the two parties any longer. Killings between Beastmasters were prohibited within the borders of the Great Wilderness.

As long as the murderer cleaned up the scene thoroughly, no one could discover the bodies.

“No rush.” Su Bai shook his head.

With Su Bai’s spiritual power, he sensed someone was still breathing. He walked to the person and squatted down. “I’m a team sent by the Mission Center. What happened here?”

The other party did not respond. Judging from his spiritual power, this person was neither dead nor unconscious.

There was only one conclusion. That person was worried that the murderer would pretend to be from another team to deceive him.

Since that’s the case, Su Bai had no choice but to pick the person up and throw his face down into the steam.

Bing Qingqing was a little surprised, “Su Bai, what are you…”

“It’s nothing big.” Su Bai patted the dirt off his hands and started counting in his mind.

Time goes by slowly from seconds to minutes. After three minutes of silence, Bing Qingqing was confused.

But in the end, that person could not hold it in anymore. He suddenly turned around and panted heavily. He said hurriedly, “D-Don’t kill me…”

“Who attacked you?” Su Bai asked seriously.

Normal means of communication were useless. So Su Bai directly stepped on that man’s chest and questioned him.

“I-It’s the people from the Charlie Mercenary!” the man answered.

“The Charlie Mercenary?” Su Bai frowned. He had heard this name since the first day he came to Great Wilderness City.

Charlie Mercenary was the largest and strongest mercenary group on this border. However, the number of people was mixed, reaching up to a thousand.

From ordinary people to Platinum-level Beastmasters. Moreover, the Charlie Mercenary had many properties in the Great Wilderness City. It could be said that their influence was not small.

The Charlie Mercenary could basically be considered a local gangster. But even so, they couldn’t attack the Beastmasters of the regular military.

“Those guys must be the newly joined members!” The man’s eyes were bloodshot. He gritted his teeth and said, “The Charlie Mercenary’s reputation isn’t too bad either. They definitely won’t allow them to do as they please!”

“How did you know?”

“I know one of them. He’s a wanted criminal! And who are you?!” The man asked excitedly.

“Me? I told you at the beginning. It’s a team sent by the Mission Center.” Su Bai shrugged and smiled.

“Then why are you stepping on my chest?”

“Sorry~” Su Bai smiled. “But that’s not important. Where are those people now?”

“I don’t know, but he might come back at any time. We have to leave quickly!” The man stood up with difficulty. His gaze unconsciously fell on the corpse of a Beast in the distance, revealing a trace of sadness.

Obviously, after that battle, his Beast died in battle.

It had taken more than ten years, or even decades, to nurture it. It was no longer just a simple relationship of interest, but more of a relationship of love.

“Then let’s go back now. We will report this to the Mission Center, and they will definitely help you get justice,” Bing Qingqing comforted.

“I hope so.” the man smiled bitterly and limped down the mountain.

But that man suddenly felt a familiar fear. He turned around and shouted at Su Bai, “Watch out, they’re coming!”

Su Bai walked to the back. The three Beasts behind him were already charging at them at an extremely fast speed.

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