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Chapter 269: 269 The Heavenstone Pavilion!

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269 The Heavenstone Pavilion!

On his way to the next stronghold, Xu Qingshan realized that Su Bai, whom he had always considered his junior, had not lost to him in any way and had even suppressed him in terms of aura unknowingly.

Xu Qingshan could not help but be deeply moved. Su Bai was growing faster than he had expected.

It was already past four in the afternoon when they arrived at the Salvation Sect’s third stronghold.

The atmosphere in the team was also different. A while ago, they were still chatting and laughing, but now, every Beastmaster’s expression was very solemn.

The stronghold was located in the middle of a mountain range, and the surroundings were silent. There was no one in the building.

However, there were still traces left behind, proving that there were human activities not long ago. The corpses of the civilians in the cages were not completely frozen.

It was evident that the Salvation Sect immediately took action after receiving the news. They destroyed important documents and even killed all the captured civilians.

“Su Bai, it seems we are still a step too late. If we hadn’t been caught, perhaps the situation would have been better.” Xu Qingshan shook his head.

“Qingshan, don’t blame yourself. Those b*stards should die. It has nothing to do with you.” Su Bai replied.

Everyone was aware of that, but they couldn’t save the innocents’ lives.The atmosphere was still somewhat heavy.

Since Su Bai and his group could not destroy the Salvation Sectists in this stronghold in time, after a short rest, they immediately began to search through the various files in the stronghold.

These documents recorded the various projects of the Salvation Sect every month. Such as the experiment between a human body and a Beast that was carried out by a certain higher-up.

This group of crazy people had captured many civilians and used them to carry out tragic fusion experiments.

A few Beastmasters walked out of the laboratory. They leaned against the wall and could not help but retch for a while.

Even Xu Qingshan and the others frowned.

“Did you find anything?” Su Bai asked.

“I guess so. Those sectists left in a hurry, and many documents were not destroyed in time. This seems to be related to the puppet you mentioned,” said Xu Qingshan as he handed Su Bai a file.

Su Bai opened the file and looked at the pictures. He immediately started to read them more carefully. To be specific, it was a report.

It was a list of items that the Salvation Sect had purchased. It reported that they had purchased a total of five spiritual mannequins this month and spent nearly a thousand Gold-grade Beast-cores! There were also many other things.

Su Bai turned to the last page and was surprised. The list of reports at the back showed the additional purchase of spiritual mannequins. The number had reached 50!

No wonder the Beasts in the Black City’s Beast tide did not retreat after killing the spiritual mannequin.

So the Salvation Sect had spent a lot of money to stall the Beastmasters in the Black City!

“Look at this. It’s a stamp of Heavenstone Pavilion. This is a private organization that specializes in alchemy,” Xu Qingshan pointed to a picture on the list and said.

“I think I’ve heard of this name before.”

“Of course you have. This is the Alchemist Association in the Great Wilderness City,” Xu Qingshan said with a bitter smile.

The Great Wilderness City was basically made up of Beastmasters. To be able to establish an Alchemist Association, one could imagine how large the scale was. It was comparable to Black City’s Prestige Merchants Association.

One hour of profit from the Heavenstone Pavilion was enough to buy the entire Prestige Merchants of Association!

There were even Diamond-level Alchemists guarding the pavilion. It was a place that countless Beastmasters revered.

It was no wonder the Salvation Sect’s actions would be so extreme after alarming the Great Wilderness City. They did not hesitate to spend a lot of money and manpower to delay their actions.

“What do we do now?”

“Hmph, let’s just make a trip there!” Xu Qingshan snorted coldly. He narrowed his eyes in the Great Wilderness City’s direction and said, “Perfect. It’s only an hour’s journey. Let’s go to Heavenstone Pavilion!”

Under the Great Wilderness City’s governor’s order, they were to investigate the Salvation Sect.

Now that the clues had led to the Heavenstone Pavilion, they naturally wouldn’t let it go so easily.

Then, the team set off again. They rushed to their target, the Great Wilderness City!

An hour later, Su Bai and the others entered the city smoothly and went straight to Heavenstone Pavilion.

The Beastmasters in Great Wilderness City had already learned about the recent unrest from the rumors, and they gathered together to discuss it.

“No wonder Black City was so rotten after so many years of governance. So their governor is the mole!”


“Why would I lie to you? Don’t tell anyone about this.”

“Are you afraid of being treated as a remnant of the Salvation Sect?”

Many people fell into fear.

After many years of experience, they knew that anything that had anything to do with the Salvation Sect would definitely not be a good thing!

At the same time, Su Bai, Xu Qingshan and the others had arrived at the gate of Heavenstone Pavilion.

Just in case, Xu Qingshan sent a Beastmaster to the governor’s mansion to report the situation to An Qingpu.

The Heavenstone Pavilion was the Alchemist Association of Great Wilderness City.

The decoration of the hall was incomparably gorgeous, and the Beastmasters entering and leaving were all Silver-level and above.

Soon, a young and beautiful attendant walked up to Su Bai and the others and asked, “Good evening, esteemed guests. How can I be of service?”

Ma Tianlun was hot-tempered and said directly, “I’m looking for the person in charge here! I’ll only give him three minutes. If he doesn’t come out, we’ll go find him ourselves!”

The smile on the attendant’s face remained, but the respect on her face was gone.

As the Alchemist Association was established in the Great Wilderness City, it had to deal with hundreds of Beastmasters causing trouble every year, so it was not uncommon.

“Security, come to A1 Hall.” the attendant said calmly while pressing the walkie-talkie.

The attendant would not continue to greet everyone with a smile. Instead, she would look at the other guests who had arrived.

“Hey, I have a bad temper!” said Ma Tianlun. He was so angry that his veins were bulging, but he was stopped before he could roll up his sleeves.

“Tianlun, there’s no need to use force,” said Su Bai. He took out An Qingpu’s token from his pocket.

That token was much more useful in the Great Wilderness City than Black City.

Coincidentally, two Gold-level Beastmasters rushed over at this moment. They were the members in charge of security at the Heavenstone Pavilion.


To be able to hire a Gold-level Beastmaster as a security guard, one could imagine how much wealth the Heavenstone Pavilion had!

“Come with us. This is not a place where you can behave atrociously!” The two Gold-level Beastmasters stepped forward and said in a very unyielding manner.

Then, one of them picked the youngest Su Bai first. A thick hand was placed on Su Bai’s shoulder.

Just as the Gold-level Beastmaster was about to grab it, the young man in front of him grabbed his hand and threw it fiercely.

The Gold-level Beastmaster didn’t even have time to react before he fell to the ground with his vision turned upside down.

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