System vs Rebirth - Chapter 1076

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Chapter 1076: Annihilation

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Chapter 1076 Annihilation

The rune produced a blinding light that engulfed everything within a hundred meters of the rune before shooting into the sky.

"Oi, oi, oi!" Anna gasped while rushing away, barely avoiding it. Her instinct was telling her that she would survive this attack, but this wide-range attack's main purpose was annihilation.

When the pillar of light disappeared, Anna dropped her jaw to the ground.

"Is this for real..." Anna looked at the devastation that the rune brought. The ground cracked and a portion of it actually evaporated. The beasts looked like they were fried from the inside, their skin and flesh were melting. Out of seven hundred demons, only less than a hundred survived.

Only those Advanced Level Demons or above had the chance to actually withstand such abilities. Even then, the Advanced Level Demons sustained heavy injuries and were even close to dying.

"In my previous life, there were only a few Advanced Level Runes. However, those high level runes are classified. There isn't much information about them because Noel has been keeping them a secret. Even I only hear the rumors about their power.

"So this is the true power of the Advanced Runes... It's actually much stronger than the rumors." Anna felt goosebumps. "The high level runes can affect the battle between Spirit Transcendence or even Spirit King. I guess it's not exaggerating. If Noel uses this when he is a Spirit Transcendence Expert, he will be able to use this rune multiple times and kill at least a thousand each time. But... I don't think it's sufficient, considering we might have to fight against millions of demons."

Anna gulped down. She finally understood what kind of calamity the demons brought one thousand years ago. Noel alone wouldn't be able to change such a thing.

"That's why Noel doesn't necessarily destroy all his opponents. He still needs them if he wants to resist the demon's calamity. And more importantly, a Demon King might get involved in it." Anna bit her lips.

"Still... Noel's ancestor is good to be able to defeat a Demon King, but his wife is able to lead the army of a single family to actually resist a million demons. Even though the Ardagan family was destroyed, it didn't change the fact that she managed to do it... especially with the fact that most of their soldiers were sent to both her husband and her brother.

"Being able to lead only several thousand people and resist a million demons..." Anna clenched her fists, wondering if she could do that.

Even though she wanted to think about it a bit more, there was a more important thing to do.

"Noel!" Anna hurriedly checked Noel's condition.

"Ha... Ha..." Noel was breathing heavily. He had exhausted 75% of his spiritual energy just by using the techniques and rune above his level.Updated from novelb(i)n.c(o)m

The result was pretty great, but after calculating the pros and cons, Noel deemed using this rune when he was only a Spirit Grandmaster rather foolish.

"The Three Purity Swords and Divine Slash aside, I have to think of a way of utilizing the Executioner Rune... maybe like a trap or something. Just placing a hundred of those traps, I can kill a hundred thousand demons or something. It's going to change the battlefield if I make a lot of them." Noel fell silent for a moment.

Looking at the rest of the demons, Noel couldn't help but say, "Sorry, you have to take down the Superior Demons. They are already heavily injured, so finish them fast. I'll take care of the rest of the demons."

"This is going to be hard." Anna frowned. Because of the energy fluctuation coming from them, more and more demons emerged from the giant building. "More of them are coming. Should we retreat first?"

"I think it's still manageable. Once our energy is only 10% left, we'll retreat." Noel shook his head.

"In that case, you don't mind if I use my transformation, right?" Anna smiled.

"Yep." Noel nodded.

"That's good." Anna stepped forward as the lightning began to appear all around her. Her blond hair turned white. "Lightning Transformation."

Anna looked like she was about to chop the heavily injured Superior Demons, but Noel actually called her first. "Anna."


The Peak Level Demons were forced to retreat to avoid the blast, causing the barrier they created to be unstable.

In one swift thrust, it was destroyed.

The centipede turned gray once again, using the same hard body that withstood Noel's attack to block this thrust.

It even moved toward Anna as if it were planning to use the momentum to crush her.

Unfortunately for him, he'd severely underestimated the intensity of Anna's lightning. This was the combination technique between Anna and the original soul.

The original soul fully mastered the berserk element of the lightning from the spirit, so its penetration force was actually triple that of Anna's.

On the other hand, Anna used her delicate control over spiritual energy to keep it from going berserk and getting scattered in all directions. As a result, that berserk lightning energy was fully concentrated in one spot.

When the centipede hit the sword with its gray body, the clash lasted an instant. The berserk energy blew the centipede apart.

Because of the centipede's motion, the entire body actually exploded, leaving nothing but shattered remains and a Superior Demon Crystal.

"Hu..." Anna couldn't help but smile as she managed to take down three Superior Demons in less than ten seconds. Although Noel had severely injured them, it was still quite amazing to deliver such killing blows so fast.

Anna hurriedly turned around, preparing herself to fight the remaining demons.

"Another one thousand demons to go, huh?" Anna muttered before she suddenly felt a surge of strength spreading all over her body.

"!!!" Anna raised her head, seeing Noel point a rune at her. Since he didn't have a lot of energy left, it wouldn't be surprising if he took on the supporting role.

"In that case..." Anna leaped forward.

There were a lot of demons that wanted to surround her, but he didn't care about them. After all, a few ice petals and numerous fire feathers fell upon them and blasted them apart.

She only needed to focus on the demons in front of her.

With a swift movement, she charged at the demons and killed them one after another.

Without their leaders, the demons instantly went into disarray. They tried to stop Anna, but no one could actually stop them.

Anna overwhelmed them with speed and extreme penetrative force, while Noel controlled the battlefield with superior firepower.

The demons simply stood no chance and got obliterated.

The battle lasted for only an hour. They killed a total of 1,848 demons, according to the count in the system, and more importantly, Noel and Anna managed to test several new skills they had learned in the past few months.

But both of them knew that they needed more than this if they wanted to become Spirit Transcendence.

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