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Chapter 195: 195 Jiang An the Psycho

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195 Jiang An the Psycho

Su Bai’s reputation had gradually spread throughout the day.

Countless Beastmasters were attracted to Great Wilderness City’s official livestream to watch Su Bai’s battle.

Su Bai’s Bearen won every battle from the 10th floor to the eighteenth floor! There were almost no opponents Bearen could not face.

The teenager who had a grudge against Su Bai almost exploded in anger.

Yang He said. “Su Bai was very strong indeed. You’d better not provoke him in the future.”

The words may be cruel, but the reality is true.

The young man endured the humiliation and felt extremely uncomfortable. He even thought that the Brave Eagle’s upperclassman would teach Su Bai a lesson, but he gave up in the end.

If that young man was capable, he had already asked the Brave Eagle’s Beastmasters for help long ago. Instead of not doing anything today.

Su Bai returned to his room after the sky had already darkened. He allowed Bearen, who had been fighting for a day, to enter the forbidden area of the Second Heaven where the Heroic Incense was to be recharged.

A series of battles had caused Bearen to show signs of breaking through.

As a spectator, Whitey had been watching for two to three days and could not wait to join the battle.

“Don’t worry, it’s almost time for you to play tomorrow.” Su Bai chuckled.

As long as Su Bai reached the 20th floor tomorrow, he will put aside the arena temporarily.

Because if Su Bai continued advancing to the other floors, he will meet the Beastmasters at the Gold-level.

Su Bai could still face those Gold-level Beastmasters. However, it would definitely be more challenging than it was now.

Bing Qingqing had also started her trip to the arena today and reached the fifth floor in one day. Her progress was not worse than Su Bai’s.

But what was rare was that Bing Qingqing didn’t reach the fifth floor with a full victory. She had lost a match.

The reason was that Bing Qingqing’s opponent was a middle-aged Beastmaster. As it had been too long since he had challenged the arena, his score had been reset to the first floor.

When Bing Qingqing encountered such an unlucky thing, she had already given up fighting.

The next day, Su Bai arrived early on the 18th floor of the arena and won the first battle.

Although Su Bai faced the second challenger, it was just as easy.

Arriving on the 19th floor, Su Bai met Xu Qingshan, who had been waiting for a long time as soon as he entered the door.

“You’ve done well. It’s only been a few days, and you’ve already reached the 19th floor. You really surprised me.” Xu Qingshan laughed loudly.

“It’s all thanks to your guidance, Qingshan.”

“Don’t mention it. My little pointers didn’t help much.”

Xu Qingshan’s changed the topic and advised, “But you have to be careful in the next match.”

Then, Xu Qingshan gazed at a long-haired man not far away. He asked, “Do you know that guy?”

“I don’t know him,” said Su Bai.

“Then I was right to come this time! That’s Jiang An, almost everyone here knows him. Even if they don’t, they will slowly get to know him,” said Xu Qingshan seriously.

“What do you mean?” Su Bai asked.

“That guy is a psycho. I don’t need to say much about his strength. Anyway, his strength is definitely above the 25th floor. The biggest problem is that he is a weirdo. He likes to be a roadblock and stays on the 19th floor all year round. Whenever there are so-called geniuses who come to this floor, Jiang An will challenge them.” said Xu Qingshan.

The most eye-catching person in the arena currently was Su Bai!

“Su Bai, you have to be careful. As far as I know, Jiang An likes to go all out and finish the battle in a very short time,” said Xu Qingshan with a frown. “It was his way to defeat the geniuses.”

“Understood.” said Su Bai.

From Xu Qingshan’s words, Jiang An was a living psychopath and liked to torture the outstanding talents of the younger generation.

When Su Bai went up to the 19th floor, many Beastmasters who were paying attention to him already knew that the most anticipated match was the one between him and Jiang An.

Su Bai signed up for the match and became the arena master after defeating his opponent.

At that moment, the arena was already packed with people. The official livestream was so popular that it had reached the pinnacle in history this year!

“I think that kid Su Bai is going to suffer.”

“He’s quite famous recently. I think Jiang An has already set his eyes on him!”

“I was targeted by Jiang An back then. Even now, I still have a lingering fear.”

“Me too!”

On the arena’s 19th floor, countless gazes were gathered on the arena, waiting for a familiar figure.

“The Arena Master Su Bai has won. Next challenger, please get ready!”

As soon as the referee finished speaking, a figure appeared.

It was the long-haired Jiang An who raised his hand and said with a smile, “I’ll challenge you.”

“I’m sorry, this doesn’t follow the procedure.” The referee looked helpless and said. “Please go through the proper procedures and register to challenge the arena master.”

Jiang An was already used to this scene. After all, he was active on the 19th floor all year round. He was already very familiar with the people here.

“I almost forgot. Sorry.” said Jiang An. He put on a harmless smile and turned around to look for the staff to sign up as a challenger.

Speaking of first impressions, Su Bai couldn’t see anything special about Jiang An. To Su Bai, Jiang An even looked very easygoing. Jiang An was not as abnormal as Xu Qingshan had described.

However, when Jiang An stepped onto the arena, his calm expression instantly became heated. He revealed a sinister smile and said, “I’ve long heard of your great name, Su Bai. I, Jiang An, will challenge you to a match!”

“I’ve heard about you too,” Su Bai said indifferently.

“Oh? Then I won’t stand on ceremony.” Jiang An smiled even wider and immediately summoned his Beast, the Snowwolf King.

Name: Snowwolf King

Level: Upper-7 Silver

Potential: Upper-Platinum

Talent: Snow Camouflage (Outstanding)

Element: Ice

Nature: Cold

Skills: Ice Claw (B-Level), Snow Mist (B-Level), Quick Attack (B-Level), Ice Fang (A-Level)

Su Bai was surprised when he checked Jiang An’s Beast information.

According to Xu Qingshan, Jiang An would not hold back in defeating his opponent. Especially, when he was facing a so-called genius.

However, Jiang An only sent an Upper-7 Silver level Snowwolf King to challenge Su Bai. There was a slight deviation from what Xu Qingshan said.

Su Bai was puzzled.

“Why? Do you find it a little strange? It’s more interesting to defeat a victorious general like you with equal strength,” said Jiang An mockingly.

“It doesn’t matter.” Su Bai shrugged and sent Whitey out of his pocket to fight.

‘Jiang An seemed to be very confident in dealing with Bearen. Clearly, he has paid a lot of attention to Bearen these days. Since that was the case, I will let Whitey, who had yet to produce any results, fight.’ Su Bai thought.

“A new Beast?”

As expected, Jiang An looked surprised, but he quickly recovered and said, “It’s useless to cram at the last minute. In my opinion, you’d better use your main Beast obediently, so as not to lose too badly.”

“There’s no need for that.” Su Bai shook his head. “Since you are attacking me on purpose, I won’t let you succeed.”

Su Bai words were directly made clear. That was to not use his main Beast. If he lost, so be it.

‘What a shameless little kid.’ Jiang An thought.

“You’re really eloquent. If that’s the care, then stay on the 19th floor obediently!” Jiang An’s expression darkened.

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