System vs Rebirth - Chapter 1081

Published at 15th of May 2024 03:35:09 PM

Chapter 1081: Identity

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Chapter 1081 Identity

After a while, Anna couldn't help but say, "There is one. Though, I don't know if we can acquire it or not."

"What do you mean?" Noel first felt relieved before frowning. "Is the one holding it the Muivell Kingdom's royal family?"

"No. The good news is that the one who has it is an ally, the Greenwood Kingdom."

"And the bad news?"

"The one who created it was the Fourth Prince."

Noel looked up, feeling speechless. "Ah..."

If the Greenwood Kingdom was the one holding it, they could use their partnership to trade it or even manufacture it.

However, the problem would be the identity of that creator. If he had to deal with the fourth prince, it could be seen as supporting the fourth prince. No matter how hard he tried to stop them, the princes and the princesses might use that excuse to crush the fourth prince. In addition, he wouldn't be left alone either.

The only reason no princes or princesses came to him was because Livia had become his disciple and followed him. With such a condition, she had basically lost her right for the succession. It could be said that the princes and princesses were thankful since Livia was a powerful contender for the throne.

That was why if he tried to acquire it from the fourth prince, he would end up getting dragged into the battle he didn't want, especially in this volatile time.

"Maybe I should wait for later..." Noel let out a long sigh.

"Let me recall my memory about this prince. The Fourth Prince of the Greenwood Kingdom is known to be an inventor. He has a lot of successful research under his belts, mostly toward elements and spiritual energies. A lot of spirit magicians come to him for that very reason.

"While he doesn't have any intention of taking the throne since he is a full time researcher, his invention has gathered a huge number of spirit magicians. So he becomes a powerful contender for the throne.

Still, Noel had gotten the new concept. While he couldn't do it right away, he could still try it.

Hence, before absorbing the crystals, Noel created several more cards first. Noel couldn't help but recall his two disciples.

Livia's talent might be in the education of runes, but Tristan might be the leading card maker in the future due to that powerful memory.

While creating several cards, Anna asked, "By the way, I have noticed something. The fact that we don't need to use our own spiritual energy to activate them means we can throw them all at once, right?"

Noel nodded. "Yes. It seems that you've understood what I'm planning to do."

"Something like that. I can't help but think of a lot other things like dropping the cards from the airship and activate them midair... If those cards are Meteor Rune Cards, it will be like a bombardment, don't you think?" Anna playfully winked.

"Indeed. Still, it wouldn't be so easy to produce the Rune Card. The masters who are able to create it need dexterous fingers."

"What are you going to call them? For the rune user, you call them Rune Magician. How about them?"

"I haven't thought about it. I'm not sure if there is a good name. Maybe something like Rune Meister for the people who make the cards? The ones who use rune cards... maybe they are just Rune Magicians but on a different path. Why don't you think of a name?"

Anna smiled wryly. "Better not. If I were to name it, I would say a Card Thrower or something."

"Put more thoughts into it." Noel let out a long sigh. "Anyway, I'm done making the cards. I'll inscribe the patterns later. You should have seen how I do it as well, so you can try making it yourself."

"Alright. Take your time." Anna waved her hand, watching Noel walk to the piles of crystals and start absorbing them.

Even though the rune cards would be useful, their priority would be the hunt after all. So Noel didn't want to take too much time preparing for the cards.

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