System's POV - Chapter 312

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Chapter 312

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Chapter 312: I Miss Them Already


"Master, I also want to go with you!" Taiga insisted.

He had been trying his best to make the younger boy accept his proposal because he wanted to be close to Shasha.

The Tigerkin was afraid that in his absence, his annoying love rival, Kane, would progress with his relationship with Shasha.

However, Thirteen ignored him.

The boy didn't want to take responsibility for the consequences of bringing the Tigerkin to Pangea.

He also didn't know if the Laplace Demon would allow Taiga to step into another world because it was a place where someone like him wasn't supposed to go.

The other Monsters were different because people had already gotten used to Avatars, and such.

If a Tigerkin like Taiga were to appear, those with certain fetishes might kidnap him, and experiment on his body.

In short, Thirteen didn't want to deal with that mess, so he had no intention of bringing the persistent Tigerkin to Pangea.

Of course, there were Wanderers who also owned Beastkin Avatars. But, unlike them, Taiga was not an Avatar.

He was still technically a denizen of Solterra, and there had been no precedence when a someone from there managed to cross to Pangea without getting intercepted by Laplace Demon, and The One.

After talking to his subordinates, Thirteen then glanced at Adira, who was quietly listening to the side with her arms crossed over her chest.

The other branches of the Order of Raizel had already entered the Gate of the Moonlight, and returned to their respective domains.

There were still some time before sunrise, so Thirteen decided to stay behind to discuss his plans with his subordinates.

Besides, he didn't really need to enter the Gate of the Moonlight because he could travel using his portable teleporter to the places where he had planted a waypoint.

But, just as he was about to talk with the Drow, two beings landed a few meters away from them, which made the Drow, and Thirteen's subordinates, raise their guards at the same time.

"So, you'll be going home eh, Thirteen?" Camazotz asked. "Or should I be calling you, Zion Leventis? Ah… what a pain. If I only knew your identity beforehand, I wouldn't have pushed through with forming a team with you."

"Do you regret it?" Thirteen asked with genuine curiosity.

"Hell no!" Camazotz chuckled. "Have you seen how much Apocalypse we gained in this expedition? It is more than enough too unlock the Second Layer! It would have taken me at least a decade to gain so many points.

"Also, I now have four Rank 9 Sovereigns as my subordinate! Hahaha! I'm no longer the weakest in the Order. Um, technically speaking, I'm not really the weakest. You are the weakest, right?"

The Death Bat happily patted Thirteen's head, making Tiona angrily hiss at the Majin Prince.

"He might be the weakest, but do you dare to hunt him down?" Kamrusepa asked with a smile.

"Why would I do that?" Camazotz shrugged. "This Alliance of ours benefit me more than having this kid kick the bucket. Only fools think of short-term gains."

"Thirteen, although you will not be in Solterra for a few years, make sure to go to the Order from time to time," Kamrusepa stated. "I still have a few proposals that I want to ask of you."

"What's this?" Camazotz arched an eyebrow. "Are the two of you cheating on me? Do you want to keep me in the dark? This is no good. I should also be part of this discussion."

Kamrusepa smirked. "Suit yourself. Well then, I'll go back to my Domain. If there is an opportunity, feel free to visit me, Thirteen. I'll make sure to give you the best hospitality."

After saying those words, Kamrusepa transformed into a Phoenix and flew towards her Army.

"As much as I'd like to invite you to my Domain, it is not a good time for a visit," Camazotz stated. "I am currently in a power struggle with my neighbors, so having those Rank 9 Sovereigns around will make them hesitate to attack me.

"Also, since Kamrusepa is now technically my ally, I can also ask for her help if I'm really in a pinch."

The Death Bat then crouched down and stared at the human boy's eyes.

"I didn't think that I'd ally myself with a Wanderer, but I can now understand why the other Majin Prince's and Princesses decided to form mutual relationships with them. You guys might be weak, but your way of thinking is impressive.

"Well then, it's time for me to go. Like what Kamrusepa said, drop by in the Order from time to time. Since we accumulated so many points, we can take it easy for a decade even if we don't do any missions.

"But, where is the fun in that? I hope that you will ask for our help if you got other juicy missions like this. See you around, Thirteen. Make sure to not accidentally die out there. I'd hate it if our Trinity will suddenly lose one of its members."

After saying everything he had to say, Camazotz disappeared in a blur, and returned to where his army was.

Only after a minute had passed did Adira, and Thirteen's subordinates manage to regain their calm.

"I've thought I've seen a lot of things, but I never expected to see a Majin Prince, and a Majin Princess act chummy with you, Zion," Adira commented. "By the way, why did they keep calling you, Thirteen?"

"It's just a number," Thirteen replied as he thought of the Death Bat, who had the words "Cannon Fodder" written on his forehead.

One of the reasons why Thirteen decided to join the Trinity was due to Camazotz.

Since he was once the System of Cannon Fodders, he could tell if the being in front of him was a cannon fodder or not.

This was why even though the Death Bat was annoying at first, Thirteen still talked to him, albeit briefly in the past.

"Lady Adira, thank you for everything," Thirteen shook hands with the Drow who always helped him when he was in trouble. "I'll see you in three to four years."

"Stay safe, Zion," Adira replied. "We will be waiting for your return."

Rocky then swallowed everyone, with the exception of Thirteen, and Adira inside his Mobile Fortress

The ten-year-old then used his teleportation ability to head towards the Valbarra Archipelago, so that Taiga could reunite with his family, whether he liked it or not.

Vassago, and Poca, who had remained in the Arcadia Archipelago, took to the skies and headed towards the Mainland.

Their journey was faster if they flew from the Arcadia Archipelago, so they didn't go with the others.

Both of them had fun in their adventures with Zion, and the two of them were looking forward to the next time they would meet him.

"It was fun, right?" Vassago asked.

"Yes," Poca replied. "I miss them already."

After Thirteen arrived at the Valbarra Archipelago, he suddenly heard a voice that came from the sky.

"Thank you for saving my daughter."

A charming voice that seemed to belong to an exceptional lady reached Thirteen's ears.

"But, my husband, the King of Artem, will not let things end here. Especially after you have taken the bloodline of the Royal Family of Chandrea. He will definitely scheme too catch you, and make you pay for what you have done."

"Tell him to fall in line," Thirteen replied with contempt. "There are many who are after my life, so adding him to the list is not that big of a deal."

The members of the Order of the Apocalypse were always looking for any information regarding him, so that they could inform their friends, and acquaintances of his whereabouts.

This was why Thirteen had kept an extremely low profile, preventing the Majin Princes' and Princesses from knowing his true identity.

With Kamrusepa's help, he had gained a layer of protection, preventing anyone from using clairvoyance, or divination to know about his identity.

"You are brave," the voice said. "But, you will still take responsibility for your actions of taking our bloodline. This is why, from this day onwards, we will bestow upon you a name, and that will be Endymion."

Thirteen suddenly felt his body warm up, as the bloodline of the Royal Family of Chandrea, stirred inside him.

< You have acquired the Royal Bloodline of Chandrea >

< From this moment onwards, the people of Chandrea will call you Endymion >

< During the nights of the full moon, your strength, speed, stamina, and thinking prowess will double. >

< During the nights of the full moon, the effect of your skills, and other abilities will also double. >

< During the nights of the full moon, your restriction, Item Ban will lose its effectiveness. >

< You have gained the Title "Moon's Beloved". >

< Moon's Beloved >

— if you bathe in the moonlight, you will gain a regeneration ability which will slowly heal any injuries you receive with time.

— This ability will work even with serious injuries, but not with fatal injuries.

Thirteen didn't expect that he would gain this kind of benefits by absorbing Callie's bloodline.

The only reason why he did it was to replenish the blood that he would lose after transferring it to Callie's new body.

"Be safe Endymion. I pray that you will continue to protect my daughter, which is something that I was unable to do when she was still alive."

After saying those words, the voice finally disappeared.

"Don't worry," Thirteen said internally. "Your daughter is now part of my family. I will do everything in my power to let her live a happy life, which fate had denied to her."

From high above the heavens, the Laplace Demon, and The One, looked at the ten-year-old with a solemn gaze.

Now that Thirteen was about to become a Rookie, they wondered what kind of changes would happen to the boy, who had absorbed the Core of a Majin Prince, which would soon make him the strongest Rookie that the world had ever seen.

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