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Chapter 308: 308 To the Dwarf Kingdom's Capital

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308 To the Dwarf Kingdom’s Capital

Su Bai felt uncomfortable walking along the street with Anves.

Although Su Bai was often despised in the past, he was not used to it.

However, the situation was very different now. Everyone was even more confused about today’s newspaper headlines than themselves.

Especially everyone who knew the crisis was solved yesterday. Not by the governor but by Su Bai!

It was no different from the sky falling.

After decades, the dwarves actually needed humans to resolve the Beast tide.

It was hard to believe that the dwarves needed help in their kingdom of alchemy.

Soon, Su Bai and Anves arrived at Ampoc’s mansion, which happened to be in the hall.

When Ampoc saw Su Bai and Anves, he smiled.

“What are you up to this time?” Anves asked directly.

The two of them were blood brothers, and their relationship had always been good. But ever since Su Bai arrived, Anvers could not understand Ampoc.

Ampoc smiled and said, “Up to? What did I do? Su Bai deserved it. He was the one who killed the Winglies and saved Heavencraft City. Did I do anything wrong?”

Su Bai smiled bitterly.

One was not afraid of the opponent being too fierce but afraid of the opponent being sweet-mouthed and backstabbing.

No one could understand Ampoc’s doing, and he could not take the initiative to express his attitude. He’s such a sly fox.

Su Bai finally realized that the longer one lived, the sly one became.

“Three days later, it will be the day when the advanced teams will head to the capital. Su Bai, as the representative of Heavencraft City, you have to work hard,” Ampoc said with a smile.

Su Bai’s eyelids twitched. Just as he suspected, Ampoc was indeed plotting against him.

Although Ampoc had always been hostile to Su Bai, he was not an inflexible person. Maybe it was because he had suddenly thought it through and stopped holding onto the grudge from decades ago.

Or maybe it was because of another scheme.

No matter what, the worst-case scenario that Su Bai could think of was not entirely bad.

After all, there was no direct conflict of interest between Su Bai and Ampoc. Plus, the crisis of Heavencraft City was solved yesterday, so Ampoc had no reason to attack Su Bai.

After chatting for a while, Su Bai returned to Heavencraft Pavilion.


The finals of the Alchemy Festival will be held in the capital!
During the rest of the break, Su Bai’s alchemy skills kept improving as he learned more from the books.

After dealing with the tides of Winglies, Golden Dragon had already reached a High-10 Silver level after a few days of accumulation!

There were faint signs of Golden Dragon breaking through to Gold-level.

As a top-tier Beast, it could be said to have a smooth journey in breaking through.

On the night of the second day, Golden Dragon’s entire body emitted a golden light beam. It had finally advanced to the Lower-1 Gold level!

At the moment of the breakthrough, all the Beasts in the Second Heaven felt an inviolable Dragon Aura!

The groggy Bearen woke up in fright. It almost thought that there were enemies.

When Bearen realized that it was Golden Dragon, it immediately lost interest and continued sleeping.

As for the Sprite Foxes, they couldn’t sleep all night. Ever since he had moved to the Second Heaven, the things that had happened here were more and more ridiculous.

Such as a Bearen that could see through the illusion and an elf girl living here. Moreover, the most ridiculous thing that happened now was the existence of a dragon.

Sometimes, the other race would even feel that they were too ordinary and did not fit in.

Three days passed in a flash, Lu Le, Bing Qingqing, and the others had already packed their luggage.

This time, apart from the ten participants who had advanced, there were also many guards accompanying them.

Su Bai came to the lobby of Heavencraft Pavilion and bowed. He greeted, “Mr. Anves, thank you for taking care of me these past few days.”

“Don’t mention it.”

Anves stroked his white beard and laughed loudly. He said, “Anyway, we might have to rely on Su Bai to take care of us later on.”

“Are you going to the capital with us?”

“Of course! This is the Alchemy Festival that happens once every three years. Maybe I can meet a good seedling and take him in as my disciple, ” Anves said with a smile as he stroked his chin.

The greater the ability, the older the person.

As time passed, Anves became more and more persistent about taking in disciples. Naturally, he would not miss this Alchemy Festival.

Su Bai laughed hoarsely. Then, he led the team to follow Anves to the rendezvous point.

The ten participants including Su Bai were ready to go. Ignoring the age difference between humans and dwarves, they were all young Alchemists with extraordinary potential.

Therefore, Ampoc equipped the team with six mobile Beast-core Turrets and fifty accompanying Alchemists this time. There were also twenty Gold-level Beastmasters.

Among them, there were even chefs who were in charge of daily management. The scale of the group was luxurious!

They were armed from their teeth to their heels, all wearing the best Beastmaster equipment.

“Why is it so grand?”

Lu Le looked at his teammates and then at the other side. The seventy dwarves were in an orderly fashion. Except for Su Bai, the nine of them were like tourists, especially himself.

It was because Lu Le was too relaxed in Heavencraft City. He was wearing flowery pants and slippers and left immediately.

Not far away, Su Bai followed Anves and met the other nine participants.

Su Bai knew Hubala. But the other eight dwarves had different attitudes toward Su Bai.

Some admired Su Bai because of the headlines, and some dwarves still refused to give up their opinions and put on a sour face.

As the horn sounded, The Heavencraft City’s gate was opened. The hundred-man team started to set off.

However, before the hundred-man team left, the governor gave a speech.

It was all courtesy, blessings, and encouragement. It was no different from what Su Bai usually heard. It seemed that everyone was feeling the same.

An hour later, the team officially set off for the dwarves’ capital.

On the way, the transportation used was a bus made by the dwarves. On the surface, it seemed no different from a normal one.

But Su Bai could tell at a glance that the dwarves had made this bus. Besides the two Beast-core machine guns attached, it also had a very good engine.

It could be powered by Beast-cores and was more durable than electricity and oil.

The road was a little bumpy.

There were a total of three buses and two mobile Beast-core Turrets on each.

Along the way, they were intercepted by ferocious Beasts.

Lu Le and the others had also witnessed the power of the mobile Beast-core Turrets.

It was only slightly less powerful than the Beast-core Cannon, but it was still shocking.

Su Bai sat by the window and enjoyed the scenery along the way.

But suddenly, he saw a strange Beast appear on a mountain. Before he could observe it, the Beast immediately disappeared.

The Beast had slender limbs and a lizard-like head, but it had a rhinoceros horn and no tail.

It was the size of a small yellow dog.

What caught Su Bai’s attention was that the Beast was holding a shiny stone in its mouth, which seemed to be some kind of ore.

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