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Chapter 277: 277 An Qingpu Face Death Unflinchingly

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277 An Qingpu Face Death Unflinchingly

An intense earthquake occurred in the Great Wilderness City at this moment.

The tall building swayed like jelly. The Beastmasters were like birds startled by the twang of a bow, all looking for the cause of the earthquake.

Very quickly, the officials of the Great Wilderness City received news that the Primordial Giant was the snow mountain.

As the governor of the Great Wilderness City, An Qingpu immediately led his men and set off. And the rumors of the Primordial Giant were completely confirmed by the current commotion.

Countless Beastmasters were terrified!

“It’s the Primordial Giant, the border of the Great Wilderness is going to be finished!”

“What are you waiting for? Run!”

On a plain at the border of the Great Wilderness, An Qingpu and a group of Beastmasters had already seen the Primordial Giant’s figure.

“Sir, what should we do?”

The Beastmaster beside An Qingpu asked bitterly.

According to the records in the secret file, the strength of the Primordial Giant was definitely not weaker than a Diamond-level Beastmaster! No one in the Great Wilderness City could stop such an existence.

“Hmm” An Qingpu let out a long sigh, his gaze complicated.

This matter completely exceeded An Qingpu’s ability. Even if he had the strength of a Diamond-level, he could no longer stop the disaster brought by the Primordial Giant.

However, this was the border of the Great Wilderness, a boundary that the humans could not forfeit!

“My friend, it’s time to come out and exercise.”

An Qingpu summoned a huge Crimson Centipede. It was over a hundred meters long.

The nearby Beastmasters gasped.

Ever since An Qingpu became the governor, he rarely made a move.

Therefore, not many people had seen his Beast before. Now that they had seen it, it was indeed worthy of An Qingpu’s reputation!

“QingpuWhat’s this about”

The centipede spoke in human language and looked into the distance in shock.

The Primordial Giant’s massive body made it feel as weak as an ant.

“I don’t have a choice,” An Qingpu smiled bitterly.

As the governor of Great Wilderness City, it was the right and responsibility granted by the Royal City.

All these years, An Qingpu was very satisfied with the results of his governance. He had made the border of Great Wilderness prosper.

But now, he was powerless to change anything. He could only take the lead.

The Crimson Centipede said hoarsely, “Do you want to fight? It’s been so many years and I’m getting rusty. I should work out a little.”

A Beastmaster stood up and said, “Sir! Why don’t we ask for reinforcements from the Royal City? The Primordial Giant has already exceeded our limits. The Royal City definitely won’t sit idly by!”

“That’s right. As long as we ask the Royal City to help us, the Great Wilderness City will still be saved!”

“Sir, there’s still a chance!”

An Qingpu smiled bitterly at the Beastmasters around him.

The Royal City would indeed sit idly by for the awakening of the Primordial Giant. However, it was already too late.

The Primordial Giant had already begun to move. It stood up, and its upper body had already passed through the clouds.

With its legs, it would only take a short time to reach the Great Wilderness City.

In half a day, the Primordial Giant could gallop across the entire border of the Great Wilderness!

Without a doubt, its awakening must have something to do with the Salvation Sect, so it could not be as simple as just waking up.

Moreover, before leaving the Great Wilderness City, An Qingpu had already sent Beastmasters to the Royal City.

He did not need anyone to remind him of such a simple matter.


As the Primordial Giant took a step forward, it crossed several kilometers and a huge storm was stirred up.

It even affected An Qingpu and the others who were more than ten kilometers away.

The Crimson Centipede blocked in front of everyone and used its strength to block, protecting them safely.

This was only the aftershock and An Qingpu had to let the Diamond-level Beast take action.

Despair was what everyone had in mind now. However, it was also at that moment that someone suddenly realized that the Primordial Giant had stopped moving.

A Beastmaster clicked his tongue and asked, “What happened? Could it be that it’s just a paradoxical lucidity?”

If that was really the case, then it was simply a shocking joke.

Just when An Qingpu and the others were confused, Su Bai was progressing smoothly on his side.

In the beginning, the Dawn Queen still followed her fixed train of thought and tried to bite through the Primordial Giant’s surface layer and enter its body to parasitize it.

However, it was helpless. The physique of a Primordial Giant was no joke.

Therefore, Su Bai immediately ordered the Dawn Bugs to enter through the Primordial Giant’s nostrils or ears.

After that, things went much smoother. The 2,000 Dawn Larvae had already entered the Primordial Giant’s body.

Moreover, it had already begun to display its own effects, causing the Primordial Giant to stop moving.

Su Bai only needed to wait and did not need to do anything else during the entire process.

Through his spiritual power, he could see that the soul in the Primordial Giant’s body had been kneaded into a whole. It was the strangest consciousness he had ever seen.

An existence with extreme emotions and battle unconsciously. It was a body full of souls with great offensive power.

After all, they were the souls that the Salvation Sect had stolen. Before they died, they displayed their hatred, fear, and ruthlessness to the extreme!

Therefore, the Primordial Giant had become an existence that sought revenge on the world according to the plan of the Salvation Sect.

It was precise because of this that all the souls had different thoughts, causing the Dawn Bugs to parasitize very smoothly.

By the looks of the current progress, they were already halfway through.

Not long after, the parasitism was successful!


Facing the Primordial Giant, Golden Dragon displayed a monstrous hostility.

The Primordial Giants were classified as the titans and were born to be at odds with the dragons. Therefore, this was a subconscious consciousness buried in the dragons’ blood.

Su Bai laughed hoarsely.

After comforting Golden Dragon, it finally stopped its restless heart.

After all, be it in terms of level or physique. The current Golden Dragon was not even as strong as the toe of the Primordial Giant.

If Golden Dragon really fought the Primordial Giant, it was as ridiculous as an egg hitting a rock.

“Master, the parasitism has been completed!”

At that moment, Dawn Queen’s voice rang out in Su Bai’s mind, “I found a strange magic circle in the giant’s body. It seems to have guiding properties.”


This discovery surprised Su Bai.

‘No wonder the Salvation Sect’s elder, Bo Yang, was so arrogant. He must have done a lot of preparation work.’ Su Bai thought.

It was also at this moment that Bo Yang, who was also watching the Primordial Giant, noticed something unusual.

“What’s going on? Why did the Primordial Giant stop?!”

Bo Yang gritted his teeth. The current scene had already deviated from his original plan.


According to the plan, the Salvation Sect had already buried a positive circle in the Great Wilderness City in advance, and a negative array was buried in the body of the Primordial Giant.

It didn’t have any other effects, but it was purely positive and negative attraction.

With the Primordial Giant’s size, it did not need to make a move at all to destroy the Great Wilderness City with its size.

But now, the plan has changed!

Just as Bo Yang was about to give up and make the trip personally, the Primordial Giant suddenly moved again.

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