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Chapter 249: 249 Han Ping Abandoned His Physical Form

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249 Han Ping Abandoned His Physical Form

Su Bai and Bing Qingqing left the Black City and arrived at an uninhabited mansion following the address given by Xu Sanshu.

The mansion was surrounded by barren land, and there was only a small town a few kilometers away. Han Ping was a strange person to be able to live in such a place.

The gate of the mansion was tightly locked. However, the windows were not closed. Su Bai took Bing Qingqing into the room through the window.

“I feel like I’m a thief. Why can’t Sanshu give us a key?” Bing Qingqing complained.

There had been no signs of life in the mansion for three years, so the furniture was covered in thick dust.

They were here to investigate the mansion. Since there was no one around, they could only search for the possessions left behind by Han Ping.

Bing Qingqing and Su Bai split up. First, Su Bai searched the hall, bedroom, and study.

However, the items were all ordinary items for washing up. Other than the small mannequin models that could be seen everywhere, there was nothing strange about it.

Su Bai flipped through Han Ping’s research. He kept feeling that there was a pair of eyes watching him. It wasn’t an intuition, nor was it an illusion.

Instead, it was a tiny trace that could be captured by spiritual power. However, there was no one around, nor hidden doors in the walls.

When the two of them met up, Bing Qingqing was hugging the Four-eared Glazecat and looked suspicious.

Bing Qingqing hugged the four-eared cat and looked overly suspicious. She said, “There’s nothing here. Should we leave?”

“Are you scared?” Su Bai asked.

“I’m not afraid, but this place feels creepy. There’s something strange about this place.”

“Tell me.”

“I just picked up a mannequin model on the table, it seems … I saw it blink.”

“Take me there. I want to see.”


They went to the study room. Su Bai picked up the mannequin model that Bing Qingqing mentioned and used his spiritual power to observe it, but he didn’t find anything wrong.

However, a mannequin with the same proportions as normal suddenly raised its left hand at that moment. It reached behind its back and pulled out a knife that was less than six centimeters long.

The mannequin walked behind Su Bai and Bing Qingqing step by step and stabbed the knife straight at Su Bai!

Su Bai had already sensed the abnormality at such a close distance. He didn’t take any action because he wanted to lure the snake out of its hole.

Since the other party had finally made a move, Su Bai did not have to hide. He turned around and grabbed the blade of the knife with one hand. With just a little strength, the knife was twisted into two halves.

“A ghost!” Bing Qingqing turned around and saw the mannequin in front of her. She was so scared that she threw the Four-eared Glazecat out of her arms and shouted, “Kill it!”

But in midair, the Four-eared Glazecat was caught by Su Bai.

“Don’t worry, it’s not easy to meet a living one.” Su Bai looked at the mannequin in front of him with a smile. He asked, “Since you’re so impatient, why don’t you show yourself and have a chat?”

“I have nothing to say to you intruders.”

Although the mannequin did not have a mouth, it made a deep sound.

“It is indeed a little offensive to visit your residence.” Su Bai walked to the mannequin. He looked at it carefully and said, “But it’s not up to you to decide whether we should talk or not. If you run away or commit suicide, I’ll burn this place to the ground!”

“What are you looking for?” The mannequin’s words were filled with anger.

“Han Ping.”

“That is me!”

The mannequin’s words were so shocking that Su Bai and Bing Qingqing were dumbfounded.

After confirming it two or three times, the mannequin still called itself Han Ping.

“Why did you become a mannequin?” Bing Qingqing gulped in disbelief. She said, “I’ve only heard of such a thing in strange stories.”

“Tsk, is this very strange? I’ve already thought it through when I was alive,” the mannequin said disdainfully. “Even if a human cultivates for 100 years, they can’t compare to a Beast. If that’s the case, why can’t I open up a new path? And I really did it through my research!”

Then, the mannequin suddenly fell down, which frightened Bing Qingqing, and she quickly went up to hold it.

However, a voice came from the other end.

“I’ve developed a method that can shock the world. I’ve gotten rid of my fragile body and completely transformed into an invincible existence!”

Su Bai turned around and saw the little mannequin model waving its hands and speaking passionately.

It was indeed shocking. Han Ping’s consciousness could actually jump between the mannequins at will, but it seemed a little cuckoo.

“Then are you still human? Besides, you could talk, you are no different from a Beast. Just like a ghost.” Bing Qingqing asked carefully.

The ghost was a formless soul Beast. It could possess dead objects, but they were kind and would not hurt others.

Therefore, it was classified as not a threat. On the contrary, even ordinary people were quite interested in raising a ghost as a Beast.

“Nonsense! You dare to compare me to a ghost? Little girl, you must be tired of living!” the small mannequin shouted angrily.

“It’s getting angry…” Bing Qingqing looked at the small mannequin jumping on the table. She wasn’t afraid, but rather, she found it cute.

“Let’s get down to business.” said Su Bai. He asked seriously, “Last night, the owner of the Prestige Merchants Association was killed by two mannequins. What do you think?”

After saying that, Su Bai placed the two mannequins’ corpses on the ground from the Fourth Heaven.

“I don’t know them.” Han Ping looked at the ground and shook his head. He said, “Speaking of which, Zhu Qing still owes me a lot of money. I asked for it several times but was rejected. He deserves to die!”

“Don’t you have anything to say?”

“What else could I say? Do you think I killed him?”

The mannequin had no expression, and all its expressions were expressed through its tone, which was very strange.

“What else?”

Su Bai looked at the little mannequin model in front of him playfully.

“Damn it. Although I’m the only one who has some knowledge about the spiritual vessel in the Black City, I would not go to the extent of killing people for some money!” Han Ping cursed loudly. When he reacted, he suddenly realized, “But your suspicion is quite right. After all, in the entire Black City, or even the entire world, only a genius like me knows how to create a spiritual mannequin! I swear that I didn’t kill that fat pig, Zhu Qing!”

“Prove it.”

“I don’t have any proof. It’s been three years. I’ve been studying how to separate my consciousness so that I can possess multiple mannequins. I’ve always been alone.”

Su Bai asked, “By the way, there are conditions for you to transfer it to the mannequin, right?”

“Of course, I can only transform them as I wish if I use a special method to engrave magic circles on the mannequins!”

“You’re quite honest.”

Su Bai had lost interest if Han Ping continued to talk nonsense. Su Bai took out a lighter and said coldly, “I’ll give you another chance. If there’s no useful information for us, I don’t mind cremating you for free.”

The mannequins in the mansion were all made of wood, not metal. They would definitely burn when they encountered fire.

“Don’t, don’t, don’t!”

Seeing the fire, Han Ping hurriedly knelt down and begged, “Let me think about it!”

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