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Chapter 189: 189 Learning the S-Level Skill, Copycat!

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189 Learning the S-Level Skill, Copycat!

Sealing off their energy meant that Firebird and Whitey had lost their means to attack. They could only rely on the physical attack to fight the Cloudflies head-on.

Fortunately, the Cloudflies had no defense, so Whitey could still kill it instantly with the help of its sharp legs.

However, the Cloudflies were not lambs waiting to be slaughtered.

Although the Cloudflies couldn’t immediately retaliate, the moment Whitey touched the Cloudflies, the energy in its body would be devoured and then transferred to the other Cloudflies. It was like a self-destruct soldier.

Su Bai was shocked.

If this went on, Whitey would become weaker and weaker. On the other hand, the Cloudflies would be able to absorb the energy, and its suppression would become even stronger.

Bing Qingqing shouted, “Oh no! Firebird can’t hold on for long.”

Firebird’s energy was far from being able to last as long as Whitey’s. Moreover, it was unable to dodge the incoming Cloudflies. It could only last for more than ten minutes at most.

Su Bai frowned and pondered. ‘If I summoned Dream Wing to deal with the Cloudflies, it might have a miraculous effect. But I won’t be able to capture them all.’

The number of Cloudflies was too large. At this moment, the sky was densely packed with starlight. There were more than a thousand of them.

“Retreat! The Cloudflies were more troublesome than we thought. We can come back tomorrow after we come up with another plan.” said Bing Qingqing.

In the current situation, Whitey was still doing its best to jump and kill the Cloudflies. However, its attack was like a drop in the ocean.

Su Bai nodded. Just as he was about to call Whitey back, he noticed something strange.

To be more precise, this abnormality had appeared on Whitey!

Due to its energy being sealed, Whitey was still unable to use its skills and talents. It could only rely on its intuition to move.

It was precisely because of that, Whitey’s attention had become astonishingly focused.

Whitey could kill most efficiently and kill instantly from the most carefree angle! It had become the predator of this battlefield!


Crackantula is learning a new skill. It can immediately be simplified to eating to speed up learning!

Would you like to simplify it immediately?

The system’s voice sounded in his mind. Su Bai was shocked.

Unexpectedly, Whitey actually had a flash of inspiration when it was bound at this moment!



Simplification complete!

Then, Su Bai shouted towards the sky, “Whitey, don’t kill them all. Eat while you kill. There’s no hurry!”

Bing Qingqing was speechless. She thought, ‘Didn’t we agree to retreat and fight tomorrow? Why did he suddenly allow Whitey to eat the buffet again?’

Hearing Su Bai’s order, Whitey immediately slowed down.

“Delicious!” said Whitey.

With Su Bai’s signal, Whitey immediately grabbed a Cloudfly and started to bite it.

The Cloudflies weren’t even the size of a grain of rice and were eaten one by one.

Seeing their companions being treated as food, the surrounding Cloudflies were filled with anger. However, even so, they could not do anything to Whitey. They could only try their best to use their skills to erode the devouring energy bit by bit.

Under the starry night sky, a white figure shuttled between the clouds and Firebird bitterly served as Whitey’s springboard.

Bing Qingqing could tell that Su Bai had an idea, but she still didn’t understand.

“Success!” Su Bai exclaimed. His eyes lit up suddenly.

Copycat (S-Level): When attacked by a skill released by the target, that skill can be obtained and 99% of its power can be unleashed!

Current obtained skills (2/3): Lock Skill (A-Level), Corrosion (B-Level)


Crackantula has leveled up to the Mid-6 Silver level!

‘It was actually an S-level skill!’ Su Bai was shocked.

This skill was simply a divine skill. It could temporarily steal the opponent’s skill and store up to three skills at a time.

After that, the new skill would replace the previous ones. It was a very exaggerated skill!

Whitey felt almost invincible when he felt the power of the Copycat’s skill!

However, Whitey was still trapped by the Lock Skill and could use the new skill it had just obtained.

“Wait here for me!” Su Bai made a prompt decision and fled with Whitey.

Because it was too sudden, Bing Qingqing and Firebird didn’t know what to do.

Soon, Su Bai ran two hundred meters away in ten seconds. After removing the Lock Skill effect on Whitey, he came back.

“What are you doing?” Bing Qingqing couldn’t help but ask.

Su Bai smiled and brought Whitey back to the battlefield.

Whitey raised its head and looked at the Cloudfly’s army in the sky. At this moment, it was filled with battle intent!

‘You think only you knew how to use Lock Skill? I can do it too!’ Whitey thought. It immediately sat on Firebird again and activated its Lock Skill the moment it approached the Cloudflies.

Not only that, the B-Level skill, Corrosion, was released at the same time.

The energy was stripped from the Cloudflies’ body like silk from a cocoon and gathered on Whitey’s body.

Even Su Bai was shocked by the improvement brought by the skill, Corrosion.

A massive amount of energy accumulated in Whitey’s body and was constantly cleansed, allowing it to achieve an even stronger physique!

At that moment, those tiny Cloudflies were extremely confused.

They could feel the power of the Lock Skill and could no longer use their skills. It was chaotic. They were running around like headless chickens, losing their previous composure.

In the chaotic situation, Whitey chased after them and killed more than five Cloudflies with a single bounce.

Bing Qingqing was shocked, “What?! The Cloudflies’ Lock Skill is ineffective?!”

Bing Qingqing carefully sensed the Firebird’s current state and found that it was indeed so.

The defeated Cloudflies were already unable to fight back and had completely fallen into Whitey’s buffet.

Whitey was even very generous, it invited Firebird to enjoy the meal together.

However, these Cloudflies were not even enough to fulfill Firebird’s appetite, so it was too lazy to fight them.

Looking at the Cloudflies falling from the sky, Bing Qingqing and Su Bai did not stay idle. Soon, they had collected 100 of them.

The whole process felt like a dream to Bing Qingqing.

Although there was no danger, the situation suddenly changed.

Bing Qingqing tried asking about it but Su Bai just shrugged and didn’t say anything.

Even if they were teammates on the same team, they had secrets that they could not tell.

This was a tacit rule among Beastmasters.

Bing Qingqing didn’t ask further.

The mission was completed, but the Cloudflies still did not stop.

It was nice timing. The S-Level skill, Copycat, was consumable. It could only be used once.

Su Bai asked Whitey to remove the Lock Skill. The Cloudflies were no longer suppressed and immediately released their skill, allowing Whitey to copy the Lock Skill once again, along with Corrosion.

The Corrosion skill was not very useful. Therefore, Whitey immediately used Corrosion and cleared a slot.

To make the best use of the Copycat skill, Su Bai took Whitey back and forth three times and stored three Lock Skills in the slots!

“Are you done yet?” Bing Qingqing, who was sitting in the car, asked in confusion.

“Yes, I’m done. Sorry, I’m used to running at night.” Su Bai chuckled.

They immediately drove back to the Great Wilderness City, leaving behind a group of Cloudflies that were still in shock.

The Cloudflies would never have dreamed that they would be an advantage for Su Bai to claim.

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