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Chapter 66: 66 Breaking the Illusions

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66 Breaking the Illusions

The team led by Wen Qi could be considered an elite team in the youth training camp.

Even so, defending against wave after wave of attacks was difficult.

“A labyrinth, could it be an illusion?” Su Bai asked.

Based on the current situation, the strongest possibility was that the illusion had interfered with everyone’s senses, causing them to go in circles on this land.

Otherwise, there was no other explanation.

“Yes, we’ve thought of that possibility.” Wen Qi smiled wryly. “But that’s what I’m most afraid of. Illusions are the most difficult to deal with. No one in our team can deal with them.”

The most disgusting element was the illusion element.

The only way to deal with it was to fight it with a Spiritualist-related skill. Still, they didn’t prepare any Spiritualist-type weapons.

They didn’t have any Spiritualist Beastmasters, so they could only wait for their deaths.

Even Su Bai felt that it was a little tricky. His two Beasts’ focus was combat, just like Wen Qi.

Typically speaking, the team would choose a Beastmaster with Spiritualist or Illusionist talent to deal with such a situation.

Unfortunately, they came in a hurry, and Wen Qi didn’t have the time to call for help.

“There’s the sound of a battle over there.” Su Bai suddenly noticed something. He exchanged a look with Wen Qi and immediately moved.

After arriving, they suddenly realized it was a group of soldiers in OCP uniforms!

“What are they doing here?”

Some of the team members were dumbfounded.

They wouldn’t be surprised if anyone was fighting here except for soldiers.

After all, these ruins were specially prepared for the youth training members. How could the soldiers come and stir up trouble?

“In that case, you’re misinformed.” Wen Qi explained with a helpless shake of his head. “Soldiers’ strength is generally greater than that of youth training members. Low-level ruins, by definition, are unworthy of their attention. They are uninterested in competing with us in military achievements. But…”

The strong preyed on the weak, and there was no explicit rule against it as long as soldiers lost face, even if they fought alongside them.

“F*ck, then what are we still waiting with? Let’s just go back.”

“Nine, why are you always so negative!”

“Then what should we do? We’ve already hit a wall and have to fight with the soldiers. How can we win?”

The team’s spirits began to dwindle.

“Su Bai, what do you plan to do?” Wen Qi asked seriously. “With the current situation, we don’t have the right to enter the third floor. You’ve seen it for yourself. I’m afraid we can only leave. What about you? ”

Su Bai smiled. “It’s not like there’s no other way. Since it’s an illusion, we’ll just follow the soldiers. We’ll be able to get out of the illusion.”


Su Bai’s words shocked everyone.

Not only did they not give up on the ruins, but they also wanted to use the soldiers to eliminate the illusion.

Only one word to describe Su Bai’s action, crazy!

“Then be careful. I’ll treat you to a meal after we get out,” Wen Qi chirped.

“Alright,” Su Bai said.

Then Wen Qi led the team out of the ruins and disappeared before Su Bai.

Su Bai immediately caught up with the soldiers.

As soon as the first wave of Yellowjackets landed, another wave appeared.

However, the situation was quite clear.

The combat ability of a soldier’s Beast was not something that the ordinary youth training team members could compare to.

In less than a minute, the five members of the military team finished the battle with tacit cooperation.

Su Bai couldn’t help but sigh.

‘This was a soldier’s ability to carry out his orders, and it completely surpassed the performance of the youth training team.’

“What?” A young girl among the soldiers found Su Bai and shouted to her companions, “Chen, there’s a guy following us!”

“I’m aware of him. Pay no heed to him.”

The soldier called Chen laughed, “We’re the ones who are shameless. How can we chase them away?”

Another gentle-looking soldier covered his face and complained, “I told you we shouldn’t have come to the ruins. If words got out, how would we survive in the military?”

“Come on, Long. Since this is so, we should accept it.” Chen said heartlessly. “We’re not that poor. We only come here once in a while and not often. Don’t worry.”

Hearing that, the other four people’s faces darkened, and they wanted to punch Chen.

There weren’t many ruins suitable for the youth training members, and it was already good to have one or two in a year.

“Then we’ll bring him to the next floor?” The young girl asked.

“That’s fine, as long as he can keep up with us,”

After Chen finished speaking, he immediately sped up his pace. Obviously, there was a hidden meaning in his words.

The others also sped up.

Su Bai, following behind, realized that the soldier wanted to get rid of him, so he followed without suspicion.

“He’s catching on quickly.”

A few minutes later, seeing Su Bai still following him closely, Chen said to the others, “Don’t worry about the Yellowjackets in the next wave. Just charge in!”

Hearing that, everyone knew what Chen was thinking.

However, they did not complain and followed his orders.

The Yellowjackets attacked again.

The five didn’t clear out all the Yellowjackets this time. Instead, they only cleared out the Yellowjackets around them and ignored everything else.

“Interesting.” Su Bai just smiled and pulled away from them without any hesitation.

The Yellowjackets’ primary target was the soldiers, so he was under less pressure. Only a few of them would interfere.


In just an instant, they were all killed by Whitey on Su Bai’s shoulder.


Crackantula has killed an Upper-Iron level Yellowjacket and gained 10 experience points!


Crackantula has killed an Upper-Iron level Yellowjacket and gained 10 experience points!

Su Bai finished off the obstacles in his way and followed the military team closely.

Not only did they not fall, but they also took a step forward, pulling the distance between them to less than three meters.

“Not bad, kid!”

Chen, who was walking in front, noticed it and praised loudly, “Not bad, that kid! He got what it took. Since that’s the case, we’ll send you off!”

“Long, it’s your turn!”


Hearing that, the soldier named Long released his Beast, Illusion Bug.

This was the most classic Illusion Beast.

It wasn’t rare, but it wasn’t easy to nurture it. As a result, it was despised by many Beastmasters.

“Illusion Bug, break the illusion!” Long shouted, and the Illusion Bug’s body emitted fluorescent light.

A crack suddenly appeared in front of everyone and revealed an ancient bronze door.

“The entrance to the third floor! I want to be the first one to enter!” The young girl shouted excitedly.

The young girl sped up and passed Chen, entering the bronze door first. The others followed her, and Su Bai was the last.

When they got to the third floor, the world looked completely different.

The initially quiet wasteland had suddenly turned into a lush green rainforest.

“Alright, it’s our time to shine!” Chen turned to Su Bai and laughed. “I’m sorry, kiddo. It seems that I have to take away your opportunity.”

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