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Chapter 62: 62 An Army of Iron Ants

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62 An Army of Iron Ants

Suddenly, the entire youth training camp felt like it was the new year, and a group of members abandoned their missions.

They formed teams and prepared to take on the ruins.

Su Bai and Situ Yang squeezed into the front of the notice board.

They were suddenly enlightened as they just discovered the ruins today and the military had already finished appraising them.

The ruins’ danger level was C, which was considered to be a relatively low level.

It was suitable for youth training members to venture.

Su Bai realized that his phone had run out of battery, so he didn’t receive any news from the military.

It couldn’t be helped, the dormitory’s power source had been occupied by Bearen for a long time.

It was less than half an hour from the opening of the ruins, and many members of the youth training were already rushing there.

To them, the ruins were a good place.

As long as they cleared it, not only would they be able to gain a huge amount of merit points, but they might also have an opportunity to change their lives.

However, most of the ruins were extremely dangerous.

Usually, only mercenaries and soldiers would go back to explore.

That was why everyone could only stare helplessly when they discovered ruins on normal days. Now that a suitable one had finally appeared, they were so excited that it was as if they had won the lottery.

“Su Bai, let’s go rent a weapon. It’s not as good as having a Beast, but it’s good as insurance,” said Situ Yang.

The ruins weren’t like missions.

Even though the danger level was only C, it was still dangerous.

It would not be worth it if a person lost his life.

The youth training camp had weapons specially made from Beast-cores, specially provided for the members.

As Su Bai graduated as soon as the academic year started, he had never touched a Beast-core weapon.

Beast-core weapons were difficult to make and expensive, so ordinary people could not afford to use them. But its power was extraordinary.

An Iron-level Beast-core weapon could cause damage to a beast of the same level.

However, Beast-core weapons had a weakness.

That was, Beastmasters didn’t need it at all. Humans and Beasts were on a completely different level when it came to speed. As such, it was only ordinary people who often used Beast-core weapons.

However, experienced Beastmasters would always have a Beast-core weapon on hand when they were on a mission in case of an emergency.

Su Bai didn’t refuse and went to rent a black dagger.

It wasn’t for self-defense, it just so happened that the knife Su Bai used to extract Beast-core was no longer usable.

This time, Su Bai wanted to try out a dagger made of Beast-cores. If it was good, he might as well buy one.

The two of them then rushed to the site of the ruins, which was already surrounded by a sea of people.

It was estimated that more than half of the youth training camp members had come.

It was already difficult for the military to maintain order. They didn’t expect everyone to be so enthusiastic, but fortunately, things didn’t get out of hand.

“Attention, everyone!”

At that moment, a soldier stood out and took out a loudspeaker, and shouted, “The ruins are not as simple as you think. If you are injured, you must leave immediately!

“Only members with Beasts of Upper-8 Iron level and above can enter. Those who don’t meet the requirements may leave.”

Upon hearing that, there was not much reaction.

After all, the members who could enter the youth training camp were all top students in the school.

Everyone couldn’t wait to enter the ruins.

Even Su Bai was a little excited.

Immediately, the soldiers finally removed the fence and announced the official start of the exploration of the ruins.

In an instant, the crowd disappeared in front of the bronze door, fighting to be the first to enter.

“Su Bai, I won’t be able to suck up to you this time. I don’t even know if we’ll be together after we get in,” said Situ Yang with a forced smile. “Even if we were, I’d be too embarrassed to be a burden to you.”

Situ Yang’s greatest use to Su Bai was to scout the area.

It could be useful in the forest where Su Bai usually did his missions, but it was not so useful in the ruins.

Situ Yang was very clear about Su Bai’s strength.

Therefore, Situ Yang didn’t want to be a burden to Su Bai.

“You flattered me. Let’s do this together.” Su Bai smiled.

The two of them then entered the ruins and disappeared in front of the bronze door.

When he regained consciousness, Su Bai found he was teleported to a scorched land, surrounded by broken roofs and walls.

The ruins were a special space that was independent of the real world. It was a microworld.

The air and sunlight here were no different from reality.

Many young training members had just entered the ruins for the first time, and they looked around excitedly.

“So this is the ruins. Why don’t I feel anything?”

“F*ck, I’ve been tricked. I’ve been in a team for half a day, but they all scattered after coming in!”

“Everyone, don’t go anywhere. Let’s form a temporary team and don’t be alone.”

“That’s reasonable!”

“Team up? Only the weak will gather together.”

A bespectacled teenager sneered and said sarcastically, “I can tell that they’re a bunch of noobs. They really don’t have any knowledge.

Hearing that, the surrounding youth training members immediately widened their eyes and were ready to refute.

“Every year, many mercenaries and adventurers go into the ruins, ” the bespectacled teenager said. “The death rate is about 60%. Do you know how they died?”

“Tsk, stop pretending!”

“Why are you saying this? Just leave if you’re not forming a team.”

“How did they die?”

Some were curious, while others were impatient.

“A part of them died in the trap, and a part of them died in the fangs of the Beasts. But 30% of them died at the hands of their own people,” the bespectacled youngster said as he pushed up his glasses.

At first, everyone was scoffing at him, but then they were stunned by what he said.

“I’ll give you a piece of advice. Unless you have a trustworthy teammate, don’t easily trust others.”

After saying that, the bespectacled youngster summoned a Green Deer and walked forward.

The bespectacled youngster left behind a group of people who were staring at each other.

Su Bai was standing not far away and heard what that bespectacled youngster said.

It was true. The reason why Beastmasters went crazy over the ruins was because of the countless opportunities and treasures.

No one could guarantee that their temporary teammates wouldn’t backstab them. Even old friends of many years weren’t 100% reliable.

Su Bai didn’t plan to form a team, so he summoned Bearen and was ready to go.

However, before Su Bai could take his first step, a cry for help came from the front.


Everyone rushed over to take a look.

They saw the bespectacled youngster from before rolling and crawling as he ran towards them in a sorry state and shouted, “T-There were Iron Ants in front! Quickly save my Green Deer!”

Hearing that, everyone looked up and their faces suddenly turned green.

It was just over twenty meters away.

The ground was filled with densely packed holes that were half a meter wide. It was obvious that this was a nest.

The Iron Ants kept popping out, and the front of their sharp teeth imprisoned the Green Deer.

The agonizing Green Deer let out a sorrowful cry, causing everyone to tremble in fear.

“The Iron Ants are not something we can deal with.”

“That’s right… We can’t afford to offend them.”

It wasn’t because they were deliberately taking revenge on the bespectacled youngster.

However, Beasts like the Iron Ants were known for their group movements and high defense.

Now, hundreds of Iron Ants had crawled out of the hole in just a short time. The people around did not dare to take the risk to save the bespectacled youngster’s Beast.

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