System's POV - Chapter 313

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Chapter 313

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Chapter 313: Mission Completion and Rewards


"The next time we meet, I hope that you'll be more mature and stronger," Thirteen said as he looked at the pouting Taiga, who was currently looking back at him with a face filled with injustice.

They had just returned to the Valbarra Archipelago and were standing beside the Hero's Monument, which was created in honor of Thirteen and his subordinates, as well as those who had fallen in the battle against Arundel the Destroyer.

"Do you promise to come pick me up when you return?" Taiga asked.

"I promise," Thirteen replied in a heartbeat. "How can I possibly leave you behind?"

There was no way that the ten-year-old would leave the hero he trained behind. After all, Taiga would become his meat shield against other Heroes and Villains, whom he would encounter in the future.

The Tigerkin immediately felt better after receiving the younger boy's promise.

Although following the boy, whom he recognized as his Master, had many ups and downs, he had improved thanks to the latter and had also gotten to know him better over the three years that they had been together.

He knew that whenever Zion made a promise, he would keep it without fail. This was why the boy's mere promise to pick him up when he returned to Solterra made him very happy.

"I'll be waiting, okay?" Taiga said with a smile.

Thirteen nodded before shifting his gaze to the Devil-Horned Honey Badger, who was lying beside the Hero's Monument and observing Thirteen with a calm expression on his face.

"Cranky, the next time we meet, you better be a Majin Prince already, okay?" Thirteen said as he stroked the Honey Badger's fur. "I need someone strong to help me, so work hard to reach that rank."

Cranky pretended that he didn't hear the shameless boy's words and closed his eyes to take a nap.

Even after eating so many Cores from the Arcadia Archipelago, the Devil-Horned Honey Badger fell a bit short of becoming a Rank 9 Monster.

Thirteen had already thanked Arthas, the Tigerkin King, the Ogre King, as well as the Troll King for their help back in the Arcadia Archipelago.

Without them and the Order of Raziel, as well as Camazotz's and Kamrusepa's armies, the process of accomplishing Shasha's mission might have ended in tragedy.

The boy also understood that he only succeeded in helping his sister thanks to the gains he received from his Thirteen Trials, as well as the benefits he acquired from the Order of the Apocalypse.

The connections he had formed over the years also helped him a lot, granting him the privilege to ask for help, which was readily given to him as repayment for the deeds he performed in the past.

Thirteen patted Cranky's head one last time before patting Taiga's shoulder.

He was ready to go home, but before that, there were still two beings he had to meet.

Opening his status page, Thirteen looked at the blinking notification, which signaled the end of his three-year quest in Solterra.

< Congratulations! >

< The Thirteen Trials is finally completed! >

< Do you wish to return to Pangea? >

< Yes / No >

Thirteen didn't hesitate and clicked yes.

But instead of teleporting back to Pangea, he found himself in the Celestial Realm, where Laplace Demon and The One were waiting for him.

Rookies who had just completed their mission would usually only hear a voice in their heads, congratulating them for their mission's completion.

After that, a series of notifications listing their rewards would appear inside their heads.

These new Rookies wouldn't even get the chance to see the two Omnipotent Beings that governed Solterra and Pangea.

Only Thirteen had the privilege to appear before them to discuss the rewards that he would gain after completing his trial.

Truth be told, Thirteen already gained the rewards for the completion of his missions.

However, the rewards he received from them were different from the rewards that he would gain after facing so many tribulations.

Tribulations that he originally wasn't supposed to face since he still hadn't met the age requirement of going to Solterra.

Many Wanderers said that The One was the most unfair and fair God in existence.

Unfair because it would send Wanderers on missions that were sometimes impossible to complete.

Little did many know that every Wanderer sent to a particular location had the means to clear these missions.

However, it wouldn't be easy.

The One was using a tactic that was similar to how the body fought against diseases and infections.

Instead of sending countless White Blood Cells to fight off the infection, The One used Wanderers instead.

If even a handful of those Wanderers succeeded in fixing the problem, then they would be properly compensated for their troubles.

This was why The One was called the most Unfair and Fair God in existence. The rewards one gained would always be equivalent to their contribution.

When Laplace Demon saw Thirteen, he sighed and waved his hand.

Immediately, Thirteen's Status Page appeared in front of them.

Name: Zion Leventis

Age: 10 Years Old

Race: Human

Skills: None

Items: None

Avatars: None

< Permanent Debuff >

— Rank Ban

— Skill Ban

— Item Ban

— Avatar Ban

Unique Abilities: Universal Language Proficiency, Destiny Bond, Rune Magic (Intermediate), Beast Companion Telepathy, Beast Companion Vision Sharing, Underwater Breathing, Auto Equip (Armor, Weapons), Body Swap.

Beast Companions: Tiona, Giga Chad, Blacky, Rocky, Hercules

The Unique Abilities that Thirteen possessed were all part of the rewards he gained from his Thirteen Trials.

These skills had bypassed his Skill Ban restriction, allowing the ten-year-old to use them in battle.

In the past three years, Laplace Demon and The One had heavily restricted Thirteen's use of Rune Magic because, in his hands, it became an extremely potent ability that could break the balance of the world.

Since that was the case, they had made an agreement with the boy, which allowed him to use Rune Magic on special occasions only.

But now, that restriction would be lifted.

After becoming a Rookie, Thirteen would be allowed to fully use his Rune Magic as per the agreement that he had with Laplace Demon and The One.

"We will now discuss the rewards that you will receive for helping the Wanderers complete their missions," Laplace Demon stated with a solemn expression on his face.

Thirteen, on the other hand, smiled faintly because he was looking forward to the rewards he would gain after completing his three-year journey in Solterra.

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