System vs Rebirth - Chapter 1075

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Chapter 1075: Test

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Chapter 1075 Test

Still, the problem remained. There were about five hundred demons surrounding the two buildings.

There were also still a hundred demons in each building too, so they had to continue moving up.

Hence, Noel and Anna continued going up.

Noel didn't want to burn the entire building down, so he summoned the ice lotus and rained down the petals on the demons to slow down the demons on the lower floor.

Anna didn't need to do it because her speed was actually faster than Noel's.

When they reached the fifteenth floor, the situation changed. The three Superior Demons had actually come out of the giant building and reached these two tall buildings.

It let out a screeching sound from its mouth, ordering the demons to enter.

Due to the influx of demons, the pillars were unintentionally crushed, causing the two buildings to become unstable. In fact, Noel and Anna already felt that the buildings were about to collapse.

When the building began to tilt, Noel waved his sword at the window, blasting it open.

"!!!" Anna noticed what he was doing and saw the building's condition. Without hesitation, Anna did the same before leaping out of the building.

Noel also jumped off, but he left behind the Undying Fire Feathers and sent them to the ground floor, creating numerous explosions that shattered the remaining pillars.

As a result, the bottom part of the building collapsed and the top part began to fall down.

With a pair of wings on his back, Noel flew to Anna and caught her before she fell down.

The two buildings ended up crushing numerous demons. Even the Superior Demons chose to dig the ground and escape.

They ended up killing more than two hundred demons in total. Updated from novelb(i)n.c(o)m

"Wow? These concrete buildings are so deadly." Anna muttered. "We're only able to recreate the brick and wood buildings... not the concrete."

"That's not important right now. There is something I'd like to try. Can I get all three Superior Demons for myself?"

Anna looked at Noel's serious expression and nodded without asking any questions. "Go ahead."

Amidst the demons' confusion, Noel flew away from the crowd and put Anna down.

Anna looked at the swarm of demons that was coming at her, but more importantly, her instinct was picking up the presence of the three Superior Demons.

"Gradually move to the woods. I might accidentally destroy this place if you don't." Noel explained.

"Got it." Anna nodded with a serious expression. Lightning began to spark all around her body, its force cracked the ground.

Before the demons reached her, Anna formed a lightning dragon and shot it at the demons on the left.

The lightning dragon moved like a snake, but still let out a roar. The demons tried to stop the dragons, but a lot of them were swallowed, and some ended up being electrocuted from touching them alone.

The first swing came from the left and contained Disgust Emotion, which turned it blunt but packed a lot of punch. The second swing came from above and was boosted by Anger, improving its sharpness. The last swing came from the right, and Noel chose the Fear Emotion so that it would become much quicker than the rest.

The centipede focused too much on the third swing since it hit first. However, the real impact came from the first swing. It felt like there was another centipede that rammed its entire body from the left. Its strength was still incomparable to the Divine Slash, but it still managed to make a big crack in the tough shell.

The last swing hit the centipede's head. It contained more spiritual energy than the rest and cut the head, only to hear a clicking sound from the clash. It actually failed to break the shell.

"!!!" Noel widened his eyes in shock. From the looks of it, the Divine Slash had the biggest firepower among his techniques. Meanwhile, the Three Purity Swords he just used were more suitable to kill a human since they didn't have a high defense.

'That's how it is, I guess,' Noel thought. The slash that contained the Disgust emotion was still strong enough to knock the demon to the ground.

Noel took advantage of that opportunity to land on the ground and moved to the right, approaching the third Superior Demon together with Anna.

Anna slightly shifted her direction so that the demons could focus on her more. When the swarm began to curve to match Anna's movement, Noel sped up and headed to the third Superior Demon.

While he wanted to test the last thing now, it was something unsuitable in this situation. Hence, Noel summoned the Meteor Rune.

The spherical spiritual energy flew toward the Superior Demon. Unlike the other two, this centipede actually turned gray as it took the Meteor Rune head on.

"!!!" Noel widened his eyes in shock.

The meteor exploded and slightly knocked the centipede's upper body down, but there was no scratch even on the centipede's surface as though the skin had become much harder than steel.

In addition, it was moving toward the shocked Noel and rammed its body from the side, blowing Noel away.

The centipede didn't stop there. It hurriedly recovered and returned to its track before approaching Anna from behind.

"!!!" Anna glanced at the incoming centipede, but she couldn't do anything because she had just released her attack on the swarm.

Noel hurriedly landed on the ground and stabilized his posture. After raising his sword, he swung it down with the Divine Slash.

The energy razed the ground and hit the centipede. Surprisingly, even with such an attack, the gray centipede managed to withstand the force of the Divine Slash with only a crack in its shell.

Fortunately, the centipede was still blown away by the residual force and slid to the ground, crushing a lot of demons along the way.

Without hesitation, Anna jumped away and regrouped with Noel. As if they were getting overwhelmed by the demons, the two ran back to the woods as if they wanted to escape.

The demons hurriedly chased after them. All three Superior Demons also recovered and started moving, not planning to let them escape.

Unbeknownst to them, this was another trap that Noel had prepared.

While they were running away, Noel had been forming a rune. This rune was much bigger than anything he had used, so the preparation took a bit more time.

When they were about a hundred meters away from the ancient ruin, Noel jumped into the sky as Anna sped up to get as far as possible.

A rune, 50 meters in diameter, appeared in the sky. It was exuding an extraordinary amount of energy as it took about 40% of Noel's total spiritual energy just to use it.

"Let's test the Advanced Rune I couldn't use before." Noel waved his hand down. "Executioner Rune."

The rune shone brightly in red, blinding the entire area.

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