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Chapter 278: 278 Great Wilderness City Returns to Peace

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278 Great Wilderness City Returns to Peace

Su Bai was standing on the shoulder of the Primordial Giant and looking at the white clouds. He couldn’t help but sigh.

He couldn’t help but lament, ‘What kind of terrifying opponent was this behemoth that could kill it at the border?’

The Primordial Giants had existed long before the establishment of the Great Wilderness City.

If Su Bai wanted to verify this point, it was probably impossible to know.

Right now, the Dawn Bugs had worked together to move the stone slab with the negative circle out of the Primordial Giant’s body.

Su Bai used his spiritual energy to find another circle inside the Great Wilderness City.

By the looks of the current situation, the Primordial Giant had already become an alternative Beast.

However, such a huge Primordial Giant was not that easy to control. It would take some time to store it in the Spiral Realm.

Su Bai didn’t want the Primordial Giant to continue moving, but he couldn’t.

The Primordial Giant had awakened. Its body entered a special state, and its muscle memory drove it to make instinctive movements.

To minimize the losses, Su Bai had no choice but to let the Primordial Giant move toward the uninhabited land.

What happened to the Primordial Giant frightened An Qingpu, who was more than ten kilometers away. However, after seeing it clearly, he heaved a sigh of relief.

“What exactly happened? It was still moving in the direction of the Great Wilderness City just now, but now it has changed its path.” a Beastmaster frowned and said.

“Who knows, maybeis it because there was an oversight in the Salvation Sect’s plan?”

“No matter what, we managed to survive.”

“That’s right. We don’t have the lives to block such a big guy.”

While everyone was overjoyed, An Qingpu remained solemn.

As long as the Primordial Giant was still alive, the danger it brought would not be resolved.

At least the Great Wilderness City had escaped a calamity judging by the current situation. The next step was to request reinforcements from the Royal City and get rid of the Primordial Giant as soon as possible.




The Primordial Giant’s footsteps landed again and again, directly changing the original appearance of the earth.

It formed a wide concave on the ground.

“That’s impossibleYou should be heading east. Turn around Go back quickly!”Bo Yang, the Salvation Sect’s elder roared in rage.

Bo Yang could not understand why the Primordial Giant resisted the guidance of the circle.

Looking at the decades of hard work that he had been planning, he could not calm down at all.

It was also at this moment that his pupils constricted.

In the sky, the Primordial Giant’s foot was already hanging above his head.


Without even letting out a scream, Bo Yang died silently.

Su Bai, who was sitting on the Primordial Giant’s shoulder, didn’t notice it because he couldn’t reach the ground with his spiritual energy.

The Primordial Giant was more than 1,500 meters tall. To be able to extend its spiritual power to such a distance, it was probably only possible for it to reach Diamond-level.

The story of the Primordial Giant spread throughout the Great Wilderness City.

The Beastmasters who had already packed their bags and were preparing to escape still hurriedly retreated after hearing the news.

However, half a day later, someone sent a message saying that the Primordial Giant had disappeared!

A Golden light landed at the gate of Great Wilderness City. Su Bai returned to his room at once.

His consciousness entered the Spiral Realm’s Third Heaven.

The Primordial Giant was currently residing in the Third Heaven. Occasionally, it would make a move and destroy the ground there.


Su Bai smiled.

Unexpectedly, the Salvation Sect had been preparing the Primordial Giant for decades, and in the end, it was taken by Su Bai.

With the help of the Dawn Bugs, such a terrifying existence had become Su Bai’s trump card!

The space of the Third Heaven was very large. It was large enough to accommodate the Primordial Giants, but the Beasts here were suffering.

Every ten minutes, there would be a sandstorm and a violent earthquake.

The Great Wilderness City gradually returned to normal two days after the incident with the Primordial Giant.

And the hottest topic of discussion was where the Primordial Giant went.

Meanwhile, in the Great Wilderness City, An Qingpu had already searched the entire border with his iron fist rule and uncovered the hidden strongholds of the Salvation Sect.

The Executive Officer Li Wan’er also completed Black City’s mission and rushed back to the Great Wilderness City.

Standing on the city wall, An Qingpu looked to the west and said, “The Salvation Sect has tricked us this time. Did you find anything? ”

“The remnants of the Salvation Sect are being investigated, and Elder Bo Yang’s whereabouts are still unknown,” said Li Wan’er.

“Is his whereabouts unknown?”

An Qingpu took out a cigarette from his pocket and lit it up, causing Li Wan’er to frown.

From the moment she met An Qingpu, she knew that An Qingpu never smoked.

Unexpectedly, the events that had happened in the past few days had left An Qingpu breathless.

“Sir, please take a look at the list of battle merits this time.”

Li Wan’er handed over a list of names.

On it were the contributions of the various teams in this operation. The first name made An Qingpu smile.

“What do you think of this young man Su Bai?”

“Well” Li Wan’er thought for a moment. She continued, “I didn’t have much contact with him. But from what I heard, Su Bai is no ordinary Beastmaster. If it wasn’t for Su Bai, I’m afraid it would take some time to uproot the Salvation Sect’s stronghold.”

“Yes, indeed.” An Qingpu smiled faintly.

On the list, Su Bai had conquered 15 Salvation Sect strongholds, leaving the second place far behind. More importantly, Su Bai had done it all by himself.

Such efficient execution and strength were considered outstanding even among experienced Beastmasters, let alone the younger generation.

More importantly, Su Bai had updated his identity card to Gold-level Beastmaster the day before.

Su Bai was the only Gold-level Beastmaster who wasn’t even twenty years old in the entire Great Wilderness City!

“Sir, are you trying to recommend Su Bai to the Royal City?”

Li Wan’er’s expression was solemn.

As the executive officer of the Great Wilderness City, she knew An Qingpu better than anyone else.

An outstanding Beastmaster had appeared at the border. No one would be willing to give away their precious talents, and it was the same in Great Wilderness City.

But An Qingpu was different, he was willing to give up everything for the humans, even his life!


“Recently, the Royal City hasn’t been doing well either.” An Qingpu smiled bitterly. “It’s still too early. Su Bai is still inexperienced. You should look after him.”

Hearing that, Li Wan’er heaved a sigh of relief.

Although the borders of the Great Wilderness were already much more prosperous than before under the governance of An Qingpu.

However, in terms of overall Beastmaster strength, the Great Wilderness City was ranked average among the border cities. Moreover, there were signs of them catching up in recent years.

Su Bai was too important to Great Wilderness City.

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