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Chapter 230: 230 Defeating the Montenegro Fox with a Single Punch

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230 Defeating the Montenegro Fox with a Single Punch

“A Primordial One is born every hundred years among the elves. The lowest awakened talent is S-level, and their various Beastmaster talents can be said to be top-notch! I wished that I had the potential to become a Primordial One.” said Chun.

Chun looked forward to the day she awakened her Beastmaster talent.

The Primordial One held the highest position among the elves. The Beast eggs and cultivation resources provided were of the highest quality.

“That’ll take seventy to eighty years.” Su Bai laughed.

“Hmph, just you wait and see!”

Chun was full of energy.

Su Bai retracted his consciousness and lay on the bed with his eyes closed. He slept until the next day.

Then, Su Bai continued to take B-level missions and hunt Beasts with Bing Qingqing.

“There are more people coming to take up missions today.” Bing Qingqing looked at the Beastmasters around her and sighed. “It seems that they have also discovered the good stuff in the labyrinth ruins had already been taken away.”

“Then let’s not waste any more time.” Su Bai shrugged and couldn’t wait to show off.

Currently, Su Bai’s identity card was still registered as Upper-Silver level Beastmaster, and it had not been updated in time.

But Su Bai was not in a hurry. There weren’t any substantial benefits to upgrading to Gold-level Beastmaster. He might as well set it aside for now.

Su Bai might as well set it aside for now. Doing more B-class missions would be more cost-effective.

The mission this time was a challenging B-class mission. The two of them rushed to the Montenegro Foxes’ lair.

According to the initial investigation, the Montenegro Foxes were all at Upper-Silver level and were very strong.

One of the Montenegro Foxes unintentionally approached.


Bearen got Su Bai’s order and slapped the Montenegro Fox to death. It was as easy as crushing an ant.

Bing Qingqing was expressionless because she was used to Bearen’s tyrannical strength.

Not to mention an Upper-Silver level Beast, even if it was a Gold-level Beast, Bing Qingqing felt that Bearen would be able to deal with it without any pressure.

“The investigation is almost done. Get ready to move.”


Bing Qingqing summoned the Four-eared Glazecat. They had to be careful in this battle. Since Firebird was easy to expose, she only needed to send one Beast.

The Montenegro Foxes were Beasts that lived in groups, and there were hundreds of them. It was best not to alert the enemy in this situation.

If there was a Gold-level Montenegro Fox and was alarmed, Su Bai and Bing Qingqing would be surrounded by hundreds of Montenegro Foxes and would be helpless.

Su Bai was aware of that, but he didn’t care.


Bearen rushed into the group of Montenegro Foxes and killed them all.

The Four-eared Glazecat only dared to move around on the outskirts out of concern for possible unintentional harm.

After that, Su Bai threw the Montenegro Foxes’ corpses into the Fourth Heaven and prepared to enter their nest.

The nest was cold and damp. Su Bai and the others had barely walked a few steps when they encountered a group of Montenegro Foxes.

Su Bai and Bing Qingqing didn’t feel any pressure at all with Bearen as the vanguard. It was as relaxed as an outing.

Bing Qingqing roughly calculated that Bearen had killed nearly a hundred Montenegro Foxes. She said, “97. 53 more to go.”

Su Bai and the others were now more than 200 meters deep into the nest, and there was no light source other than the torch in their hands.

At that moment, Su Bai gazed at the rock and frowned.

“What’s wrong?” Bing Qingqing asked.

“Step back a little.”

Then Su Bai slowly approached the rock.

Suddenly, a black shadow attacked. It was the Montenegro Fox that had been hiding for a long time. It opened its bloody mouth full of sharp teeth and attacked fiercely.

The Montenegro Fox was swift. It pounced five meters in the blink of an eye.

“It’s a good time to try.” Su Bai sneered.

In Su Bai’s eyes, the Montenegro Fox’s extremely fast pace seemed to slow down.

Su Bai’s two Beasts had both broken through to Gold-level, which gave Su Bai more feedback than before.

If it was a few days ago, Su Bai might have avoided the attack and let Whitey deal with the Beast slipped through the net.

However, now, not only had Su Bai mastered the S-level Penta-Elements Physique, but he had also received buffs from two Gold-level Beasts.

“Su Bai!”

Bing Qingqing, who was standing far away, saw the Montenegro Fox and immediately summoned her Firebird to help.

However, the Firebird had just appeared and Su Bai’s fist already swung out, accurately hitting the Montenegro Fox’s belly.

The heavily injured Montenegro Fox crashed into the rock wall. After twitching on the ground a few times, it stopped breathing.

Bing Qingqing, who had just rushed up, saw that and fell into silence. She knew Su Bai was strong. But, she couldn’t believe that Su Bai’s strength as a Beastmaster was ridiculously strong, killing an Upper-Silver level Beast with a single punch!

Compared to Bearen, Montenegro Fox’s defense was naturally weaker.

However, the Montenegro Fox was still several levels higher than humans and could not be easily killed. Yet, Su Bai did it.

This meant that Su Bai’s strength was far beyond what the Montenegro Fox could withstand. It was outrageously strong!

“Not bad.” Su Bai smiled.

The growth of Su Bai’s physique had already far exceeded the standard of a Gold-level Beastmaster. He had even reached the stage close to an Upper-Platinum level Beastmaster.

Apart from the S-level Penta-Elements Physique, the improvement brought by the two Beasts far exceeded Su Bai’s expectations.

As Bearen continued to slaughter, the corpses of 150 Montenegro Foxes were lying peacefully in the Fourth Heaven.

Su Bai also completed the other missions smoothly. He and Bing Qingqing were about to go down the mountain when they met Xu Qingshan, who was also about to go back.

“Su Bai, I heard you rejected the governor’s invitation?”


“You brat, I really don’t know what to say about you. Two days later is the annual festival of the Great Wilderness City.” Xu Qingshan said helplessly.

“Is that so?”

Ever since he came to the Great Wilderness City, Su Bai had not paid much attention to anything other than his mission. He only knew about the arena by chance.

Every year, the Great Wilderness City will hold a Beast Egg Appraisal Conference. If you want to get a new Beast, this is a rare opportunity. The governor’s invitation to you this time is probably a VIP invitation for the appraisal conference,” Xu Qingshan said with a smile.

The appraisal conference was divided into two places.

One was the free market which sold those Beast eggs provided by various vendors. Another was only limited to VIP invitations. The Beast eggs inside were all provided by the Great Wilderness City!

With just this gimmick, the value of the VIP invitation was self-evident.

“You don’t even give a face to the governor. Are you sure you can survive here? They might even kick you out of the city.” Xu Qingshan teased.

Su Bai replied with a bitter smile, “I just found out that it’s an invitation to the appraisal conference.”

The invitation letter was still in the living room of the villa. Therefore, it was not too late for Su Bai to accept the invitation.

“I know you’re afraid of trouble. But you’ve made a great contribution, kid. The governor of the Great Wilderness City must have investigated you long ago, so don’t leave a bad impression on the governor. I’ll see you at the appraisal conference.” Xu Qingshan said.

“Alright!” Su Bai nodded.

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