System vs Rebirth - Chapter 1079

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Chapter 1079: Thinking

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Chapter 1079 Thinking

"It seems that Dimitri has done a good job." Noel smiled.

Noel and Anna had returned to the previous ruin, finding a pile of demon crystals. Each of them was at least Advanced Level and there were three Superior Demons Crystals.

Yes, these were the crystals that had been excavated from the corpses they had left behind.

"Indeed. Your plan?" Anna asked.

"Yes." Noel nodded, recalling the discussion between him and Dimitri.

A few days ago.

"So whenever I encounter the ancient ruin, I will be cleaning it from all demons. Once we're done, we'll go to the surrounding area, killing as many demons as possible. After that, we'll go to another ancient ruin and return several days later."

Dimitri crossed his arms. "But if that's the case, are you planning to absorb the demon crystals on the spot?"

"Yes. That's why I need your assistance. During those several days, I want you to gather all the demon crystals and the corpses. You can bring everything except for advanced level demon crystals and above. Just pile them up in a safe and easy to find spot."

"Won't it be dangerous if you absorb them out there?" Dimitri frowned, thinking it would be best if Noel and Anna returned and absorbed the crystals in the territory.

"The trip will take too long and be inefficient. Besides, Anna and I will take turns, so it will be pretty safe, especially since we have cleared up the area. If you still don't believe us, you can patrol the area to ensure that no demons are nearby before heading to the next ruin."

Dimitri fell silent, thinking for a moment. "I understand. I'll do as you say."

"Thanks." Noel smiled.


If they took their time to extract the crystals from the corpses, the winter would end very soon. Hence, this method was different.

With Dimitri's help, they could get the demon crystals while clearing the next ruin. Now that they had returned, it was time to harvest the demon crystals.

Noel first took a look at his status and said, "You go first. I'll take all the advanced quality crystals and get half of the peak quality crystals. You can get all the superior quality crystals."

[Reward: Elemental Medal and 2 Elemental Abilities.]

"I still don't understand how to do this..." Noel muttered with a serious expression. "The most glaring problem will be the second mission, where I have to incorporate my element into the rune... Runes are supposed to be made of pure spiritual energy.

"How could you infuse the element in it? I have tried to coat it but it's not working. What about the Rune Master?

"I've been using all kinds of attack patterns that incorporate the runes. However, the mission hasn't been completed yet." Noel furrowed his eyebrows.

"Is there something wrong in my approach? There are five rune categories and five paths. The five categories are Offensive Rune, Defensive Rune, Utility Rune, Movement Rune, and Support Rune. I've used all of them right now.

"As for the five paths, they are Rune Enhancement, Rune Engineering, Rune Spell, Rune Body, and Rune Array. Rune Enhancement is the first thing I learn, and Rune Spell is the one I mostly use. I have Rune Body, and Rune Engineering is basically the new rune technology. The Rune Array is the combination of all that."

Noel fell into deep thought. "This is the hardest part. After all, we mostly use Rune Enhancement and Rune Spell. Even the Rune Body is used separately most of the time.

"Am I missing something? Or is combining all of them the last test for this mission?" Noel couldn't help but furrow his eyebrows. "Is the mission telling me to actually create a contraption to combine all that? But the mission states I should master combat with runes. What if it's not contraption? A combination without a contraption..."

Noel fell silent for a moment as he got some clues. However, no matter how hard it was, he couldn't imagine anything he could use.

The Rune Engineering meant he had to use items, while the Rune Body meant it was his body. If he had to move the item away from his body, how could he even connect it with the Rune Body?

This was the biggest problem that Noel encountered.

"Besides, the item with the Rune Engineering needs a demon crystal to function." Noel let out a long sigh, looking at the pile of demon crystals. "If I want to use a Rune Array without a contraption, I have to use them as a one-time throwing weapon..."

Noel scratched the back of his head. "Mhmm? Throwing weapons?"

Noel couldn't help but furrow his eyebrows as if noticing something.


While Anna was focused on absorbing the demon crystals, Noel seemed to be doing something. He even set up defensive ice structures to protect Anna so that he could become a bit more focused.

A few hours later, Anna finally finished absorbing the crystals, only to find Noel doing some weird things.

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