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Chapter 43: 43 An Outrageous Plan

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43 An Outrageous Plan

Now, they had already advanced a dozen meters and were about to enter the center of the formation.

The caster of the formation would not be too far away from the center.

However, it was also apparent that the beasts around Su Bai’s party were more violent and stronger than the ones in the outskirt.

“Normally, this would be a mission with C-rank difficulty.” Bing Mengqi smiled helplessly.

They were in the worst-case scenario, facing the most unfavorable situation.

If the formation was fully activated, a catastrophic disaster would hit Los Monstaria. That would be an A-rank difficulty

“Enough with the chit-chat. The activation of the formation is about halfway through,” Leng Lang said seriously. “We don’t have much time left.”

“The activation process has caused such a huge commotion. Captain and the others should have noticed it.

“Unless …”

“You’re trying to say that unless they’ve been transported to a location too far away to sense it, right? Can you drop your habit of talking nonsense already?” Bing Mengqi shook her head while smiling.

With Leng Lang and Bing Mengqi’s strength, it would not be a problem for them to make it to the center of the formation.

The problem was that the Salvation Sect members would not just stand by and watch.

“So, have you guys thought of a way?” Su Bai asked.

Now, the Bearen beside him was armed with Thundergod Bracers. Together with Whitey, they could resist the attacks for a while.

However, the beasts in the surroundings were like an endless army of ants that could not be killed.

There was no time to take a breath.

“I’m looking. Don’t worry.”

Bing Mengqi had already activated her B-level talent, Visual Linking. She could see through her beast’s eyes while maintaining her own vision.

Everything that a beast saw was in motion five times slower than normal, so it could digest the information better and make a decision.

The Six-eared Snowfox was running back and forth, approaching the center of the formation.

Among the densely packed beasts, she saw five or six figures in black robes. They were among the beasts, but they were not attacked by them.

Without a doubt, they were the people from the Salvation Sect!

About ten seconds later, Bing Mengqi’s expression became gloomier after she looked around.

“There’s no other way. Those guys are guarding the place with all their might. We can’t get close to the center of the formation right now.

“Yes, it’s absolutely impossible.

“Those bunch from Salvation Sect dared to activate the formation in our territory, which means the Beastmasters they sent must be pretty skilled.”

Hearing this, Leng Lang let out a long sigh.

He had already expected this to happen and was prepared for the worst.

“Then that’s the only way.” Just as Leng Lang was about to leave, he suddenly stopped and said, “Su Bai, you can go now. What’s next…is not something you should handle.”

His calm words also contained unwillingness.

If Lei Xing and the others were still around, they would not have been forced into such a predicament.

But the battlefield itself was like this.

There was no “if.”

There was only “inevitable.”

“Mengqi, go join Su Bai? You’re still young and …”

Leng Lang was halfway through his sentence when he realized that the two of them had completely ignored him.

“Are you confident?” Bing Mengqi frowned and looked at Su Bai while thinking.


“Fifty-fifty?! How outrageous! But I like it. ”

The two of them seemed to have isolated Leng Lang, and they secretly discussed a strategy.

Leng Lang’s face darkened.

‘These two brats… I’m your senior and the most powerful one here. How dare you ignore my presence.’

They made him look awkward.

After all, it was not easy for him to conjure up heroic emotions, mentally preparing himself for self-sacrifice. But all those efforts were wasted.

“I’ll head to destroy the formation, while you guys attract the Salvation Sect members.”

Su Bai looked at Leng Lang and told him the entire plan.

It was a brief statement.

And it was indeed as what Bing Mengqi had said, “How outrageous!”

“Do you know what you’re talking about? We don’t have any information on those bastards from the Salvation Sect at all!” Leng Lang narrowed his eyes and said coldly, “You don’t even know how strong they are! What makes you so confident that you can break through the defense and destroy the formation? The weakest among them at the Bronze level. What about you? ”

Su Bai did not deny it.

However, he unhurriedly explained the matter of Bing Mengqi being attacked earlier, as well as his conjectures.

The Speedy Rat’s target was indeed Su Bai.

However, it suddenly turned to attack Bing Mengqi.

It was definitely not a coincidence!

Otherwise, with the Speedy Rat’s level and strength, it would definitely not have waited patiently before making a move.

The more they tried to hide the truth, the more they reveal their real intention.

Su Bai only knew about it because he made a feint.

The Salvation Sect were aware of the existence of military officers, so they were trying to eliminate the threat at the least cost.

And Leng Lang and Bing Mengqi were the threats.

Although Su Bai did not display student-level strength, compared to Leng Lang’s outstanding performance at the forefront, he seemed weak.

That was why the Salvation Sect members underestimated him.

“Being weak has its own benefits. There are five or six of them,” Su Bai said.”As long as you guys help me hold them back for a while, I can find a chance.”

Whoever cast the formation would have no room to fight back now.

As long as they had a chance, Su Bai could charge directly at their enemy like slaughtering a lamb.

“I have no objections.”

Bing Mengqi was getting more curious about Su Bai.

She wondered, ‘Could a new student have such courage and insight?’

“AI-Alright then.” Leng Lang sighed again and rubbed his temples. “But I have to say this first, I can’t guarantee that Mengqi and I will be able to pin down those people at the same time. Don’t blame me when all of us are dead.”

The initial plan had been set, and the rest would depend on Bing Mengqi and Leng Lang.

Su Bai held his breath and stayed focused.

Beside him, the Bearen and Whitey were telepathically connected, so they were also on guard.

This was an operation that could not be messed up.

If they were held back by the surrounding beasts, it would cause a delay in time, and the people from the Salvation Sect would react.

The situation would go south.


After a short discussion, Bing Mengqi and Leng Lang summoned their respective beasts at the same time.

They stepped into the center of the formation.

Sure enough, the moment he stepped in, they were instantly attacked by the Salvation Sect members.


The violent collision landed near the two of them, and a Rocky Croc that had shriveled itself into a ball kept approaching.

At the same time, there were also Razor Sparrow, shield bears, and other existences.

“One, two, three… Six. it’s just as Su Bai expected,” Bing Mengqi observed calmly. “The attention of the enemy is on us.”

An official Beastmaster would usually contract two beasts.

During a battle, one beast would be responsible for attacking while the other would be responsible to protect the Beastmaster.

At the same time, there were other reasons.

For example, Beastmaster did not have enough mental strength to mobilize the two beasts.

That was why most people would choose to focus on training one beast.

“Let’s take them down with all our might! Otherwise, they won’t fall for it!”

Leng Lang’s facial expression turned ruthless.


The beast beside him roared in anger.

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