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Chapter 213: 213 Rules Against the Spiritualist Beastmaster

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213 Rules Against the Spiritualist Beastmaster


Bearen rushed to its target at an extremely fast speed. In the blink of an eye, the Beast was charred from the inside out.

So much so that when Su Bai dissected it, he could only smell the burnt smell.

“It’s so hot…”

Su Bai took back his Ice Dagger and felt the fire energy from the Beast-core. It was crystal clear and had a faint red color.

“It really is an Elemental Beast-core! The energy is too pure. Firebird in my Sigil is getting excited.” Bing Qingqing laughed.

The greatest function of an Elemental Beast-core was to allow Beasts to transform energy with 100% efficiency. It was extremely tempting to the Beasts.

“Let’s continue.”


Su Bai and Bing Qingqing continued to search for Beasts, killing them one by one. Then, Su Bai would dissect the corpses and extract the Elemental Beast-cores. It was different from the normal process.

After the death of a Beast, ordinary Beast-cores would not be affected.

Once a Beast with an Elemental Beast-core died, the energy in the Elemental Beast-core would quickly drain out within two hours, turning it into a useless material like glass.

The surrounding Beasts began to become nervous ever since the Beastmasters’ arrival. The Beasts would hide everywhere, causing many Beastmasters’ efficiency to gradually drop. It vividly reflected that there were more hunters than prey.

But Su Bai could accurately find the hiding place of each Beast with his spiritual energy and then let Bearen attack!

Unknowingly, Su Bai had already killed nearly a hundred Beasts and obtained more than thirty Elemental Beast-cores of ice, fire, thunder, wind, and so on.

“F*ck, it’s been almost ten minutes. Don’t tell me all the Beasts here have been killed?” a scouting Beastmaster muttered to himself as he walked around in boredom.

Suddenly, the scouting Beastmaster sensed movement not far away and went forward to investigate. He was surprised to see a huge Bearen, instantly killing an Upper-Silver level Beast with a Lightning Strike.

“Wow… what a ruthless Bearen.” the scouting Beastmaster clicked his tongue in wonder.

While exclaiming in amazement, the scouting Beastmaster did not forget his duty, which was to search for prey for the team.

However, before he could retract his gaze, he saw Bearen rush to another place without stopping after killing the Beast. It shattered a huge rock with a palm, looking for the Beast hidden in the rock.

“Coincidence… It’s definitely a coincidence!”

The scouting Beastmaster didn’t want to believe that the other party could find the Beasts so easily and efficiently.

However, when the scouting Beastmaster thought about how he had to work for a long time before he could find his target, Bearen seemed to have activated its x-ray vision and could accurately capture Beasts.

The scouting Beastmaster couldn’t help but look at Bearen’s Beastmaster.

As the scouting Beastmaster was observing, he thought about it and looked at how Bearen killed its target. It ran to the other side to find its target and kill it.

In just a short while, Bearen had killed three Beasts!

“That Beastmaster has a spirit-type Beast!” the scouting Beastmaster reacted immediately. Then, he ran to his team.

“Yo, Mu Shuai. You’re back. Did you find a Beast?”

“No… I didn’t…”

“Since you didn’t, why did you come back? Such a killjoy.”

“That’s right. Hurry up and search. More and more people have found this place. If we wait any longer, there won’t be any meat to eat.”

“Mu Shuai, why are you in such a hurry? You’re panting.”

Mu Shuai was running back hurriedly to his team until he was out of breath. After a while, he said, “Quickly inform the captain that there’s a Spiritualist Beastmaster here!”

“F*ck, another one!”

His teammates couldn’t sit still when they heard this.

It was a common fact that spirit-type Beasts were very rare. Out of the hundreds of thousands of Beastmasters in the entire Great Wilderness City, less than a thousand of them had spiritual-type Beasts.

Naturally, no one had seen any of the spiritual-type Beasts on a normal day.

Now that there were dangers in the labyrinth ruins, the Beastmasters of Great Wilderness City were eager to move. Up until now, more than thirty thousand people had entered the labyrinth ruins!

When the 24-hour limit set by the governor was up, the number of people entering the labyrinth ruins would probably instantly break through to more than 80,000.

The abilities of spiritual-type Beasts were abnormal, to begin with. Coupled with the special nature of the second-level core, it made ordinary Beastmasters even more frustrated.

Therefore, a few people led by Gold-level Beastmasters worked together to formulate a series of simple rules.

For example, the rule that the Beastmaster reminded Su Bai about was one of them.

In addition, Beastmasters with spiritual-type Beasts could only stay in the core for three hours. The time was strictly limited. This was to protect the interests of ordinary Beastmasters.

Coincidentally, one of the people who made the rules was Ma Tianlun, whom Su Bai had met once.

Hearing that a Spiritualist Beastmaster had appeared, Ma Tianlun immediately expressed his stance.

“Let me remind him.”

Then, Ma Tianlun immediately set out to find the Spiritualist Beastmaster, who was still chasing after the Beasts. When he found the Beastmaster, he saw it was Su Bai!

“Hello, Tianlun!”

“Haha, Su Bai, you brat. I didn’t expect you to have a spiritual-type Beast. No wonder Xu Qingshan paid so much attention to you. Your talents are indeed well-hidden!” Ma Tianlun laughed loudly.

“You flattered me, Tianlun,” said Su Bai. At the same time, he took out an ordinary Beast-core.

“Nice extraction. Good job!”

“Speaking of which, is there a reason you are looking for me?”

Su Bai, who was squatting on the ground, stood up and asked.

“Ahem.” Ma Tianlun coughed. He asked softly, “Su Bai, do you know the rules here?”

After all, Xu Qingshan was Ma Tianlun’s old acquaintance. They had known each other since they were young in the Great Wilderness City. They had even gone through life and death together.

Because of that, Ma Tianlun couldn’t help but treat Su Bai as his own.

However, rules were rules. Since they were established, everyone had to be equal.

“I know. We can’t attract outsiders.”

“That’s right.”

Ma Tianlun nodded and smiled bitterly, “But there are other rules that you probably aren’t aware of. Spiritualist Beastmasters can only stay here for three hours.”

“So there is such a rule.” Su Bai nodded thoughtfully.

The Beastmaster was in charge of this matter, but Su Bai was alone and was separated from Bing Qingqing, so he didn’t know about it in time.

Many Beastmasters in the surroundings stopped in their tracks when they heard Ma Tianlun’s words, ready to watch the show.

Most of the Beasts here had been killed. They could not find a single one, even after searching for a long time. Even if they found one, it might not have an Elemental Beast-core.

It just so happened that there was something interesting to watch now.

“It’s good to have a spiritual-type Beast. I can find a Beast as soon as I can.”

“I know right? I’m envious.”

“There’s nothing to be envious of. You’ll have to scram once the three hours are up.”

“That’s true.”

Ma Tianlun explained, “This isn’t deliberately targeting you. As a Spiritualist Beastmaster, you should understand that you’re killing Beasts too quickly. It’s very unfair to the others.”

“I understand.” Su Bai had no objection.

“By the way, how long have you been here?”

“A little over an hour.”

“How many Beasts did you kill? How was your harvest?”

“About four to five hundred. The harvest is average.”

Ma Tianlun had lost his words. He was originally a little apologetic, but immediately looked as if he had seen a ghost when he heard that.

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