System vs Rebirth - Chapter 1078

Published at 15th of May 2024 03:35:12 PM

Chapter 1078: Arrival

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Chapter 1078 Arrival

"How about cutting all the grasses here? Maybe we can find something. I mean, the centipedes must have dug the ground."

"That's true." Noel nodded with a serious expression. He began cutting down all the grasses and burning them all to clear up the area.

After a while, they could finally see the field a bit clearer.

"As expected, this is a kind of arena or something." Anna looked at the spectator seat. "I feel like this is too big for a single person... It must be a group battle. Then again, they didn't have spiritual energy in the past, so they weren't strong."

Noel hadn't finished yet. He was still cutting down the grass while his eyes kept glancing at the holes in the center of the field where the centipedes dug.

Meanwhile, Anna kept thinking about what they found. "There are metal poles on both sides. They look wide, but I don't think they're out of reach for even a normal person. Maybe they are running around on the field and trying to bring something into these metal poles? I'm not very sure. But this must be a popular arena since they can hold tens of thousands of people."

"Did you find anything?" Noel asked out loud.

"Yeah. This must be a battle arena; I'm not sure what it is used for though."

"If this is indeed an arena, there must be a few things we can find. For example, the infirmary. We might be able to find something unique."

"But shouldn't we just leave it to Dimitri to take care? He will be the one excavating this place."

Noel fell into deep thought. "Alright then. I don't feel any presence of demons in the entire building, so it should be safe now. I'm going to send the smoke signal."

"Alright. I'll try to look around." Anna waved her hand. She activated her lightning to boost her speed before going around the area, skimming everything she could find.

On the other hand, Noel prepared the smoke signal and burned it with a normal fire so that it could last for at least ten hours.

After he was done, he checked the holes the centipedes left behind and found nothing but a tunnel leading outside. Updated from n0velbIn.(c)o/m

Hence, they went around for another three hours before leaving the area, heading to their next destination.

"But we're talking about a giant basket, you know? It's going to be heavy, so won't it be swaying violently?" Dimitri asked.

"If the airship can maintain the velocity, then I don't think it'll be a problem. And we can station a few people to activate the movement runes for the basket when we're about to stop."

"So this is a new kind of transport ship?"

"Yes. This way, the airship only needs to go down to a certain altitude and the people on the ground will detach the basket. The airship can then move to either resupply the demon crystals or get another basket and fly again." Zel nodded with a big smile. It seemed that he became excited by this inspiration.

"It seems that this new airship will emphasize speed and efficiency."

"Yes. However, safety will be reduced significantly. But if you think about it, can't you send a lot of supplies to a city that is besieged by demons much easier?"

"Still, is there a rope that powerful? I mean, if we're going to talk about a giant basket, it will weigh at least a hundred tons... or even more."

"I can only rely on Marquis Noel's runes. If he has an even more powerful rune, it will become an extremely good airship. Not only normal items, you can even premake big structures like a house in one area and send them to another area, don't you think?"

"I can't deny it." Dimitri nodded in agreement. "Come up with a proposal and list all the ideas. I'll give it to the Lord later.'

"Of course." Zel nodded furiously.

Dimitri crossed his arms. While the research sounded interesting, he couldn't help but imagine what kind of battle Noel and Anna had fought in this place.

Just from the number alone, it should be pretty hard even for a Spirit Grandmaster. And looking at the destruction in the area, he believed that Noel and Anna had used extremely powerful abilities to destroy them.

More importantly, he could actually see three Superior Demon corpses lying on the ground. There might even be more Superior Demons, but there was no way to confirm it from the air.

After that, they crossed over the roof and saw a giant field inside. It was a perfect place to land, but this would make it hard for them to load the corpses and demon crystals outside the building.

Hence, Dimitri ordered them to land outside the perimeter and begin cleaning up the area.

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