System's POV - Chapter 311

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Chapter 311

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Chapter 311: A New Beginning


Sleeping peacefully on top of the bed was a newborn baby girl.

On her left side, a Beholder, who was the size of an adult's hands, slept beside her.

On her right, a Unicorn, who was the size of an adult Corgi Dog, was also sleeping.

These two monsters were none other than Boo, and Albion, who had become Shasha's Avatars.

Their Ranks had regressed to that of a Rank 1 Monster, but they acquired the Evolver Ability, which would allow them to increase their ranks from scratch.

Both Monsters had retained their memories, and their job was to protect, and keep the sleeping baby safe from anything that would harm her.

Unlike the two of them, the baby no longer had memories of her past life.

Thirteen wanted the pitiful girl to have a fresh start at life, without the burdens that she once carried.

All the pain, suffering, loneliness, despair, and guilt, when she was still alive was cleansed away, leaving her in a blank state.

Boo, and Albion, wished for this to happen as well because they didn't want the girl they loved to be tied down by her past.

She was born from Alessia's egg, Gerald's seed, Boo's and Albion's life force, and lastly, Thirteen's blood.

After Alessia, and Gerald discussed the baby's name, they decided to give her the name, Rhiannon.

Rhiannon Leventis, and her nickname was Rhia.

A new name, for a new life.

A life on which they hoped would be a happy one for her.

During that time, when Callie was just about to kiss Shasha, and take over her body, Thirteen used his ability, which he had gained after completing one of his Thirteen Trials, to swap places with his sister.

He had waited until the golden orb was covered with blood, which prevented anyone from seeing what was happening inside of it.

After he, and Callie kissed, the spell which would merge Callie with the body of the Moon Princess Candidate was dispelled because it only worked on girls.

Because of this, her body deteriorated at a rapid pace, which also put an end to the King of Artem's ambition to use the Moon Princess' powers to become a Celestial.

Suddenly, the door of the room opened and a little girl, who was around seven years old, entered the room.

She was none other than Remi, and she had come to look at her little sister, who had now become a part of their family.

Boo, and Albion opened their eyes to look at the newcomer.

Shasha had already introduced Remi to them, so they allowed her to come near Rhia, who was sound asleep.

Remi didn't touch her little sister because she didn't want to wake her up.

A minute later, Shasha, who was looking for Remi, entered the room and sat beside her on the bed.

"From now on, you are now her big sister," Shasha said as she hugged Remi from behind. "Take good care of her, okay?"

"Un!" Remi nodded. "I'll take care of Rhia."

"Good girl."


Alessia, and Gerald, were also outside the door and looked at their two daughters with smiles on their faces.

Now that their family had one more member, both of them decided to work harder to ensure that their sons and daughters, would have a home to return to, after their journey in Solterra.

Somewhere in Solterra…

"Thank you for everything that you have done for me for the past three years," Thirteen said to his subordinates, who had accompanied him in his journey. "I will be away from Solterra for a while, and I might not return here for three to four years.

"So, I want to ask all of you what do you wished to do? If you wish to return to the Valbarra Archipelago, I will take you back before I leave."

"Me!" Taiga raised his hand. "I want to go where Shasha is!"

"Okay, I'll be sending you back to the Valbarra Archipelago after I'm done here," Thirteen replied before looking at the Ogres, and the Trolls.

"Can we not accompany you, Master?" T1 asked.

"I want to follow, Master!" O1 stated.

"Me too!" O2 declared.

The other Trolls also made their wishes known to follow Thirteen, which made the ten-year-old ponder if it was possible for them to come with him.

Tiona, Giga, Rocky, Blacky, and Hercules, were now his Beast Companions.

He could take them back to Pangea with him if they wished to come with him.

If Rocky decided to follow Thirteen, the Ogres and Trolls could just enter his Mobile Fortress, and carry them to Pangea.

Of course, using this logic, it was also possible for Taiga to accompany them back, but Thirteen didn't want the Tigerkin anywhere near his sister.

"Do you want to come with me, Rocky?" Thirteen asked the Magma Bal-Boa because if Rocky didn't want to join him then it was impossible for the boy to take the others with him.

The Magma Bal-Boa nodded his head without hesitation, telling the boy his intention of followingg him.

Seeing that Rocky wished to stay with him, Thirteen then glanced at the two Pocopocos, who were perched on Giga's back.

"Vassago, you have stayed with me longer than our agreement. For that I am very thankful," Thirteen said. "Are you going back to your homeland like you told me back then?"

"Yes," Vassago replied. "It has been a while since I've seen my kind, so I want to return. Poca also wished to see her parents, so she planned to return with me."

"Good." Thirteen nodded. "Poca, thank you for accompanying us. Without you, things might have been a tad more difficult because we can only count on Vassago for scouting missions."

"I had fun," Poca said in a cheerful tone. "I didn't expect that my adventure beyond the mainland would involve joining battles against Majin Princes, as well as High Archons.

"This is a story that will make the other Pocopocos take that step to travel towards the unknown, allowing our race to gain more knowledge and wisdom, which we will pass to our future generations."

"But, worry not, Zion," Vassago commented. "I asked the Wind Spirits to inform me if you ever return. Wherever I may be, I will come to you no matter where you are. I'm looking forward to our new adventure."

The Pocopoco had a glint of excitement in his eyes, as he talked about their future adventure, making Giga, Rocky, Blacky, Hercules, the Ogres, and the Trolls smile.

All of them had braved the dangers together, and their bonds had become strong overtime.

Although they didn't know when they would meet again, they were certain that it was only a matter of time before all of them reunited, and explore the beautiful, yet dangerous world of Solterra, where their bonds of friendship had been tested over time.

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