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Chapter 235: 235 Bargaining

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235 Bargaining

Xie Xingtian felt immense pressure from An Qingpu’s question.

The governor of Great Wilderness City had actually mentioned about a nameless boy. He was definitely not making trouble out of nothing.

‘Could it be that Su Bai has a relationship with the governor?’ Xie Xingtian thought to himself.

Ever since Xie Bing died, Xie Xingtian had tried everything to find out all kinds of information about Su Bai.

Xie Xingtian found out that Su Bai was a new Beastmaster from Los Monstaria and knew nothing about the relationship.

Even if Xie Xingtian dug deeper, there was certainly not any connection with the An family. However, time waited for no one.

An Qingpu lost his patience and said, “Forget it. You can step aside for now. I have something to discuss with Su Bai.”

Xie Xingtian’s heart skipped a beat when he heard that. Only he knew the bitterness in it.

“You must be Su Bai?” An Qingpu sized Su Bai up, then nodded and smiled, “Wonderful. You’re indeed young and promising. Even I’m impressed.”

An Qingpu’s words were not just for show. Many Beastmasters knew him very well. When he was young, he was arrogant and unruly. Otherwise, he would not have dared to charge into the Beast tide alone and kill a Platinum-level Beast.

And now, An Qingpu remained the same in his old age. Otherwise, the powerful mercenary group in the Great Wilderness City would not follow his lead.

In terms of governing the Great Wilderness City, An Qingpu was absolutely iron-fisted! It showed An Qingpu’s unyielding character and also maintained its reputation.

“You flatter me, Mr. Governor.” Su Bai replied.

Facing such an old man, Su Bai was naturally in awe of him.

Now, Xie Xingtian was standing aside and not daring to make a sound. His mind was busy thinking about the relationship between An Qingpu and Su Bai.

Xu Qingshan and Ma Tianlun were smiling at the side, no longer worried.

With the support of the governor of Great Wilderness City, a mere Charlie Mercenary was not worth mentioning at all.

“Come, have a seat. There’s no need for formalities. Sit please.” An Qingpu sat down and smiled.

An Qingpu was very easy-going and let everyone sit down without putting on airs.

On the contrary, Xie Xingtian stood at the side. An Qingpu’s words were not meant for Xie Xingtian. It could be said that An Qingpu had never really paid attention to Xie Xingtian since he first came.

Only at this moment did Xie Xingtian understand that Su Bai was not to be provoked! No matter what, for the sake of the Charlie Mercenary and himself, he couldn’t easily start a conflict with Great Wilderness City.

‘What a good-for-nothing. He’s giving me trouble even after he’s dead!’ Xie Xingtian cursed in his heart.

Xie Xingtian’s relationship with Xie Bing wasn’t too bad, but it wasn’t that good either. Xie Xingtian would not give up his position and territory of the Charlie Mercenary for Xie Bing.

Xie Xingtian was a ruthless character, not a fool. After sorting it out, he had no intention of attacking Su Bai anymore.

“I have long heard of your reputation. I…”

“In English please.”

“Uh …”

As soon as Xu Qingshan opened his mouth, An Qingpu interrupted, “It’s not a formal occasion. Don’t play the hypocritical game. Just get straight to the point.”

Then An Qingpu looked at Su Bai.

Su Bai didn’t expect An Qingpu to be such a straightforward person. Since that was the case, he understood the purpose of An Qingpu’s visit.

“Mr. Governor, it’s not convenient for me to tell you the details.”

“I understand.”

“Is there anything else?” Su Bai asked.

An Qingpu knew that he couldn’t delve into the details of how to treat An Mengyun’s special condition. This contact would definitely not be as simple as a reward.

Regarding that, Xu Qingshan and Ma Tianlun were equally puzzled.

People like the governor of Great Wilderness City were busy every day and could rarely be seen.

Although the appraisal conference was very important in the Great Wilderness City, that was only for the commoners. To Beastmasters of An Qingpu’s level, they were already used to it, and there was no need for them to come here to pick a suitable Beast egg.

“Is it about An Mengyun?” Su Bai asked softly after having some thoughts.

An Qingpu smiled bitterly.

‘I was right!’ Su Bai thought.

An Qingpu was anxious about An Mengyun sneaking into the labyrinth ruins. He had almost rushed into the labyrinth ruins to look for her.

However, An Qingpu did not expect An Mengyun to have a delighted expression when she returned. She told him that there was already a solution to the special condition.

Everyone knew how much An Qingpu valued his granddaughter. When such a big thing had happened, he naturally would get to the bottom of it and finally got Su Bai’s name.

Just like Xie Xingtian, he searched for any information about Su Bai. However, in the end, the information An Qingpu gathered was only a little more than Xie Xingtian’s.

Therefore, An Qingpu became more interested in Su Bai.

Any Beastmaster would be flattered to be interested in the governor of Great Wilderness City.

But right now, Su Bai felt nervous. He had a feeling that An Qingpu was up to something, which made his hair stand on end.

“Actually, it’s not a big deal.” An Qingpu couldn’t help but laugh. He stroked his beard and said, “Ever since my granddaughter returned home, she has been pestering me that she wanted to learn by your side. She even said that she couldn’t find that feeling alone.”

As if they were talking about their children’s embarrassing matters, An Qingpu and Su Bai’s faces were filled with helplessness.

Xu Qingshan, Ma Tianlun, and Xie Xingtian were stunned.

‘Can’t find the feeling? What kind of feeling could only be found by Su Bai’s side?’ three of them thought.

“That’s why my purpose for coming here this time is very simple. I want Mengyun to learn from you for a period of time. What do you think?”

“I don’t think it’s appropriate.”

Su Bai smiled bitterly.

After all, An Mengyun was An Qingpu’s favorite. What if something happened to her following Su Bai?

Although An Qingpu was thin and weak, Su Bai couldn’t guarantee that he could take An Qingpu’s punch without any damage if An Qingpu was serious.

Moreover, An Mengyun’s strength was just at the entry level. She wasn’t even a Bronze Beastmaster. How could she follow Su Bai?

“There’s nothing I can do about it. That girl’s temper is just like mine.” An Qingpu smiled bitterly. “I won’t let you do it for free. I’ll give you 50 Platinum-grade Beast-cores every month as a reward for your hard work. How about it?”

“It’s not about the money.”

“Then 100.”

“Uh …”

Su Bai felt like he was bargaining in a market.

Moreover, it was not an ordinary bargain. The first thing An Qingpu mentioned was already Platinum-grade Beast-core. Not many people could afford such a big deal.

Xie Xingtian and the others were a little surprised that Su Bai bargained with An Qingpu.

‘This kid was no ordinary kid!’ Xie Xingtian thought.

“Since you’re not satisfied, name a price. Anyway, you have to give me an answer so that I can go back and report to my granddaughter,” An Qingpu raised his eyebrows.

In the entire Great Wilderness City, An Mengyun was probably the only person who could be doted on by An Qingpu to such an extent.

However, someone rushed in suddenly and went straight to Su Bai just as he was about to speak.

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